Left side pain scared of pancreatic cancer

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Since now 7 months i have left side pain more back and hypocondrium plus some episode of very bad stomach pain.

I saw 3 different doc and 1 gi and told there about my worry of pancreatic cancer.

They did blood test clean and ct scan clean and er doc did ultrason clean.

All of them said its not possible 99 to100% sure not pancreatic cancer cause my ct scan 7 month ago was clean and blood test also but im sure i have it i can put that out of my head with left side painpain.

My doctor and gi do not want to see me for that but im sure have it.

They all do not want to do another scan cause radiation even if i was crying and begging them.

All of them said if there was something its clear we saw that on ct scan and not possible to turn bad in 7 months

What can i do please help me



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    A CT scan is the most accurate scan you can get of your stomach. Why do you think you have pancreatic cancer?

    If you are very scared of cancer, you should avoid the amount of radiation another CT will give you.

    Have you had an endoscopy? You could have h pylori, gastritis or possibly a food intolerance. You could even have IBS. Have you explored other options of what might be causing your discomfort?

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      did you take ppis for the gastritis? Also ask about alverine it is an antispasmodic which can help with stomach pain if you do have IBS which I believe you said has been suggested to you.

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    I think I'd be pretty happy with that diagnoses! Did any of the doctors give you any ideas on what could be causing the pain?

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      Do you have on your lift side under you armpit and also near kidney?me its here and also shoulder sometime shoulders blade.

      Please tell me youhave that too.


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      the pain could be related to acid reflux and gastritis are you taking anything for it like a ppi?

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      sorry I misread what you said earlier I thought you said you had gastritis but now I have reread it.

      Just out of interest, is you armpit pain sharp and do you get it when you take a deep breath in? Do you have any issues with breathing or palpitations?

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    I have the similar symptoms as you. At first I thought the same as you. Have them do a ERCP it's an endoscopy instead of a camera they use an ultrasound probe. They can totally look at the pancreas using this procedure without any radiation too. All they found on me were several gallstones causing issues with my digestive system which might be where you're getting your pain. My is on my left side too and also radiates sometimes into my back. The other issues they found was herniated disc in that area which I didn't know I had. I have been dealing with this for over 3 years now and was recommended to get my gallbladder removed. which I myself haven't decided to do that just yet. Hope this helps ease your worries.

    Be careful what you read on the internet it will have you dead within 6 hours. LOL

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      All the doc i saw do not want to continu to investiguate and gi also said no you had scan you do not gonna have more test.if there was someting to see who had saw it 7 month ago on scan.

      I also have pain in shoulder shoulder blade do you?

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    Believe your doctor who has given you excellent reassurances! Tests would show if you had something serious; nasty things tend to show up on scans very quickly. The scans you have had are highly accurate and your doctor is the expert. Your doctor would have ordered further tests if he had been concerned and would have not have given you reassurances. Negative tests are good news for you ,surely. Get help for your anxiety. I had the same worries as you and I discussed them with my doctor who gave me similar reassurances. I chose to accept them, my worries cleared up and my symptoms massively improved because anxiety was no longer fuelling my symptoms.

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    I have pain on left side which radiates to my back, chest and across to my right ...can't sleep at night because i'm so uncomfortable ...i'm worried about pancreatic cancer too ...be back and forwards to docs just keep getting meds that don't work ...i'm going back again to ask for scan xx

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      Since when do you have that and what do told you?

      Did you saw gi doc?

      Your pain in constant and were exactly?

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      Christopher did you find anything out about your pain and symptoms ?

      Please let us know what you have found out

      I've had chronic left side back pain for 14 months....

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