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I'll start by giving you some details about me - Im 23, male, good health (ish), great shape, gym goer. Suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for around 4 years, been taking 50mg sertraline for that up until now. Had a really rough childhood. also suffer with body dysmorphia. 

The past 12 months or so, I've been getting these really crazy periods of fatigue, I'm not sure what triggers them, although I've linked a couple of them to appearing right after stressful things happen (such as losing my job). I wake up with a pounding headache as if I'd been awake all night, high temperature, completely weak and find it difficult to do anything (can just about walk). I'm so IRRITABLE with it, everything p****es me off, even being to hot makes me want to punch something. Anyway, they'll last for around a week and disappear, but to return 3 weeks later. This was going on for a while, however, now i'm struggling to remember when the last time I didnt feel like this was, it just became more frequent and now I feel as though the gym is making it worse. I have body dysmorphia and the gym is super important to me.

As mentioned above ive been taking sertraline for 4 years, and although they kept the panic attack at bay, I never felt happy and ive always been angry and irritable. I get into fights when im drunk, I lose friends quite often, I cant hold down a job. Even though I have a muscular body I HATE IT. i HATE the way i look, always compare myself to others. So all that being said, the sertraline clealry werent working. I stopped taking them 2 weeks ago and went through the motions of the side effects which have now subsided and I'm just back to feeling regular old fatigued again.

I know that Post Exertion Malaise is a huge symptom of CFS but i literally feel crap an hour or two later, and I never felt great before I worked out. I dont get how my body has shut down in a matter of 3 months. I've had ALL blood tests done, and I'm a "picture of health" - I take vitamin supplements anyway, as I'm willing to try anything. I've cut gluten out completely and dairy somewhat. 

My GP is completely useless and unwilling to explore further and has referred me to a CFS specialist which could take months due to the "wonderful" NHS waiting times we have in the UK. I've also ordered a cortisol test which has cost me £90 as i dont think the doc tests for this. This is used to test for adrenal fatigue, although apparently my adrenals were fine in my last test. 

I'm completely at my witts end. I really dont beleive its CFS (or dont want to beleive it). Am i missing something? is there a condition I've missed? i've become increasingly obsessed with googling stuff to find an answer because my doctor cant be arsed! He literally wont test for anything else now, I have to cure it by myself. 

Could this be a mental disorder? could it be depression without neccesarily having a reason to be depressed? I'm always sick, my quality of life is hurrendous despite my efforts to keep in shape and eat healthily. Im so so so tired.

Please, anybody

Danny x

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    I'm 64 had chronic fatigue since birth. Got Medicare in 2001 for Frbermyalgia. Bone spurs in most joints pain. Solution 12 inches of memory foam on floor, 4 soma half hour before bed, a $1K world class bidet you screw on top of toilet with unlimited warm water, work from your cell, eventually pain pills


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    Hi yer I have had bad ME / Lupus for 17 years started with have a few days at. Time laid up 

    and with chronic anxiety and panic attacks ect 

    you need to see a professional Professor that deals with ME but their is no answer just pace and

    rest I am afraid a lot of us are bed bound but learn about our bodies and listen to them not push your self through that barrier x good luck we have no answers I am afraid x

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    Hi Dan, 

    As you may read on this forum most of us have had cfs/me for many years. It can be quite a daunting prospect. I myself have had it 10 years & now mostly house & bed bound. Like you I was a gym bunny (addicted to be honest until I was told to stop after diagnosis- I think I burnt myself out.)

    All the advice I can give you right now is cut down a little on the work outs & anything else too strenuous, listen to your body, rather than your mind - at least until such time as you get a diagnosis. The cfs/me clinics are very helpful in advice on how to manage the condition if it is that, but generally it is learning to pace & finding your base line. We are all unique & can effect us all in different ways but please listen to advice given from the clinic & make adjustments. If I had listened in the beginning I probably wouldn’t be where I am now. I was stubborn, thought I knew best & fought it! To no avail! It’s not something you can fight. The other thing which may help is CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) to help deal with the inner daemons & how to manage stress. It doesn’t help everyone but it really was a massive help to me. It helped me to come to terms with the condition which was a huge obstacle for me to change my life & learnt me to love myself. I still have to work in that at times (due to not being able to do things mainly & not feeling good enough.) It does help if you get a good therapist, as I did.  You can ask your doc to refer you or you can refer yourself on line. Although like you say the NHS are quite slow, I waited 6 months for my app. In that time you may have had a diagnoses. 

    Hope this helps a little. 

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    No one wants to be ill and when yiu get very little help it makes things even more stressful.

    Depression is a illness there doesn't always have to be a reason.

    Just as cfs is a illness.

    It's hard to except change in life that you're not as u were but over time most see improvement.

    Do u have understanding family / friends.

    Have u seen a therapist to talk about how u feel

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      I hate therapists. I prefer Christ for peace. Yet Christ does not fix depression. To attain pain meds you cannot admit depression. What makes my fix for depression day by day is a good woman.
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    you need to get a full blood panel and ASK for the Epstein Barr test Candida parasites Lyme thyroid full panel and I think it’s called HVV ? 

    I’m on my 5th  blood test and 7th  doctor! I’ve finally found an infectious disease specialist in my town which is very lucky .

    He said previous drs had missed certain blood tests so had to do it all over again . 

    Without getting all these done you’re just guessing 

    I too was working out like a maniac before it hit me ... felt great never tired... then  This nigthmare hit me ! And boy has it been a horror story !!! 

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