Left Ankle Sprain - Deltoid ligament

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I sprained my left ankle on 5-31-19 due to a fall which also broke my right ankle and needed surgery.

ER said it was sprained as well as my ortho. Ortho said i sprained my deltoid ligament and one other ligament no specified. All I have had was x rays so far and figured by now I would start to feel betted but it doesnt seem to be getting better. Still hurts when Im on it and still very sore and achey.

Just curious if an MRI should be done. I wasnt able to hahy it as much as i should have when i first got hurt due to my broken right ankle and no WB on that

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    I would say run don't walk to have a MRI! I fell in my living room, yes, on a rug . I can laugh at it now but then I was in so much pain. This was in 2016! I am still living that nightmare time. Every doctor I saw said to me it was "just" a spain.... finally had an MRI in 2017 after waiting way to long and still could barely put wieght on the foot, right ankle.

    Turned out I had ligament/ tendon tears that never healed because no one looked for that, because it was JUST A sprain! Left foot took a beating also, so 3 surgeries later, its better but not great. Still quite pained daily, but I just live with it. I will not have anymore surgeries on my ankles/ feet.

    Go have the MRI and get the reassurance you need . I love how doctors always say , its just sprained. Sprains can be from a grade 1 to a grade 4 and they hurt like a son of a bitc$ . So relieve your brain and have one done.

    Good luck! ******

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      Thank you for sharing your story with me.

      I am sorry to hear what you've had to deal with.

      I knew from the beginning it wasnt good that I couldnt do what I needed to based on the broken right one so i figured it would prolong recovery but its just weird that the past week its been way more painful and im not sure if therapy aggravated it, or starting to come out of the boot so now theres more pressure on it but also during the boot I never got the even up shoes like I probably shouldve because it definitely was hard on it not being level with the boot.

      Im just praying theres nothing really wrong and that its just aggravated but if i still feel like this i will have to call and request an MRI... ugh!

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    that is a long time. I would ask for an MRI or a second opinion.

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      Yeah I agree but they say spraining the deltoid ligament is pretty bad and can take up to 9 months. I also never made it much of a focus due to the right ankle surgery and even when I went back to the doctor he didn't mention it and since it wasn't bothering me as bad as its been I didnt mention it but im going to see what therapy says tomorrow and if its not feeling better within the next two weeks definitely going to get an MRI. praying for the best

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    I did about the same thing when I broke my right ankle in April (ORIF with plate and 7 screws). I had level 2 (incomplete tears) and level 3 (complete tears) sprains throughout various ligaments on both sides of my left ankle. The hospital had said I had a level 2 sprain only but did not want me in a walking boot on the left ankle due to the fall risk as it was my only mobilising leg as first. I was on so much pain medication when I left hospital that I didn't realise how bad my left ankle was. It was only once I started decreasing the pain meds that I realised I had serious pain and very poor stability in the ankle. It was once I went to my physio that it was was diagnosed (after two sets of xrays to conform the continued pain as not a hidden fracture, I did not have a CT or an MRI). It was so bad that my physio got all the other physios in the unit to come and see because they don't get to mange ones at that damaged very often.

    Sprains take around 12 weeks to heal. My physio fitted me with a "figure 8" ankle brace which was amazing. The stirrup type did not provide the stability needed. If you have a bad sprain try to get a good brace for it as well as good physiotherapy. My left ankle pretty much stopped aching smack on 12 weeks, it now only aches a bit when I am doing squats, and if I really push my knee to wall extension.

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      Thank you very much for sharing your story. I fell about a month after you and

      the same exact thing was said to me. It was a very bad sprain and I had no choice but to push through it because in the beginning I was on crutches, it took awhile to be able to use the knee scooter based on the pain so I waited about a month until I could.

      Therapy wrapped it for the first time last week with sports tape and it felt good I am definitely going to purchase braces for both ankles. Do you have any recommendations?

      Hope you feel better soon and I would say Im at about 11 weeks post fall.

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      The brace my physio gave me was the Donjoy Stabilizing Pro Ankle Brace.

      Super easy to use, but does make your foot extra stinky even with a sock underneath. Still smell is better than pain!

      They tried taping for me at first but two problems: one it would loosen between appointments and two i developed an allergy and got welts - even to the white hyperallergic undertape.

      I wasn't allowed to use crutches at first, they didn't let me leave the hospital until I had a knee scooter organised because the impact down on my left ankle was too much and i kept slipping. I only used crutches once I started weight bearing at 6weeks. I commend you for pushing through on the crutches because I know how much that must have hurt!

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      Thank you very much I am going to check it out. and yeah the tape is good for me for a few days but doesnt last as long as I'd like and now that i have it on the surgery ankle im not going to be able to put anything on the incisions as ive been using vitamin e/natural style pain relief. so that kindve stinks... but ugh honestly thats what kept happening to me i cant tell you how many times I slipped and also had to be guided to the bathroom or where ever. I honestly just didnt move much at all in the beginning my other half tried to set me up as best as possible in the morning and I just had to wait until he got home or for my mom to help me. It was definitely the most painful experience of my life!

      Glad to hear you are feeling better

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    i fractured and sprained my ankle in the past, i was given the stupid walking boot and it never healed.

    the ankle was unstable and i used the brace 24/7 and only made it weaker. i should have exercised it but after a mri i opted for ligament reconstruction.

    it didn't work and i spent many weeks again in the boot and crutches. then i reinjured the ankle and fractured it again (tarsus and malleolis). i opted for the plaster cast and was much better.

    now my ankle is still a bit unstable my physio told me it will sprain again.

    many patients are happy after the ligaments repair but i made a mistake because i should have exercised it. i feel my ankle needs to be used and the muscles compensate for the damaged ligaments. but i must tape it in a supportive bandage.

    i suggest to see a physio and opt for the surgery only after you recovered it. doctors will do some painful tests to evaluate the stability.

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