left side abdominal pains

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Hey im having left side abdominal pains there sharp but dont last long been going on for two days now im pooping more frequently with just a little coming out the pain also is more frequent I'm a little worried because I never really dealt with this I can feel gas build up but can't push a fart out I've had the taste of blood with no blood present just looking for advice

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    Hi Joe

    All these things can cause a metallic taste in your mouth....

    Copper Toxicity (Metallic Taste) 

    Dental Caries (decay) (Foul Taste) 

    Dental Conditions (Bad Taste) 

    Fluctuation in Estrogen Levels (Metallic Taste) 

    Gastritis (Foul Taste) 

    Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease (Bitter Taste) 

    Heartburn (Acid Taste) 

    Jaundice (Bitter Taste) 

    Lead Poisoning (Metallic Taste) 

    Medications like Antibiotics, Prenatal Vitamins and Antidepressants (Metallic Taste) 

    Mercury Poisoning (Metallic Taste) 

    Oral Infections like Gingivitis or Periodontitis (Metallic Taste) 

    Poor Oral Hygiene (Metallic Taste) 

    Postnasal Drip (Foul Taste) 

    Pyrosis (Acid Taste) 

    Scombrotoxic Fish Poisoning (Metallic Taste) 

    Selenium Overuse (Metallic Taste) 

    Tooth abscess (Foul Taste)

    If you have good dental health then you can pretty much eliminate a lot of these reasons.

    As for the abdominal pains you are experiencing, again there could be a number of reasons why they are happening, and the only good advice I can give is 'if in doubt, get it checked out'. Knowing exactly where the pains occur can help a diagnosis, but to me it sounds like a blockage of some description, and gas build up will cause a lot of pain. Has your poop changed at all? Do you get bloated or need to burp a lot? How about your general health and diet? I've changed my diet a lot and it has helped my bowels a great deal. Lots of fruit and veggies, cut out as much fat and sugar as I can, no more alcohol, minimal smoking (can't quite give it up), exercise. All these get the bowels moving properly again, I can vouch for that, my bowel movements have never been so good, if there is such a thing as a good bowel movement.

    I was getting a lot of left central abdominal pains, among other symptoms, a few months ago, but my GP put me on Omeprazole and now I don't get them. Due to these pains my GP referred me for a Sigmoidoscopy as a precaution, which I have an appointment for in a few days, however I'm pretty sure my problems are more centred around the stomach, rather than bowels, I think I have Acid Reflux or GERD, which leaves a nasty taste in my mouth most days. I'm also waiting for my Endoscopy appointment to come through to have a good look at my stomach. I also had an upper abdominal ultrasound scan a few weeks ago, and everything was fine, pancreas, spleen, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and everything else they could see was all ok, as were all the blood tests I've had done.

    Hope that helps a bit, but as I said, if you are worried, get it looked at by your Doctor. Its the only way to get a clearer picture of what is going on.

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      Thanks but yes I woke up with the runs just a little bit ago black and diet probably not so good but like I've mentioned this is the 1st time I've felt the pain but I also dnt have a Dr. I can get toI and no medicaid
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      Just wondering what you meant by the using the word 'black'? Were you explaining the colour of your poop? If you were, and you continue to pass black poop, then this really needs to be checked out. Dark, almost black stools that are covered in mucus could be a sign of bleeding in your digestive tract, usually higher up. I used to poop dark, tarry, runny, smelly stools, and had stomach pains that felt like my stomach was being ripped open, until I was put on Omeprazole, now I don't get any of that anymore, this indicates that I had stomach inflammation of some description, probable stomach ulcer. As you don't seem to have any symptoms of excessive heartburn, bloating or burping, then I doubt this would apply to you.

      As this is the first time you have felt these pains, and they are recent, it is possible you may have ate something bad, or caught a bug. Some pathogens (food poisoning bacteria) can make you bleed, which could explain dark stools, but if you aren't in the high risk catergory (elderly, pregnant, etc), and you are of ok health then it should pass in a few days. If it goes on for a couple of weeks, I'd get some medical attention, likewise if your pains become severe.

      As I said before, there are so many possible problems associated with abominal area, the best person to see, if you are that worried, is a doctor, and as soon as possible. You are obviously worried, or you wouldn't have looked for help on this site. Just hope this info helps you.

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      If you don't have doctors, the best places to go are the Pharmacy, or Health Shops like Holland & Barrets who can give you pointers to help alleviate the problems you have.  Also Herbal Remedies with high anti-oxidants (like Aloe Vera Drinks) will help the digestive tract of the stomache.
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    Hi Joe. Have a look at my post. See if anything matches. Might be of some help..

    Good luck.

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