Lessons I've learned from RESECTION surgery.

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You lot are likely sick of my posts😏. I'm sorry if that's the case. This is how I cope. I thought after AML Leukeamia I'd be done with very serious health issues...anyway posting seems to help my anxiety.

I've been out of hospital since Friday evening, and this is what I've learned in no certain order.

1.) We all heal differently.

2.) I bleed like a sive at first. I was terrified by the blood covered fecal particulate, and blood in the water. The blood gradually ceased--yours will too. In fact it may come and go for weeks as my doc told me. Believe your physician.

3.) Walk your arse off.

4.) Use the breathing doohickey they gave you to avoid pneumonia. I inhale into it at minimum 5x an hour.

5.) Stay on top of your pain management. Don't worry about constipation at this point. You can always treat that with Miralax down the road. My advice is stay AWAY from laxatives that aren't very gentle.

6.) Call your doc if you're concerned about anything--even if your doc acts annoyed. Who cares, You're paying him a fortune for his services. Surgeons can be right pr*cos at times. Ignore them if they become a bit cheeky.

7.) Rest a lot!

8.) Drink loads of water.

9.) Stay on a low residue diet for at minimum a month. Don't rush it!!!

10.) Wear your binder when attempting a poo. It really, really HELPS.

11.) Here's a BIG one...Do NOT eat high fat ice cream. Do NOT eat chocolate. I made a chocolate Shake for my lunch yesterday. Epic failure. I was in the loo at least 20x between noon and 7pm.

12.) If you're going to eat dairy, don't eat a lot. I'd honestly say eat it sparingly.

13.) Don't get up suddenly, don't sit down quickly. Have someone help you when getting out and in cars.

14.) Potatoes are your friend.

15.) Dinner rolls are your friend.

16.) White pasta with butter is your friend.

17.) Keep stress levels low.

18.) Only deal with supportive folk in your life.

19.) Have a good cry.

20.) Have a positive attitude.

Thanks for listening.



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    WOW Jacob thanks a LOT for sharing all of this! YOU are never a bother on this group its a support group and here for each other no MATTER what or how many times you post DOESN'T matter we need ALL of your post and also we are here to support you during your healing process and even afterwards! I love your updates and all post because its what we all need and one day may have to have the surgery! PLUS you need us too 😃 KEEP THEM COMING! You are doing good to follow your doctor and using the tools they gave you to help with your healing! I know when I had my gallbladder surgery back when they gutted you open like a pig came home with 37 staples and that blow up ball thingy for a while I could barley get that blasted ball up even a little! God luck with that! Oh yeah and I too suffer with BAD panic/anxiety!

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    So I'm obviously on the low residue diet. I think I made a mistake with this diet. I thought small amounts of white bread were fine? Is that not correct? Yesterday all I was hungry for is two small dinner roll. I had the runs yesterday so I thought nothing about my diet choices🤔. In fact, I thought I made safe choices? I read I shouldn't eat anything gummy. Opinions greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jacob

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      I found that for the first month or so - I did somewhat watch what I ate, no fried, no spicy and little fiber. I really don't think what you eat has as much to do with it as just your colon adjusting to the major changes brought about by surgery. Sometimes I would have several very loose stools, then sometimes I was constipated, and I kept trying to trace it back to what I ate - but I found very little correlation. I went back and forth between taking a mild laxative and stool softeners to imodium. I had my surgery on Dec. 4, and I will say that the last two weeks I have started feeling more normal and much better than for the few months before surgery. I now eat pretty much what I want - will never eat nuts, seeds or popcorn again, (I still have some diverticuli elsewhere in my colon - only the bad part was removed so I still have to be a little careful although he said only 5- 10% of it causing me trouble in the future).

      I stay away from fried foods, tomato based foods, and spicy - this is partly b/c I also have IBS. I have found that eating smaller amounts also helps. You will just need to give it time - you are very much in the time frame of everything being out of sync - but I promise you will get there! I also take one 100 mg magnesium citrate capsule and 1 citrucel pill each day.

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    I had my Xi robotic sigmoidectomy 2/12(Last Wednesday). I already can tell there's zero pain, mostly on my left side. specifically my hip. That's where my sigmoid was continually achy. Anyway, my pain is immense currently. My incisions are so sore. My walking is definitely helping. The biggest incision is a rainbow of bruising which is that bikini line incision. Its horrendous looking😱. The pain just gets worse as the day gets on. But, still that diverticulitis can do one! Glad to be rid. I'm only brave enough to eat safe atm. I seem to have diarrhoea for spells, then only a few movements the next day. Odd this.

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    @Dee why the 100 mg of magnesium ?

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      Carol - I tend to have some problems with IBS-C. Magnesium is recommended to help your digestive system keep moving along with other benefits (nervous system and brain) I am pretty reactive to meds, so I started with a low dose and that seems to help. I have considered upping it to 200 mg, but haven't as of yet. I think recommended dosagae is like 325 mg.

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    A couple thoughts...

    Magnesium tablets work wonders. Prior to surgery I took 400mlg a day. Painless, and kept things moving. I did this daily and added a bit of miralax if I had a richer meal. I think I'll have to go back to it if I continue to have several small bm's a day. I am however only 8 days post op. The sensation of having to go is very different now, it's more like pressure and gurgling to be honest.

    Also, there's another site with a bit more interaction for those that fancy more info and interaction. Its Mayo Connect, which is one of America's most well respected hospitals. Google it, and see if its something you'd fancy.

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