Lichen Sclerosis cured but it took work - UPDATE

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UPDATE: I wrote a post a few years ago about how I cured my LS, and came here to update you on my progress. I have lost track of time but I believe it was about 4 years ago that I made this post and am still symptom free. I want to add something that i did not emphasize enough in my previous discussion, and which I believe is a key part of this and many other health problems: my mental/emotional/sexual health.

Up until the past couple years, I always struggled with low-grade depression and anxiety which sometimes became more severe for stretches of time, I had disordered-eating behaviours for years (lots of diets, overexercise, body image issues) despite having always been in the healthy weight range. I also had lots of unresolved family issues which contributed to unhealthy relationships with the wrong kind of man and lots of anxiety and confusion about sex. Most of these problems went unaddressed for years because I functioned highly despite them (excellent grades in university, lots of friends, positive demeanor, etc).

I'm not saying everyone who has LS has these problems, but I will say that before I sought therapy I thought I was 'pretty normal'. Within one session I realized this was not the case at all, and there have been many situations in my life where my sexual boundaries have been overstepped. It was painful to acknowledge because I had so much buried, but I'm so glad I did it.

When I read that there is a loose correlation between childhood sexual abuse and LS, this triggered my thought process... was it really a coincidence that when I developed a health problem, it was in that particular spot on my body? I feel pretty strongly that there is a psychosomatic component.

Then I started thinking about the statistics with respect to women and rape/sexual assaults: 50 percent of women in their lifetime, and that is thought to be low because many people are confused about the concept of consent and don't realize they have been abused. I was raped prior to developing LS.

Then I started thinking about the large number of friends I have who have experienced pressure from a boyfriend/husband to perform sexually on his terms on a regular basis. Not exactly rape, but not okay either. In retrospect I believe my ex-boyfriend probably played a bigger role in triggering my full blown LS than anything else. He was very pushy sexually.

I wonder if this is the pink elephant in the room. It never seems to come up on these forums, and I wonder if it is because no one really wants to admit to themselves or others that their husband/bf plays a role in this because that would mean admitting that the relationship is not okay. Or perhaps 'he' isn't doing anything pushy, but we choose to have sex we do not want anyways because we fear that if we don't, he might leave. I have certainly been guilty of this.

I hope my full disclosure does not come off as accusatory - this very well might not play a major role in most LS cases, and perhaps most people have healthier sexual histories than me. I'm just curious if anyone can identify.


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    Hi Fixup. Firstly congratulations on getting rid of your LS.

    I've had mine for over a decade and have never been subjected to unwanted sex, unless you count the occasional time when  feeling not that keen but did oblige, and on these occasions my husband(s) were unaware of any reluctance on my part, so not abuse.

    I am aware though that my obliging could have been related to a fear of their displeasure, or I could have been trying to compensate for my relatively ( to theirs ) low sex drive. I can say it never really worried me though  ( or did I suppress that? ) and there were also occasions when I just said "not tonight", though kindly ( and guiltily?).

    Also my last sexual contact with another happened prior to even getting the LS.

     Also, I know two ladies, one a relative and one a friend, who were sexually abused as children  who don't have LS.

     As we don't really have proof of any exact cause/ causes  I think it is understandable that we seek where we can to find reasons e.g. psychological, food habits, genetics, infections etc...

    From years of reading what other ladies say ( but don 't forget men and children get this too )  I have noticed a good many saying their mothers, sisters, aunts had it too, and I bear in mind that those of us who are older may not have been told about this, as women were much more private about their bodies in the past than we are today. 

    Apart from that link, plus a  lady who  was cured by antibiotics, and now yourself, I'm not sure how LS happens in our bodies that makes us different from others who don't get it..

     As many ladies say eating this or that helps/makes it worse I take that on board for sure, though it doesn't make any difference to me personally. If what we eat is connected to LS I feel it is more likely to be found in thae additives in our foods and the harmful chemicals in what is sprayed in the fields.

