Left hip pain. Hurts some days, not others

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I'm male 30 years old and have a part time job in retail.

I keep getting left hip pain, which sometimes lasts for 4 days solid which is pretty debilitating. Then it might be fine for a few days, then it goes back to hurting for a few days. Even if I am resting it, it still aches. Nothing in particular brings it on, some days I just wake up with it, there is nothing I do during the day which brings it on.

I have tried ibuprofen, but it makes no difference. I also went Physio a few times, but they couldn't help.

I do wear Orthotics as I used to get terrible heel pain.

Any advice would be appreciated,

I have been to my local GP, but they wern't that helpful. Thanks

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    If it continues then I would make a diary of exactly what happens and when. Write as much down as you can including the type of pain you are experiencing. I would then go back to your GP and insist on a referral. 

    I wish I had done this as I had been suffering for nearly 6 years, pain every now and then and it was excruciating at times. I had an X-ray done by my GP who said it was fine and referred me for physio. This didn't help at all so I stopped going and just lived with it. When the pain was bad I was laid up and at one point I was thinking it was all in my head. Anyway to cut a long story short my legs gave way for no reason whilst crossing the road and my knees were that badly cut, I ended up in A&E.

    it was only then they started proper investigations and it was discovered that I have significant hip dysplasia, subchondral cysts, osteo arthritis, significant cartilage thinning and significant labral tears. My only option now us a bi lateral hip replacements.

    if you know that something us wrong then push for that referral and let us know how you get on!..

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      Thanks, sorry for late reply. I kind of gave up on the GP's but wil go back again.
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    Hip pain is a very complex phenomenon, with so many potential causes, based on your age, activity level, and medical history.

    If you are young and relatively healthy, then a common cause of hip pain is overuse from exercise.

    Another most common cause of hip pain is Trochanter Bursitis. It is the largest bursae in our body and can cause extreme pain when it is affected by bursitis. Trochanter Bursitis is painful to touch or lay on. Sometimes the pain will radiate down your leg, even into the knee. Strain or inflammation in tendons running down the side of the hip towards the knee, called iliotibial band syndrome, is probably the most common cause of hip pain in young, active folks.

    Of course, there are other possibilities that could account for your pain; these are just a few suggestions.

    It is advisable to get a diagnosis for the underlying cause of the pain as soon as possible. Early diagnosis allows treatment to begin and steps to be taken to prevent or slow further joint degeneration.

    Even arthritic hip pain may come and go and, unlike knee arthritis pain, is often predictable, meaning patients can anticipate what time of day and what activities will result in pain. Remember though, that this is a trend and not a rule.

    Please take second opinion or ask for referral. You may need further imaging to get properly diagnosed.

    Take care.


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    I am 67+ and have been diagnosed with Osteo Arthiritis in both my knees since a few weeks back. Since yesterday I am feeling a severe pain on the left side at the back of my hip. It feels more likely that the pain is internal rather than external. Not sure if the two are related but will need to see my Ortho next week to clarify what it is.
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    Hi Juke,

    I realise that this was posted over a year ago, but I needed to reply because I have the exact same thing.

    Just over three years ago (aged 19), I was also working in retail and I woke up at 4am with agonising hip pain. After calling 111, I was taken to A&E by ambulance (I was given Gas & Air and this didn't touch the pain at all). Doctor after doctor came into my room, each one gave me a tablet for pain relief and left after asking the usual questions. By the fourth doctor, and fourth pain relief tablet, my pain had obviously subsided to about a 4/10 so I was sent home. I was unable to walk the first couple of days and had a limp for the next couple of weeks, but then it disappeared and I thought it was a freak incident. Bear in mind, that I wasn't regular exercising at this point due to the amount of physcial activity in my job.

    Fast forward six months and it happens all over again, but by the time I could get to the doctors (2-3 days) the pain was halved and I was merely limping, so again they gave me pain relief (Cocodamol 8mg) and sent on my way.

    After that, it kept happening every couple of months. Eventually, I moved up from Cocodamol 8mg to 30mg, then that stopped working so I'm currently on Tramadol 50mg.

    At first, I was told it was a groin sprain and sent to physio therapy but by the time I got there (3-4 weeks) the pain had virtually disappeared. So physio discharged me.

    Next, I was referred to hospital and had an X-Ray. Nothing shows up, so there isn't a problem with the bone.

    Then, I had an Arthrogram and MRI. I was told I had a suspected Labral Tear in my right hip, however nothing was wrong with my left hip. I was given Cortisone injections in both hips to see if this would remove the pain. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful so I was referred to a doctor who specialised in hips. He performs another Arthrogram and diagnoses that there is actually nothing wrong with either of my hips. Not a Labral Tear, no FAI, nothing. He actually said that the movement was very good in my hips, so I now know that it's not the Labrum.

    Following this news, I was told I would just be referred to a pain clinic. The doctor said that it could be ligament damage, but I doubt that the pain would be so intermittent if this were the case.

    Please let me know if you are any further with a diagnosis. Unfortunately, I have no advice because there is no trigger for the pain in my case and the only way to relieve it is by taking Tramadol 50mg. I have heard exercise is good, but I only do yoga because I'm scared to death of exacerbating the pain.

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      This sounds exactly like mine..also a retail worker!!

      I have been suffering on and off for nearly 7 yrs. The pain came out of the blue and no pain killers would help. My body would go lopsided and could hardly walk, nor sit down.

      In and out to the gp and just told it was sciatica. I knew this was not the case. I insisted on being referred for an xray and sure as hell the pain completly vanished. Consultant got me to do all these different exercises to see what was painful.. even though I told him I had zero pain at that point and could do them all no problem. He referred me for an MRI which I am having on Saturday, so hopefully will be closer to finding out what the issue is.

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      Hi Leona, I hope it goes well for you! Let me know if you get any results. I've been for an MRI and arthrogram and nothing showed up. I've just been put on liquid morphine but that's still not taking away all of the pain.

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      Greetings leona2009, Just a heads up. I have battled with similar hip pain for a long time. Medication does help, especially anti-inflamions meds like (Cat a flam ) but i know it is not good for my liver. Recently I have found HUGE HUGE pain relief by just taking the purest form of Omega 3, plus I take 5000 iu Vitamin D, combined with Calcium. I dropped from taking pain killers almost daily to only once in 2 weeks, and even the anti-inflammation med, I only use once a week if needed. So my body was crying out for Omega 3, Vitamin D3 500iu and Calcium. Hope this changes your life as it has mine.

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