Left ear blocked from flight causing dizziness, fatigue, inability to concentrate, memory issues

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6 weeks ago my left ear remained blocked from flight and it came along with debilitating dizziness, fatigue, inability to concentrate and memory issue. I feel a heaviness on left side of my head. I don't get relief from valsalva maneuver on left side. This is the 3rd time this happens to me after a flight. Always left side. First 2 times it cleared by itself after about a month. This time it seems to be a lot more stubborn. I've seen several ENTs so far. Hearing test is fine and my hearing doesn't seem to be affected, general blood work shows me as healthy. CT scan doesn't show any fluid build up but I feel pressure and liquid in left ear which ENTs can't see so far. Dizziness is slight, seems to happen more earlier in the day and when I look down. Not enough to put me off balance. Inability to concentrate is preventing from effectively working (haven't been able to work in 4 weeks). I've become very forgetful with this condition. I generally feel much better in evenings and back to horrible in mornings.

Anyone have anything similar or recommendation? Thanks... getting desperate

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    My condition is very similar to yours danielm I've had several MRI scans & seen four specialists,none of who have come up with anything other than

    1.There's nothing nasty there ,like cancer.

    2..It could be this or that.

    3..It might be this or that.

    4. It may just in your mind.

    5. I think you are imagining it.

    6. There's nothing at all on the scan,so how can we treat it if we can't identify it.

    Try looking back on this subject that we both suffer from & realise that they don't have an answer.They just don't seem to know that the pressure (not pain) inside our skulls makes life so difficult.

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      Yeah it sucks. I'm getting MRI Monday and additional VNG vestibular tests in about a week for dizziness.

      If they don't still don't see anything I will push for ear tube surgery

      I figure I have nothing to lose and I still think this is related to eustachian tube ...

      Maybe that would give me relief

      I'll keep you posted, maybe we can help each other

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      What is VNG danielm ? Here in the U.K. the doctors try to keep patients away from ear tube surgery,mainly because the success rate is very low & the benefits & post surgical effects aren't good either.Well that is what they say.

      When I wake in the morning the pressure I feel is very low,but after being on my feet for only five or ten minutes it cuts in & stays all day .Like yourself I find I have very little attention span ,especially with form filling & television.

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      A VNG is a series of tests that evaluate the health of your vestibular (balance portion of inner ear) and your central motor function. VNG testing can help to uncover the root cause of your vertigo, dizziness or balance issues. The pressure is never really that high in my ear but it always feels like there's either fluid or slight blockage. My concentration, and memory is affected preventing me from working. It's like constant mind fog and fatigue and I feel like its directly linked to blockage of left ear. I also have some slight dizziness often when I look down but not always. Unfortunately so far the doctors don't see evidence of blockage. The ear tube surgery from what I've read seems to be very minor surgery (10-15mins) with little chance of side effects. It also helps prevent ear from staying blocked from future flights which is what triggered my condition (for the 3rd time after a flight). So at the very least even if it doesn't fix my condition, it should help with future flights. I'll keep you posted in coming weeks.

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      Hello people,

      I'm curious what specific MRI are usually prescribed for ear related issue? What kind of side-effects did the doctor mentioned about your specific MRI?

      Thank you.


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      Yes danielm, we really do seem to share very similar afflictions.The best way that I try to explain it to the doctors is for them to imagine my head as a soccer ball with an inner tube that is being blown up to almost bursting. Then to pump it up even more .The pressure felt is huge,but no actual pain .Sadly they don't get it.

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      In my case I'm getting a "MRI Brain w/wo Cont. ATT IAC". I don't know of any side effects but there's notes about having to notify about pacemakers,...

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      Yeah in my case the it ranges from pressure to fluid sloshing around. The pressure is not as intense as the way you describe it but the side effects (fatigue, mental fog,...) are debilitating. I frankly think I have some fluid stuck in there not enough for them to see but enough to mess me up. Once I get the fluid out I think I would get relief. Friend of mine suggested a few home remedies. Will try this week and keep you all posted on progress.

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