Legitimate Cystoscopy Fears and Pain

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Many patients both female and male have legimate reasons adressing fears when it comes to a variety of invasive medical proceedures. Such fears are not easily addressed in a mdical setting in the fast pace of the hospital arena. You never truly know how Doctors or Nurses are going to respect or consider the reasons for your fears. I believe one of the primary faults of medical professions is respecting ones right to privacy. Not all medical professionals are guilty of this but a lot of them are. And I'm not the only patient who sees this. https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/top-3-issues-facing-patient-privacy

In my experience being a heterosexual man who was brutally tortured and gang-raped at gunpoint in the past, its very difficult addressing concerns about fear when invasive medical proceedures arise. Embarrasment, rejection, bias judgment amongst an assortment of other weary issues. I briefly addresed this to a Urologist and female nurse in my hospital room. Assuring me there was nothing to worry about nonchalantly. I went for a scheduled cystoscopy having stayed in hospital for a month from illness of having high fever with a kidney and bladder infection. Upon being placed on a typical hospital stainless steel examination table; the cystoscopy began with the Urologist injesting lidocaine jelly down into my urethra. He didn't wait for the lidocaine to take effect and immediately introduced a long cystoscopy tube. The burning pain was incredible and later subsided as I groaned in pain while he moved the cystoscope around inside my bladder. I don't know what type of cystoscope he used. I was p****d off at him afer and let him know under no uncertain terms. I told him he was a f...ing idiot. He did find four polyps inside my bladder and a blocked kidney ureter. I'm awaiting surgery.

I hear so many patients particularly male who claim they never experienced pain during cystoscopy exams. Your the dang lucky ones.

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    Good morning.  I am so sorry for what you went through and what happen before.  I went through something being a private person.  I was in the hospital and I was told I had sepsis.  The doctor told me that he didn't a urine sample I told him that I did not need to go because I went before I came into the hospital.  Within 10 minutes I had a male nurse and female nurse told my son to leave the room and I ask what was going on no answer I asked many time's no answer  I thought they were changing me.  I was wet from the fever 103.  The male nurse told the other nurse to take my pants off she had one leg off when I felt him push the catheter in me.  I have never had one before.  I was not ask or told what they were doing and they did not get my permission.  When I went to my room I hear the nurses talking about putting a catheter in.  I heard the kit open up and I told them no.  They try anyway did not get it in.  I peed on my own a hour later.  I don't know if they just don't care or they feel they have a right to do what ever they feel.  I do not know if I would give them permission But I filed charges with the hospital.  Now if I go into the hospital  I have to tell me everything that they do. Nothing is done without my permission.  Sorry so long.  Did you have this done in the hospital.  If he did a ridge cystacope you should have been put out.  I have the flex able cystacope done in my doctors office.  My doctor all ways wait for the gel to work but it only works in the penis not in the rest.  It does hurt some what.When he try once to get in my prostate I could have jump off the table.  Is the same doctor going to do your surgery.  I would not trust him.  Make sure they do not touch your prostate for any reason.  You have been through enough.  Take charge and don't let them do anything with out you giving permission.  God Bless  Ken      

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      Hello Kenneth; firstly I want to thank you for your commiseration in your reply. Presently I'm 61 years old insulin dependant diabetic. I would ascertain with greater plausibility that kidney and bladder infections may be frequently revisted given all the health related setbacks related to the plague stemming from living with the curse of diabetes in my case since I was 40.

      I have to admit that this wasn't my first painful cystoscopy experience. The Urologist I'm seeing has for the most part a positive reputation by a large number of his patients which can be viewed online by a doctor rating website. Not all patients give him an 5-star rating which is much to be expected.

      I respect the positive and negative reviews of all patients arising from cystoscopy experiences given that all patients are unique. Much like scientist uses a litmus test standard to analyze data.

      All three of my cystoscopy experiences were carried out in a hospital setting. They give each patient the option of taking and orange juice drug infused concoction of versed which I only took once as a mild sedative, which really does nothing but raise my anxiety level. I despis all invasive medical proceedures given the torture horrors of my past.

      Given the heightened fears before my last cystoscopy experience I regret giving a letter to an intake female nurse who took my vitals and asked me a number of health related questions before my dreaded cystoscopy experience. I received no reply from that nurse much to be expected.

      I won't make that vulnerable mistake again.

      The letter is roughly as follows: 

      To Intake Cystoscopy Nurse:

      I have great fear of coming to this Cystoscopy Exam.

      Respectfully; my reasons of fear are validly based on my being a victimized (“heterosexual man”) who was brutally tortured and gang-raped at gunpoint in the past. It is very difficult for me trying to articulate with embarrassment in placing myself in a vulnerability position with regards to most invasive medical situations.

       My fears and vulnerability sometimes gets the best of me when confronted in awkward, embarrassing, invasive medical exams of any nature, most often triggering strong painful memories of my harrowing gang-rape past.

       I despise being physically touched by any man including male nurses or male doctors regardless of their genuine helpful intentions without harboring personal bias. It only raise’s and heightens my fears given the stigma of my horrific past.

      If you could understand the full reality of all the callous implements of torture I was forced to endure for over five unrelenting hours by three savage assailants either whipping me with an electric cord or placing a loaded rifle against my head and/or revolver in my mouth whilst being repeatedly sodomized by nefarious human animals for numerous dreadful hours by all three corruptible assailants taunting me with obscene slurs whilst making death threats.

