Leg weakness and aching

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Been experiencing pains and aches in both legs. sometimes one at a time sometimes both. The other night was so bad in my groin it woke me up and it took me a while to go back.

Its been gping on about 2 week now maybe a little less. I take tablets and it doesnt help. My anxiety has been through the roof from beginning of nov last year. Had 2 full of panic attacks since tjen. Been doctors. Had full abdominal scan seen a gyna had blood test and a stool test. Onlynthing they found was polystic ovaries. Which im sure isnt causijg my symptoms.

Ive been sure i have bowel camcer or ovarian cancer. Had a blood test rhat came back high which was the reason i went to a gyna. All her test were clesr. Had hormone test and was dosgnosed wirh pcos.

It stsrted woth consripation 2 year a go. But ubtil movember that was it. I then got a tight feelijg in my upper stonach, bach ache and random bloating. Generslly feeling uncomfortable, rumbling stomach , occasional low cramps and im sure ibcan also feel my food moving round and gas.

Now these pains in my legs. My gp said it could jist be ibs. Was going tonsend me to have a camera down my throat but changed his mind and just prescribed me a higher dosage for indigestion. From then lifes got in the way and i just havent been back.

Does anyone experiecw pain ib rheir legs fron the groin all the way down? Sometines irs not in the groin and just any part. But ive always beem worried about flying and gettijt clots etc to the point when i go away i litwrally cannot keep my legs amd feet still the whole joirney amd i end uo my legs really aching. Not sure this has all started because im due to fly but its startojg to really get to me. I know i meed to make an appointment but i hate the doctors. Just to add I have no swelling

If i hear about amythong in a news story or someone has jad a problem i seem to get symptoms.

Thank you sorry for the long post

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    I got Anxiety the end of December last year, so far I've had TONS of syptoms. I too get pains in my legs, it's horrible as I keep poking and feeling it thinking I've got bone cancer. I don't usually get it all the way to my groin area, mostly around n below my the knees. Occasionally it shoots all the way up to my thighs and hips. I've had blood tests done over a week ago and they still haven't called me with the results.

    I also get arm pain, finger pain, elbow pain,armpit pain etc. I think Anxiety gives us pain in different parts of our body. My chest muscles still feel tender at times but the majority of chest pain I felt was around the heart n that has gone.

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    Pcos comes with some issues on its own and im sorry about that. Exteremly common but still stinks. There are careful diets to follow that will help and keep your sugar levels equal.yes pcos taps into that area.  Are you on birth control? Im wondering if thats behind your blood clot theories and fears. They do have a bloodtest to check your clotting rate to alleviate this fear. The gyno will have this knowledge. In terms of your legs its from bad anxiety. The whole tensing, shaking, stiffness heavy sleeping postion, if you even sleep well all of it racks on the muscles and nerves. Panic attacks themselves surge adrenaline, cortisol and epineoherine thru your system as well so yea it tires out some muscles and nerves. I would strongly suggest getting on a pcos diet and seeing a nutritionist. Something tells me your diet is poor and not the right diet for you or your body. Thats an easy thing to do and not scary. What you need to do is stop completely focusing on your body symptoms and get some doctoring for your mind here as well. The basic 101 here is the minds language is thoughts, the bodys language is feelings. You do not have to play into every thought you have. They are not all truths or correct at all. You do not have to react to every body sensation. You are slowly and strongly programming your body to be negative and react accordingly. Habits form her and they are hard to break so be very aware what your thoughts are and reapond to them as thoughts but no ned to run with them. Pcos and ibs can be helped by diet. But you need that knowledge. Cbt would be very useful for you for your mind. Be very aware that ppis (control reflux and gerd..) are meant for short term but drs dont really hound people or care. But i will tell you they inhibit proper absorbtion of many very important vitamins and minerals. So discuss that with your regular doctor and see if you can get a b12 injection and get on a proper diet so you dont need them. I do not understand how this connections isnt made or if it just too time consuming and difficult to eat correctly but it seems way too many people don't and then are shocked that their bodies retaliate. 

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      Thank you for your reply.

      I am on the combined pill and have been for many years. Your right in sometimes i fear about clotting due to the pill. But its mever been something on my mind alot. Ive recently read quite a few stories aboit young people dieing bevise of clots from the pill amd it has got to me abit but not much.

      My stomach problems jave beem going on non stop since novemebr the onky reason why im thinking it cant be ibs is because all tabkets ive been given for it havent worked and i read ibs seems to be flare ups. This isnt a flare up as its beem months.

      Ive jad 2 children easily but then i read people wirh pcso find it hard to get pregnant.

      I dont have a very good diet. I skip meals and snack on rubbish rewlly. I tend to only jave veg on my plate at tea time.

      The last time i had bad amxiety i was 16 and my symptoms were different.

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