     For your own reason for the cure, I have seen many ladies connecting LS with their sexual histories, in particular because because of where it is situated,  but as you say yourself  this may not be a major role in most LS cases.

    I like what you said, and we can never discount the power of our minds over our bodies cause or to cure !

    I'm 100 percent behind any woman learning to respect herself and asking for that respect from the men in their lives too.  You did well !

    However even if some on this forum come forward and say yes, abuse might have caused it, there will be many more out there getting abused and not getting LS. 

    Would you mind if I asked you how severe your LS was and how long you had had it?

    thanks x



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    FixedUp, I kind of concur with you. I may have come across the same article you did, where they mention sexual abuse in childhood and the Koebner phenomenon, which is normally discussed in psoriasis – skin trauma is a trigger for flares.

    I had a long respite from my lifelong LS (only diagnosed after 61 years) during my forties. I had had some counseling, was out of a fifteen year technical-rape (as you describe) marriage, had experienced a revelation that my mother may have done something physical to me in a misguided effort to end my bedwetting at about age three. I then had about seven years of remission and great sex.

    LS returned with a vengeance with perimenopause.

    I don't believe it's as simple as cause-and-effect. My mother's father molested her throughout her teens after her mother died. She had rheumatoid arthritis, got it with a bang at age 40 and is 87 now. She doesn't have LS, but she has interstitial cystitis.

    My psoriasis is an excellent gauge of the stress in my life. LS, not so much.

    However, I know for sure it's a boon to physical health to raise your self-awareness and face your troubles head on.

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    Hi again Fixed Up,

    So pleased that you're back in touch, that you remain clear of LS, and have shared your full disclosure with us. Thank you.

    I agree that any and all psychological issues can have an impact on our health and furthermore can effect a cure. I also subscribe to the belief that its enviromental and bodily toxins  that are causative and that it could take as many years to discharge the toxins as its taken to build them up. Our food, cleaning products, and all the chemicals now in food especially wheat and other major cash crops which horrendously are now GMO ed with 'Round up Ready' are highly likely to be causing this contamination. Have you read Sayer Ji? He's brilliant on the subject. My own interpretation of wheat allergy is not so much that folk are gluten intolerant but rather that its a case of being gluten perceptive!  

    So what is the cause of LS? A variety of factors? One single cause? Abuse may be the sole factor for some, one of various factors for others, or unrelated,  but your discourse has been really helpful; there maybe things I have n't thought about, have been unaware of, of forgotten. I am going to think back and I thank you for the invitation to practice this introspection. 

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    On the topic of previous sexual history my previous sexual history is cloudy too but ive never been raped... more pushy previous ex's and not really wanting to do it but did anyway but because of my ls it was always brutal... excrutiating pain.. splitting bleeding.. resulting to crying and  embarrasment... but I did have ls before all this but just wasnt diagnosed this was kinda how I found out 

    Im 21 and had two previous ex's and been with my parner now for nearly 3 yrs hes understanding and everything but sexual relationship wise their is nothing atm been closed up for a long time just had the fentons and labial adhesions taken away... 

    My psychologist picked up on the sexual trauma I have had in the past... ther is a lot more to what I wrote but I wudnt like to put it on a post but it wasnt very nice either.. he said that what went on in he past will still hinder me today even though maybe I dont relise it... for example before sex my body tensing up because of what happened therefore makin sex even worse because of.not being able to relax... 

    I know ther is probably many people who have had no sexual trauma in their lives and still have this because of other things but I think ls is down to a lot of different causes because Ive had low estrogen and been on gynest cream too also read that that can be a cause... so still the mystery goes on... 


    My psychologist also picked up on the

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      Helen, you're still young and I'm happy for you that you have a good therapist. He's really nailed it by talking about how we tense up at penetration, making things so much worse.

      I expect you'll also be writing about how your procedure went on the Fenton's thred...

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