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Hi guys,

I am new to this forum and I have you might say relevant dubble question.

To make long story short. I am 22 y old boy. And for I don't even know how long I had this little "leaking problem" Sometimes, not regularly I leak a bit of urine in my sleep. It is really small amount. Just a puddle on pants and sheets. I do not drink much before I go to sleep. It is usually a dream of me peeing but not always. My doctor told me not to worry about it, that there is nothing much to do with so small leaks. But recently I had an urinary infection and my problem got worse - means the puddles are bigger. This is not new to me and it always stops after some time. BUT. I have to go to hospital to a minor surgery (just some things to "repair in my belly" - nothing big) BUT I am worried what happens if I leak in the hospital. What will the doctor and nurses think and do? Will they care about this as of a medical problem? Or will they put some pads under me? Or give me diapers? I do not know.

For info: The leaks as I said are not big and there seems to be no continuity. Sometimes nothing happens for a whole month and sometimes I get three leaks in a week.

Thanks for your answers and forgive my English. I am not a native speaker.

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    Hi, just tell the doctors and nurses before you have the surgery then they will do whatever is necessary. Probably a pad on the mattress. Good luck with the op. rolleyes
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    You don't need to be embarrassed. It's very common and the hospital has surely seen this many many times before. I had a bladder prosedure done in hospital and made a terrible mess in bed several times. It just means the have to change the bedding more often. Quite natural and nothing to worry about.

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    Hi Piop

    Firstly your English is great so don't worry at all.😀

    I can't guid you for the leaks as this isn't something I have had problems with myself I am at the other end and can't go to the toilet.

    I don't mean to be nosey but depending on your operation your having and length of operation. But I would either discuss this with the pre op nurse, the nurse / surgeon on the day. As I said as you have a lot of inconsistency in when you leak a little it will be very hard for them to advise. However, they are more than used to all types of operations on young and old and they will totally be fine. As mentioned they might put s pad down and to cover you until recovered or if the surgery is slightly longer they may wish to place a catherter in just for the surgery.

    I hope all goes to plan, and trust me I can honestly say you have nothing to fear if you wet yourself a little. Just be honest.

    All the best and keep us updated.



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    Well first of all I want to thank you who replied smile

    Second of all: I discussed this with my parents and my sister (she's to become nurse herself) and they all told me about pads or ask for a diaper. But I am not sure they would provide with diapers for such a "seemstobeminor problem" And even if I they would I'd be terribly ashamed to ask young pretty nurse: "Hey I'm 22y fella and I pee myself give me diaper."

    About the length of the operation - It is I got some "thing" on stomach and It could cause problems when older. (I do not even know the name of this problem) but the surgery is to be max an 1 and 1/2 hour long. I know that during these procedures there are some pads or whatever on bed so I am not worried about the operation but more about the nights and shame. I am very shy person and very sensitive about this my problem.

    Thank you all guy for support and good luck in your healthy lives wink


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      Hi Piop, I totally understand as I am sure so many others that you feel embarrassed to ask and say you have this issue. The more you get concerned there could be a high chance of this happening more and more. 

      I am 38 and I have had many issues over the years, but please trust me the team will deal with issues like this on a daily basis, if you feel uncomfortable speaking to a nurse because of there age or you might get a male nurse, then speak to the surgeon or anaesthetist.  You need to be as relaxed going in to the operation as you can. If you do pass some urine at night then it's honestly not an issue. But make sure you tell the nursing team rather than sitting there embarrassed they will change your bedding and this is routine for them. They all care so you have no reason to feel embarresed, and hopefully with a good recovery you won't see them again. Don't ask for the diaper they can give you 2-3 big pads that lay flat on the bed so no One sees them. 

      I wish you all the best for your surgery and please please please don't feel embarresed this is sadly a part of life. I am 38 and for the past nearly 5 years need to self catherterise myself daily to pass urine and I like you was embarresed about the whole thing but I received nothing but great care and kindness from the medical team.

