Life after citalopram and how you are coping

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was on citalopram for 15yrs, it was needed at the time and got me out of a dark place, but it made me numb and totally flat and emotionless, whilst at first it was welcomed, i wanted to feel me again so i began the journey of reducing the tablets and have recently stopped taking them

Well its been 12 days since stopping, and so far so good, i have had a few wobbles such as i could feel myself getting worked up and anxious but have managed so far to calm myself down.

I feel lucky as so far haven't had any real withdrawal symptoms apart from being snappy at my husband, and i have started to cry again!!!! not sure if this is a good thing as once i start i cant stop lol.

I have prepared myself for the withdrawal symptoms to start as its early days yet

I just wonder how others have coped, how long till it was completely out of your system and any tips to help on this long journey


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    Hi, Julie,

    i just started to wean myself off. I'm down to 10 from 20. My story is just like yours..feeling flat....I haven't cried in years. I just want to feel again..those husbands, it's so easy to snap at them!!!

    continued good health..

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      hi mamma cat

      thanks for you response, oh the crying, wow i dont think there will be a hosepipe ban in our house this summer i havn't stopped crying and have now come to the conclusion i dont want to cry now lol

      I think i have now realised that i cant change what life throws at me thats beyond my control, but i can change how i respond and deal with it, that i can control.

      I think having this attitude has help me in being cit free for the first time in 15yrs

      onwards and upwards mamma cat and baby steps one day at a time


      ps,  isn't that why we married them, am sure i remember i will snap regulary as part of my vows!!!!!

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      Hi Julie

      I'm still here, still emotional, still have a kitchen that needs renewing and nobody to help and it's all too much for me.

      I've a brother who could help me so much as he is a joiner but is standing back and that is making me worse.  Going to have to ask if he is willing to help me or leave me in a guddle.

      Hey, I wish I had a man in the house, to moan to or give me a cuddle and tell me all will be well.sad

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    I hate the crying, Julie, but even on medication I was the same.  I'm just an emotional person.....super-emotional person.

    A lot stems from me being on my own with no-one to lean on and no shoulder to cry on so just be glad you have someone there beside you.

    I wish there was a magic wand to make everything ok.  Life will always throw sh** at us.  You have been to hell and back so the things that life is throwing at you now is nothing in comaprison wo what you've gone through - and survived!

    Have a good day and hope that the black clouds will go/stay away.


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      Hi ms mac

      so glad you've joined me, hey sometimes its not so good to have someone living with you as they are as much use as a chocolate teapot lol

      when my daughter was ill and i was living with her dad, he was a useless peice of crap, and thats me being nice!!!!    he refused to help look after his daughter saying that he coulnd't cope with her illness, and basically used to live in the attic (no i didn't ban him there, we had changed the attic into a computer room lol)

      My 14yr old daughter and I looked after Jessica until she passed away, and she seen and did far to much that a 14yr old shoulnd't have seen or done in her life time, so as much as i get what your saying sometimes its better to be on your own.

      You need to find your inner strength ms mac, as if there is one thing that my daughter Jessica taught me was that you only get on shot of this life so you should grab it with both hands and give it a bloody good shake!!!

      what i do is that i give myself a good talking to and try to reason with myself, yeah i know i sound loopy lol, but it works for me for eg, i say whats the worst that can happen, is someone going to die or get ill, can someone get hurt, what would happen if it doesn't get fixed or get better will i suffer how can i stop this happening.

      Once i've done that i feel better as i can put it into persepective, regarding your brother, if he will help you then that is a bonus, but if he doens't then so what whats the worst that can happen and you will have the satisfaction knowing that  you have sorted it out by yourself.

      Everyone is different, what bothers and upsets me, wouldn't even raise an eyebrow from you and vice versa, but that doen'st mean that your problems are less meaningful to mine,

      onwards and upwards as i say and baby steps lol

      great to hear from you


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      Would just be nice to have a bit of support but I know a lot of men are useless.  Don't want one here all the time - just a builder to help out.  biggrin

      I compare what I'm going through to what I have gone through and, I suppose, it's trivial.  I still have a room over my head and no money worries and there's a lot to be said about that.

      Brother going to phone his friend to see if he can help or not so that is something.

      Maybe just being over emotional because no ad's - who knows.

      Yes - onwards and upwards - one day at a time.

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    Hi Julie,

    I was just wondering if you are still off the cipramil and how it is going ?

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      Hi wendy

      yes am still of the tablets although it is still a battle,

      the major problem for me is that i have now found out that the anti-depressant help nuropathic pain, and as i have diabetic nurothopy in my feet and hips, the pain has got worse since i stopped taking cit.

      Am definately not going back on them and am now trying with my gp to come up with a solution to my nerve pain,

      so all in all it is still good.

      How are you doing?  still hanging in there


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      Hi Julie

      I do hope they get something else to ease your pain. 

      I am just back from holiday, meeting the woman I met 4 years ago and if I survived that I will survive anything.  She was a vile woman and pulled me up for everything and anything but I didn't let her depress me.  

      An example - I said I didn't like lemon (in my drink) but tried a lemon cream sauce which was delicious with salmon.  She said 'I thought you didn't like lemon' in a sarcastic voice.  I then got sea-bream and she said to put my lemon on it and I said I didn't like that so she, again said 'but you took the sauce. Again, I replied that I didn't like it on fish or drinks.  Niggle, niggle, niggle in the most vile way.

      THAT woman had a problem - not me.  I survived!!!  biggrin

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