Learning how the body recharges- feeling much better!

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I've had CFS for 30+ years and i'm finally getting better, so don't give up! 

I wish i spent more time on research, I could of learned to be a Dr. in this much time.

Every day i learn something new. Here are todays thoughts on how my body recharges, or fails to recharge:

I woke up in the middle of the night and my pulse was 118! I thought my heart should beat slowly when asleep. WRONG! I googled sleeping pulse and during REM dream sleep researchers saw as high as 180. Holy crap, what is going on? AFAICT  dreams are a simulation of awake activities for the purpose of removing the waste products in every cell, that makes us tired. The high pulse of daily activity is roughly matched at night, so every cell can get rid of waste products. It takes quite a bit of force to get waste through the cell wall. It also takes a lot of force to get nutrients into the cell SO, both need a higher pulse.


let me know if you want me to continue. I am new here. (i had too slow of a pulse, now it is higher and i feel great!)


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    That’s interesting!

    And for those of us who have been doing it a long time - I'm delighted to hear some good news for a change so thanks for posting!

    If you take your heart rate before you go to sleep what is it?

    Did this change just happen randomly or have you been taking something different or doing something different?

    or do you suggest I pray for a higher heart rate?!

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      Hi haziej

      Thanks for your reply!

      I could write a book on this! But, i'm learning so much every day, i better wait to learn more facts. 

      My Dr said, as the water here in FL failed some EPA tests, that cholimine or clorine or whatever is used to disinfect the water could fool the thyroid into thinking it was iodine, and it would make a useless dud hormone and this would cause a low pulse etc. I take meds to control the hormone levels. I tried a water filter, bottled water(hard to carry home) these could maybe help others but the meds give me the ability to set the level myself.  There are so many chemicals in everything, it might not be the water, who knows. 

      As for my heart rate, it is so different every time i take it, i was puzzled for months (got a pulse oximeter on ebay for $12). 

      I'm not going to publish my medical history as i believe every person has different genes and has to discover how their own body works. For example i know a body builder that has a 47 pulse, i can learn NOTHING from him. i think i'd pass out with a 47 pulse. 


      Here is something you can try tonight. right before you fall asleep, say something like "I'm going to run fast and catch that thief that stole my energy" over and over. the idea is to get your subconscious to make a dream that has you running fast, so that your pulse rate goes way up and clears out toxins in your cells.

      Of course see your Dr and make sure thyroid  hormone is in the UPPER end of the normal range.

      Good luck! keep us posted!

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    i wanted to get more experience before i answered to heart rate Q.

    laying in bed for 2- 10 minutes, i like to see 69-75  if 64 i can't get out of bed!

    waking up after a dream 103-108 this is not high, as toxins are removed from the body during sleep. To get toxins out of every cell takes a faster pulse. researchers have seen up to 180 in college students. i'm 65, so over 150 would be dangerous for me imo.

    there is a site selfhacked that explains blood tests in detail. only went there once for my high ferritin and i was impressed. Now i drink 1 cup of tea with breakfast to fix the high ferritin.

    Glad to see everyone is doing great and doesn't have any more questions!  I see 2 types of CFS. One (mine) has no medical problems, just fatigue. The other type is fatigue caused by medical problems. When i look up dozens of problems, they all seem to list fatigue as a symptom.  They need to fix the bigger problem, and the cfs will go away, imo. Talk to your Doctor.

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    here is some more info i got when i googled resting pulse:

    Infants have a 110-140 rate. makes sense they are growing so fast they need lots of energy.

    decreases with age, teens 80-90

    average man 70-72  woman 78-82  group range 50-85

    elderly 50-70

    the pulse rate determines how fast the body recharges. But this is just a general range, an individual can vary. Too low fatigue, too high, heart problems depending on genes and family history. no heart problems for my parents, dad lived to 96, mom 90.

    so this is my 11th day without cfs, but due to only 4-5 hrs sleep, i am tired today. still i worked 1 hr in the attic on my custom ac system.

    I stopped taking 81mg aspirin as it has always made it hard for me to sleep. My increased activity and better diet (usda healthy diet) should be good enough. 

    Added more eggs as the liver makes you tired when it makes cholesterol from scratch, with eggs i might have more energy. My dad ate 2 eggs a day his whole life! i'm still only at 1/day.

    Drinking 1cup of tea/day for its' health benefits.

    A coach said if something does not work, do something different. Even try the opposite. When the Dr. said, "don't eat pasta" i went home and had a big bowl of pasta and meat, and i felt great.

    Soon i won't be posting here. Not any fun hanging around sick people. 


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