      All the best 

      Buggsy 😄

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      Well much thanks for your advice and support. My sister told me the same about the diapers. She even tried to get her school practice in the hospital, even though it is still holiday in here, so I wouldn't feel so ashamed. But of course there was no chance that she as still a nursery student would get there outside of school program and get to care about patient to surgery.

      I am going to hospital tomorrow and I'll se what happens. To be honest everything is possible here. Angry nurse might come with a diaper even after the small leakage. (But no it is not that bad I hope)

      My surgery is due in two days. I will keep you informed fo my state.

      Beside that: I wish all the best care from all people around you. And hope you will get better one day.

       With care 

      Piop wink

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      Hi again Piop. I have never heard of a nurse being angry about a wet bed especially after an operation. I've always woken up with a large pad on the bed underneath me so if I do accidentally leak urine it will wet the pad not the sheets. Please try not to worry and DO mention your problem to someone during your pre op assessment tomorrow so they will prepared for it when the surgery is done later. No need to be embarrassed as the doctors and nurses have all seen and dealt with patients with this sort of problem many times. I hope you sleep well tonight and feel much better tomorrow. We will all be thinking of you when you have your op so come back on the  forum and let us know how you get on please. Best wishes Poll. razz 

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      Hi Pollyana UK,

      Thanks for your support.

      About that "angry nurse" I remember when I was younger - about 12 y old and I had bigger leakage in hospital one nurse like from old movie - older, fat and mad - came to me, changed my bed sheets, brought me new pajama and then started to yell at me that if I do more she should put me in diapers that she is not a baby nanny etc. It was really embarrassing for me. Thankfully she had no other shifts next two nights and then I left. Yeah she was probably an exception from the rule but still...

      My sister who is studying to be a nurse has good contacts with the nurses there, so It might get better for me this time. More, I am not worried about after operation time but more abut pre-operation time. If a guy pees the bed after surgery it is not such a big deal I just do not want it to happen before the surgery.

      And my leakage might get worse as last night I had full accident not just small pee. But it is probably of the nerves before this all.

      I am in the hospital now and it looks it might be good.

      Thank you and if you want I keep you informed. By this topic or via personal message.

      I do not what problems you have but I wish you all the best and brave heart.

      Piop smile

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    Hi Piop. My interest in your problems are as a Mother! I've brought up 3 children and of course they had 'accidents' in bed occasionally as all kids do. It happens when they are ill or upset about something usually so I always found it best to just change their pyjamas and sheets and not mention it again. It can turn into a big trauma in children's minds if a big issue is made of a natural occurrence. Please don't worry before you have your op as the staff should understand that you very nervous before surgery as we all are. Good luck and my best wishes. Keep posting on here. smile

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      Thank you a lot Pollyana,

      I started to have this little problem when I was like 13. But sometimes I was happening sometimes not. As I said there is no pattern to follow by doctors. When I am stressed about something it might get worse but not always. And on the other hand when I am totally fine and chill it might happen. So I have no clue.

      May I ask? How long did it last with you children? I mean changing pyjamas and sheets for years could be annoying for a mother. Did you have some protective pads on the bed?

      And were your kids boys or girls (if I may ask)? Because I am a boy and I know there is bigger chance for boys to have this problem when young than for girls. My sister who is 5 years younger than me doesn't have these accidents and if something happens it is because of lot of drink before sleep or illness.

      Thank you much for your support. My op is today so we will see how it goes afterwards.

      Good luck


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      My kids are all adults now. I always used to place a piece of sheet over a plastic sheet on top of the normal bed linen just in case of accidents when they were younger as it saves washing all the bedding. It didn't happen often but sometimes when they were ill, upset or just excited like on holidays or things like that. I never shouted at them as it can make them feel guilty over what is a normal childhood problem for lots of kids, male and female. smile

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