Last year I had a day to live ......

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This time last year I was recovering in hospital unable to walk .

Since the birth of my Daughter in Jan 2014 I started to be sick ever couple off weeks . Then it slowly started to become every week , then every couple of days. On 1st May 14 I was rushed into hospital . my clothes was so wet , I was to weak to move . A nurse checked me out and I over heard my blood was poisoned. The next day I was rushed for emergency surgery . My apendex had burst and rotted and nearly in bedded on my bowel . There was no apendex to remove . My blood was 162 when it should of been 10 . if I didn't go to hospital when I did I would of left my 4mnth old baby . . Without a mummy . So since June 14 I have had major pain under my ribs , both of them . I've seen a private doctor and they gAve me tablet's and wanted to see how I had gone on ... the pain eased off . But it started again . Every couple of days I would be in so much pain I couldn't move , breathe . I was even rocking myself and being Sick . The pain is unbearable to the pain ... I don't want to be here no more . The doctors have said I may this for the rest of my life . Being sick every couple of days cos my body is rejecting the food isn't a life . . . It's me slowly giving up . It's took over my life .

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    I feel so sorry for you!!!!!!!!! I'm not joking!!! This is so serious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get better soon so you can look after your child who deserves you so much as a mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you can get a better hope for the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Hi Emma,

    So sorry you are feeling like that . But don't despair you will get better. You have to get better. You need to stay positive.

    What did the doctors say about your pain? Is it the result of your appendix bursting or something else is causing it? Have you seen a gastro ? What sort of tests have you had if any to check for cause? I am sure there is something that can be done about it . Stay strong it will improve, I am sure . Have a good night.

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    I am so sorry for all that you are going through, all the while trying to tend to your baby. I'm not really sure what is the cause of all of your pain but please do not give up hope. There might be a solution but they just haven't figured it out yet. It might even be adhesions, maybe ask them about that. I know it all sounds easier said than done, but please know that I am thinking of you also. 

    Take Care

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      Hello when I have been to my doctors he's not sure himself what it can be . He has mentions adhesions to me , even a blockage in my bowel - I had to go on fibre-gel twice a day . He even thought I had a kink in my bowel . So the pains I had been receiving are from the food trying to pass through . Then he put me on antibiotics cos he thought I had a leak underneath my ribs and I had gathering of something . Anyway since I went on them antibiotics a few month back I was fine after it . But cos the pain is so excruaiating underneath both ribs , I'm not sure weither it's the pain making me sick . The doctor even thought I may have gallstones . So I had a camera down my throat .... they couldn't find anything .

      Tonight I had the paid for 15-20mins and I literally couldn't cope with it . But before hand I had the pain for over a hr . I feel like I'm coming to the pain where it needs sorting as it's getting me so down x

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    I am not going to say sorry even though thats my feelings. I would like to ask a couple of questions.. what kind of pain is it, bloating, heaviness, stabbing, or is it just there? Do it make any difference with food ? When is it worse. standing, laying down, moving? Are you eating ok? Get back to me.
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    poor you seriously what an awful time you have had

    i would see a homeopathic doctor who treats the whole person

    after taking a intensive medical history . 

    sorry i cant offer any thing else but treating people with gentle medincine can often work better than hitting the all ready weakend body with heavy drugs .i know a couple of ladies with serious medical problems being treated with homeopathic medincine thru a homeopathic hospital and are doing very well 


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    Go seek a second opinion, dont be silly and dont give up there are worse and sicker people out there then yourself....Get a ultrasound check your gallbladder, ask the doctor to give you another blood test see what it shows. Keep pushing the doctors for answeres to many have to much faith in one , ,, remember its "A Medical Practice ".......believe you i know my son has been sick for 25yrs and had over 17 ops and has almost nothing of his bowel left and carries an external poo bag.....goodluck
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    Sorry to hear what your going through, even more difficult when youve a young dependent child. You said you saw a doc privately who gave you tabs that helped for a while, have you seen him since to let him know the pain is back.  l,m not sure l agree with docs saying you might have it all your life, that doesnt help, many people even those with the worst diseasses live in hope, and many do improve with time or new treatments,meds, surgery,  more so when your young, there are new things coming out all the time for all types of disease, conditions. Are you sure the camera was to look for gallstone,s, l had my gall bladder diagnosed  by scan, and removed by keyhole, it does cause pain in that area, but maybe you need a second opinion, or to go back to private one you saw initially.  Keep battling till you find the cause and improvement, best wishes
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      Yeah I saw private doctor he wasn't very helpful to be honest . He Gave me tablets called pregabolin and I had to take 2 a day . Drug addicts even use them .

      So I was taking the tablets 2x a day and I was OK for about 3 weeks . Anyway I was still on the tablets and the pain accrued again , an hour on excuriating pain , been sick constant for 20-30mins . I was literally so drained and weak after it . I even went to A&E but I knew full well they would check my bloods , heart rate and send me on my way . So I told the private doctor aBout the pains again and he said to carry on with my tablets and see how I go on . For me , I have little faith in doctors , mainly because from Jan to April 14 I was aT the doctors every couple of weeks . Explain I Keep being sick etc etc. And they didn't do anything . Then in April over my birthday I literally was to weak to move and I phoned my doctors and they said I had a bug .... few days later I ended up in hospital .

      So I do get disheartened and I do have quite bad depression . But since having my daughter my depressions as always been nipped in the bud . So now my doc said I may have these pains for the rest of my life does affect me . Maybe because I've had a horrendous 16months . X

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      l have to say my husband became ill with severe pain and thowing up all th the time, hed been into the surgery, later l called doc out, told its his usual bad back, and sick due to meds, later doc out again this time did take his temp 104, and urine sample, bloody, emergency hospital, sceptaceamia diagnosed, very ill, also connected to his gall bladder, they had to wait before removing his gall bladder till he was fite enough, then big cut and infection, but he recovered in time. Its a bad memory to you, and again takes time, but present pain still needs monitoring, some docs are not compatent, took me years to get diagnosis of intersticial cystitus, despite many visits over symptoms, with some docs youve got be pushy, maybe a scan would show a cause. Kids can help keep you going, you for them, and they do distract you, yours will  be at the interesting learning age, and funny with it.  Just keep on at docs, l know its a pain also at times, but you gotta, take carex
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      God so sad sad

      My doctor as refured me to Manchester royal so hopefully one of the specialist their will get me sorted .

      It's horrible isn't it and I know we're only Human and there is ppl out there that are worse than us . But you know .... we pick ourself up and carry on don't we x

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      We do, we have bad days, and coping days, and your little one will help you cope, at least you will get the tests needed at mri to help, good luckx
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    Oh, your going a really bad patch, sorry to hear that, I hope you get better soon, and to be with your baby.

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