Left Rib & Abdominal Pain

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Hi, i could do with a little help here identifying what this is, if anyone can shed any light on this it would be really appreciated or anyone else going through the same problem. I Keep telling the doctors that im in pain but it seems very slow progress in getting anything sorted, i would probally say that im very much depressed & anxious at the moment and could do with just chatting to someone.

6 weeks ago I went to the hospital with left upper quadrant pain just on my last 2 ribs on the left side, that reached around sometimes to my front left and below, the doctors gave me a blood test, ECG, chest X-ray, checked my blood pressure etc, all fine, diagnosed me with an intercostal muscle strain. One week later the pain hadn't eased up and was getting worse so I went to my GP who diagnosed me with Costochondritis and prescribed me co Codamol 30/500. A week later still no improvement and increasing pain I went back to the hospital and spoke to a doctor who again diagnosed me with intercostal strain. On Boxing Day I was in agony, sharp pains in my stomach area and a little further down on the left side under my ribs at the front as well as the normal rib pain on the left on my side, we took more bloods and all was ok I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer or gastiritis, since then I have changed my diet completely, no fat, no alcohol, no fizzy drinks. It was that night that I realised the pain increases after I have eaten, either straight away or during and lasts up to an hour. The pains in my abdomen are very scary and sends my mind wondering for bad thoughts every time I get one. The doctors at the hospital advised me to follow up their findings with my GP, my GP put me on Esomprezole and told me to come back in a weeks time if no improvement and he would refer me for a scan. Then the other day I woke up with bad abdomen pains, I jumped into the car and went to A&E, the doctor there was brilliant but still no confirmed diagnosis, she tried to get me to have a scan today but due to low staff volumes over e Christmas period and I'm showing no signs that suggest it's an emergency she sent me back to my GP with her notes, we done the normal routine tests and checked my urine which was fine. I saw my I went back to A&E With the pain for the 5th time, we done all the normal checks and a urine test which was fine, the doctor advised i would need to speak to my Doctor regarding the pain and get a scan booked. My doctor again performed a phyisical exam which was all normal and told me that he had referred me for an Endoscopy & and Ultrasound. The Ultrasound date should arrive within 2 weeks.

 Here are my symptoms

Pain in bottom left ribs on the side (Probably main symptom that's been there from the start)

Sharp pain in left upper quadrant

Pain under left ribs

Pain instantly after/during eating (Dont get this anymore since changing diet)

Sharp pains in stomach upon waking but has been better this last week

Constant dull ache left side

I'm on a low fat diet, no alcohol and taking esomeprazole.

Other non spefic Symptoms

Fatigue (Probally because of the anxiety / depression)

3/4 Stone Weight Loss  - (Probally because ive been on a low fat diet for 4 weeks).


2 X Blood tests - Fine

ECG - Fine

Urine - Fine

Blood Pressure - Fine

Physical X 8 - Fine

Chest X Ray - Fine

Thanks in Advance



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    I have a dull ache under my left lower rib cage for about 8 months now comes and goes but never completely gone no pain unless I actually have gas so my guess would be until you get your upper and lower GI it's probably gastritis and maybe an ulcer or gas trapping in the transverse colon underneath your stomach check that out. See if you have desiccated stool in your mouth meaning the store is not moving through fast enough and Stop and 4 minutes leaving toxins gives your overall general sickness and gas all my tests are normal to except I'm low on iron and b12
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      Hi, thanks for the reply. The pain I have is always on my left rib at the bottom, it's a dull ache but sometimes I do have sharp pains. My doctor has refered me to have an Ultrasound and an Endoscopy to work out what's going on, my ultrasound is in 4 weeks time.im taking supplements including Vitamin B but nothing seems to be improving the situation despite a low fat diet and absence from alcohol.
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      That's exactly what I'm going through rarely any pain from me just a doll kind of constant ache or tightness feeling in same area. Mine has been better this week and almost gone away after 8 months gotta wonder if its a certain food I mean I'm cutting out eggs then off them for two weeks now and for thinking it could be a pulled muscle I have not worked out in two weeks either so I'm trying to figure it out let me know if they find anything on your skin or when they do your endoscopy. I only have an upper GI gotta wonder if I should have had a lower let me know if they find something please. I have a cyst in my right kidney two small ones in my liver and what they call a splendid wall next to my spleen but the most of the time they can get mixed up between a cyst and explain Yule I wonder if my spring the world is actually a cyst and it keeps changing in size
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    Ok it's been a while so here's the update. Had a few more tests, Ultrasound, Stool sample To test for H Pylori and a few more blood tests, everything came back normal. I was referred to the Gastro who has booked me in for an Endoscopy under sedation on the 3rd of March. I'll let you know how I get on.
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    I had many of your same symptoms, but my pain was lower left quadrant and radiated to my upper ribs and mid-stomach.

    On CT scan, it was discovered that I had mesenteric lymphadentitis. It didn't show up on x-ray.

    I was given indomethacin, and boy, did it help -- but it didn't clear it up. It did however give enough of a reprieve from the pain for my body to start healing, quicker.

    Mesenteric lymph adentitis is said to appear and resolve itself, spntaneously. What I've found reducing inflmmatory food, appropriate rest and stress reduction to be helpful create the environment for it to clear itself up.

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      Thanks. I think the reason why my pain has lessen is because of the change of diet but even with the dietary changes it's not still not resolved but hopefully the endoscopy will show something or not but may push the docs in the right direction
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      I’ve been having the exact same symptoms. Did you ever get a clear diagnosis? It’s comforting knowing that someone else is going through something similar. 

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