Large Valium / diazepam problem, questions with tapering help!

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Sorry for the long post, any advice or help is much appreciated. If you can help but. Don't have time to read the background I've written below please scroll down to the main question in capitals. Thank you!

I know there is lots of information on here all all over the net but ready lots of contradicting advice can someone please help.

I am 33 and have been taking large amounts (up to 200mg) a day/night at its peak for around.

It started about 5 years ago when I used to do quite a bit of the white stuff. I hated the come down/craving for years till a friend of mine told me to take a Valium, so like an idiot j took it and within 20 minutes I felt normal and could sleep after doing the other thing.

As a year went on my tollerance obviously built up 1 a night became 2 a night 3,4.... In the end I was taking around 20 10mgs just to get to sleep. This was a bad depressing time and I tried the NHS route which was to drop 2mg every 2-4 weeks. That didn't work, I wasn't motivated and the thought of having to do that for years meant I just tried myself. Biggest mistake ever.

Anyway 4 years later I have stopped the white stuff which was the reason I started taking them in the first place (I know how dangerous it is mixing those two together especially with such a high amount of Valium, I can't believe it looking back. I was in a very dark place where no one knew the secret life I was living. I was working and still am full time.

So about two months ago I finally told my mum (about just the Valium problem) she said she will pay for rehab or whatever it takes to get me off these.

Over the years as my tollerance was so high I only managed to cut it down to 14 x10mg (140mg) all at night.

Since telling my mum and being really motivated to kick this I have managed to cut down to 95mg per night. By dropping between 5-10 mg every week at the weekend.

I am booked into rehab for a month starting 3/1/2017 (that's all my mum can afford as its a lot of money) after speaking to them and other treatment centres quite a few said the hardest part is the last 30-40mg.

I told them Ian on 95mg and they think if I can get it down to 60-70mg in a month and a half they can get me off them completely.

I am a bit unsure how they can claim this as they have never met me, all they know is what I've said above. But even if they can reduce it to the smallest amount possible and I am still on them when I come out at the end of Jan it's my best hope.


I've been on these for about 5 years. I have cut down myself to 95mg a night to be able to just about function properly at work etc along with the nasty withdrawal symptoms.

I have 6 weeks to cut as much as I can before I go into rehab for a month. I have managed to cut around 50mg in about two months by tapering between 5-10 mg every weekend as I am so focuses and determined to get off these. I know everyone reacts differently to tapering/withdrawal.

Am I ok to keep cutting such large amounts every week to reach my goal of being on 60-70mg from 95mg (now) in 6 weeks before I go into rehab for a month and hopefully get myself clean?

Or am I rushing this two fast which will at some point hit me bad?

I tried cold turkey for a week once about 4 years ago when I was on about 60mg (yes I know it's very dangerous and I wish I never bothered as it was pure hell so I have been through and know the really really bad effects of withdrawal)

Any advice is much appreciated... Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post!



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    Hi mate , I'm not really sure what to say atm , as I'm not want to say something that everyone else disagrees with, as that's what happens on these sites.

    I'll have a think, pick my words and Il get back to you.

    Try and forget everything negative that you've read and trust yourself and you're body.

    I will get back to you later , take care mate.

    Exactly when in the day are you dosing at 95mg ?

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      Thanks Dave

      Yea I think it's just the worry from reading different opinions. But like you and others have said it is possible all depends on the individual and at the moment I'm ok, I am strong minded and really want to sort this out as long as my body physically can handle it!

      I take them all at once before bed around 10pm.

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    On 85mg now, have been cutting around 5mg per week. I am starting to feel the withdrawal now, lack of sleep, anxiety, heart racing every now and then, feel down, headaches, shakes etc.

    A close family bereavement may have had some influence? It can't be a conincidence can it?

    Last weekend I only cut 2.5mg on the Friday and was planning to do the same on the Sat but because of the above I didn't.

    I've just about managed work, 5 days a week but it's tough one, each day is different, the first was hell (like the fist day of cold turkey).

    I have two weeks of work left then I have 8 weeks off (week 7-4 in rehab).

    It's put me off my goal of getting down to 60 by Jan (rehab).

    As the higher amounts are easier to cut do u think i should cut more this weekend even if it's just 2.5? I need to be on the least ammount possible before going into rehab but I don't want to be a mess before I go in and defiantly don't want to be a mess when I come out.

    I need to come out on the lowest dose my body can handle so I can do the last 30/20 a slow taper over how long it takes but I need to be able to function normally and work... Any advice appreciated. Thank you..

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    Managed to get down to 70mg so will be going in to rehab on that and see what they can do in a month, then taper the last bit through my gp...
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