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Hi Lelly,

To me, you sound a expert on this low fat diet, mecidine and advice, can you help me. A friend who is on the same tablets (orlistat) said im not eating enough fat is that correct. Do you have to have 5 at each meal? or can I have less. Not weighed myself so not sure if lost any weight or do feel better.

I'm eating really good and enjoying it so far - only have 2 tablets a day as dont eat proper brekkie to be honest. Banana and mullerlight yogurt about 10.30 at work.

No side effects apart from bad WIND and was bloated and constipated but followed your advice and drinking more water, tea and orange squash and now I BEEN and feel ok.



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    Hi Millie,

    reading your post made me smile. I would never claim to be an expert just someone who has experienced the down side of obesity and is fighting through.

    I am still unsure about the need for fat at each meal. I do know that when I 1st started on the tabs I did have fat at each meal and I lost loads of weight. Then, after the initial success I cut down even more and the weight loss stopped. So I guess it is true.

    All I would suggest is that you eat relatively normally but avoid anything self destructive like a full english fry up or Indian take away as I know from personal experience they will both react with the tabs.

    Usual healthy stuff (fresh veg, water etc etc) will always help.

    I do know how difficult it is as I have previously lost 10 stone on the slimming world plan then put it all back on again over 2 yrs!

    With the previous massive weight loss I had to become practically obsessive about what I ate and it was not a good time. I even found myself buying boxes of cereal and weighing it into portion sizes in little plastic bags.

    So now I am more of a realist. I HAVE to lose weight and I have to cut dow on the fats otherwise my gallstones will make me suffer and they are far worse than the orange oil slick! If I want the gallbladder removing I have to lose the weight. Simple really.

    AND I intend to live a long life and grow old disgracefully. If something is going to stop that I certainly don't intend it to be something self inflicted (which is why I don't smoke either).

    So there you go. Sorry to disappoint. I am no expert just an enthusiastic amateur with an obsesive personality!

    Lelly xx

    P.S. Brekkie IS the most important meal of the day so make sure it is a good one. Can you take cereal and milk into work to be sure you get some slow energy release food into you?

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    [quote=\"LellyM\"]orange oil slick!quote]

    I am so glad you said that! I thought it was just me, didn't seem right it was orange!!!!

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    thanks mate.

    I better start eating brekkie then!

    See you do give us good advice - keep it up!

    thanks again :D

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    Hi wondering if you can help me, I've been on the bluies for just over a week and I'm struggling, I've been on a low fat diet, but trying to stick to 15g of fat per meal but finding it hard, I've been having oats so simple in the morning, I don't normally eat breakfast but i'm making sure I do now, I'm having a sandwich or pitta bread with a muller rice after and a healthy tea but the weight doesn't seem to be shifting... I've not had a disastrious \"orange poo\" but on occasions when going to the loo there has been an orange oily \"poo\" god this awful talking about toilet habits but needs must :oops:

    Hope you can help me I'm feeling disolutioned sad

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    Ok. 2 responses here from Auntie Lelly........

    1) Breakfast. The main reason I think ti is important is from personal experience. I was diagnosed as having suspected chronic fatigue syndrome q couple of years ago and most days would get to 11am then feel exhausted. I switched to having healthy cereal for brekkie and have never looked back. I have energy again.

    2) Fat content. Dunno why this seems to work but it does. Don't worry if the weight doesn't seem to be shifting. it has only been a week. Don't be too hard on yourself. I have been a person who weighed themselves daily and got very disallusioned when the scales didn't move. Force yourself to only check once a week at most. Ideally just when you go back to the docs. They you will have an independent validation.

    Also, daft as it sounds, try to wear the same weight of clothes each weigh-in as you don't want to feel depressed due to a heavy pair of jeans. AND, if your 1st weigh in was on an empty stomach, keep this constant as a good meal can add a kilo or so.

    The main thing is stick with it and you will get a nice result. Just remember, these tabs only work on fat. If you are still eating masses of sugar or alcohol you will still put weight on.

    That's all from the oracle today.

    lelly xx

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    Thanks Lelly, I'll keep on it, like you I have a habit of weighing myself constantly which is not good I know...note to self, remove the scales!!!!

    My sugar intake is low as I've stopped taking it in my tea and coffee but I do drink diet coke not a huge amount but when I do it does normally contain alcohol mainly JD or scotch :o( Maybe this is the cause??

    Thanks for your advise and help, got a rough weekend coming up BBQ on saturday and drinks with friends....must be strong :D

    Thanks again


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    Hi Rachel,

    I do hope this weekend goes well for you. BBQ food shouldn't be too dangerous as most of the fat falls through the bars. OK you will still need to exercise a little control but our little blue friends will soon let you know if you over step the mark.

    Alcohol is a swine. Nice to have a drink (I am no saint. I also like a glass of wine or 2 or 3) but I just bear in mind they are empty calories. Pleasure but no nutritional benefit and remarkably easy to get down!!!

    Just don't be too hard on yourself. It takes a long time to gain weight so you can imagine it will take a long time to shift it. Been there. Tried many of the miracle suplements (adios etc) and dodgy teas but the blueys do work.

    Keep year chin up.

    Lelly xx

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