      These are just some of the modes of torture you could only begin to imagine amongst other inflicted horrors of what I am trying to convey with anguishing memories of misery, awkwardness, embarrassment and unnerving difficulty.

      At the end this abomination assault against me, it left me savagely beaten, seriously bloodied, and broken beyond comprehension. I maintained silence for 23 years: I spoke to no one; neither family or friends, nor did I seek medical help for any of my serious wounds, in fear of bias judgement, pigeonholing me as homosexual. Heterosexual men just don’t talk about the horrors of their own personal gang-rape experience …………………………………………………………………………………………

      Regrettably; the month of August, happens to be my contemptible, unsung gang-rape anniversary; if you can truly call it an anniversary that grossly lacks any resemblance to a celebration. It’s more of an ongoing nagging condition of consequence I would only desire to forget.

      (“In Interest to my personal well-being”): “I would very humbly ask respectfully and with genuine sincerity for a compassionate, caring female nurse to be at my side for moral support during this disquieting exam”.

      Should no compassionate female nurse be available, I will unequivocally and respectfully refuse this medical exam.

      Medical Professionals who have never experienced rape or gang-rape can only sympathize with their rape assault patients. They know very little about the physical and mental experience except that which they read in an opinionated psychoanalytical open-close text book journal. The experienced horror is far more profound than mere humanized printed words.

      As half expecte no reply was given after this letter was read by a number of female nurses in the cystoscopy department.

      When one humbly makes oneself vulnerable in a medical setting more than not its met with indifference. Not all medical professionals can be trusted. Nor can one expect compassion or empathy. Learned Lesson. 


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      I can see were you are coming from but nothing that bad has happen to me like that.  What happen to me in the hospital was nothing compared to what you want through.  I was sexually molested at 10.  Which I stopped myself because I felt that it was wrong.  I never told my parents but did tell my wife.  That just made me more aware with my kids.  You said that you had the cystoscopy in the hospital.  Which king to you have A flexable or a ridge.  I have flex ones in the office with the gel but the ridge you are suppose to be out when them are done.  That one is painfull because it is a piece of metal going into your body.  I am very sorry for what you went through I hope they caught them and put them away.  No man or women should ever be put through that.  I am a diabetes to but on pills.  I was very heavy at one time. I was 340 at one time down to 180 now.  When you go into a hospital.  I would try to feel safe if you can You are not in that place where you were hurt.  You are in a hospital and they are trying to help you.  I know it may be hard but you have to take charge of yourself.  If you need to talk or just vent PM me  I am hear for you  Ken       
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    Hi Chris, I'm not one of those lucky ones. I had a cystococopy 2 years ago and the pain was extremely awful. I felt one if the worst pain in my life and also I feel it was a life changing for me. I developed a extremely debilitating condition that I believe had to do with the cystococopy. I understand your feeling and at least I'm glad they found something that you can work on and treat. For me as I'm writing this I'm in pain all the time and can't keep a normal life and I do blame the cystococopy procedure because prior that I didn't have any symptoms. Sometimes doctor's don't care and can change your life for the worst and ruin your life.

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      Greetings Ricardo; thank you for your reply. I can well understand what its like to suffer ongoing physical pain.

      Having sought help for chronic physical pain I was referred to a Hospital Pain Clinic. Good Grief. When one is reeling from acute physical pain I don't want to listen to a damned Shrink in a pain clinic ramble on. As if all acute physical pain can be mentally handled by the power of the meditative mind. I'm not one who enjoys taking pain killers frequently. Like all prescription drugs they have their cursed undesirable side-effects which can sometimes aggrevate the initial acute pain making it worse.

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      What kind of Chronic pain you are suffering from? Currently finished seeing a urologist who diagnosed me with prostatitis and he didn't even once checked my prostate. How can you diagnosed someone of a condition without checking the prostate with any kind of test? I understand your fear for the cystococopy specially that you have a hard event in the past. All I can tell you is that you are not alone.

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      My apologies; I should have been more clear. The Chronic types of Pain I'm referring to is Lower Back Degenerative Disb Disease. It's not always easy to diagnose. For some people its part of growing old.  


      I've had CT scans and MRI scans with nothing really conclusive. I've been walkin with a cane for over ten years.

      The other type of chronic pain is diabetic neuropathy. I've been prescribed a variety of medications outside of over-the counter pain meds. I was taken off the prescribed meds because they created other health related set backs like dangerous low blood pressure amongst other health risks troubles.

      Primarily I stick to Tylenol or Ibuprofen which barely takes off the pain edge.

      Part of living with old age. It is what it is. I'm on a waiting list for surgery for my bladder and kidney problems.

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      Tomorrow October 30th I am going for Bladder and Kidney Ureter surgery. I'm nervous to some degree but mostly I have General anesthetic fears given a subcostal hernia surgery I under went in 2008. The anesthesiologist over drugged me. I went in for surgery at 9:45 am and never left the recovery rest area until 6: 00 pm. Just couldn't stay awake. These are my fears. I never had an epidural but kind of refrain in taking that route. I will be speaking to both the anesthesiologist and my urologist before the surgery. I strongly suspect the Urologist will be taking biopsy's of 5 bladder growth nodules on the bladder wall and placing a stent inside my left blocked kidney ureter. Not looking forward to any discomfort after the long term surgery,

      Anyone had simular experiences. Many Thanks.

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    I know I am way late on this, but you aren't alone. I just had my first experience with the dreaded "C" word. I was by far the worst pain I ever had in my life. I thought kidney stones hurt, but nothing compared to the horrors of the "procedure." I will never let anyone do that to me again.

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