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Hello All! I am a patient with asthma, pseudamonas aeruginosa and bronchiectasis. I wonder what is life expectancy with these things. In the almost 3 years I have been diagnosed my body has deteriorated in a scary way. I used to work out hard daily. I worked a full time AND part time job simultaniously with not a day off for over a year. I have changed so drastically I cannot help but wonder (and fear). I feel that if I had not been so strong before this I would have died about 1 1/2 years ago. I now go up 3 steps and rest. Walk like I'm 90 when I am 50. Out of breath often and miss out on so much. It is hard to keep positive when you can't ignore bad lungs. I know you all can relate. I think it's the pseudamonas that is the big problem. Any ideas on life expectancy (I know it varies by person)? Thank you all for any input!😊

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    Hi Debra,

    Well, first of all, try not to stress and worry.  Stress is something that folks with our condition should try to avoid as much as possible. Not sure what part of the world you are in, but I went to National Jewish Hospital in Denver CO. This hospital has folks coming from all parts of the world with breathing problems. While here there are group sessions one attends and one of them is all about stress and how it effects our breathing. It can become a vicious cycle, so when you feel yourself getting to this point, try to stop what ever you are doing to calm your breathing. I have the same bacteria in my lungs, with BX and TBM (this is where the treachea and bronchs collaspe, which make it hard to expel the muck from my lungs. I was diagnosed in 2009.  I too, worked full time until 2013. I've not been hospitalized (yet). Rest, rest is very important.  Keep positive and refuse to give in to it.  Over tim you become familiar with the way your body  is telling you it's time to take care because it might be getting what they call a flare up.  Do your daily treatments and try to stay away from sick folks. Get your required shots every season when due.  Some folks have had this disease for 30 years. 

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    I have had lung/breathing issues for close to 30 years (diagnosed with allergies, then asthma, then COPD and 5 yrs ago Bronchiectasis). I am 67 yrs old and retired. I worked full time until 65 1/2.

    Since you are having alot of breathing issues now at 50, you need to see a specialist that is proactive in treating your illness. What meds are you taking; inhaler, antibiotics, nebulizer, have a smart vest? Were you shown how to posture each day to help bring up the mucus? Breathing techniques? If not talk to your doctor.

    From what I understand with pseudamonas is that it is hard to get rid of. Several weeks of strong antibiotics.

    There are also in addition to prescribed meds; Essential oils, vitamins suppliments, dietary restrictions (some people have positive results with limiting dairy products, or grains, etc). I take Turmeric (with pepper) every day and Manuka Honey.

    After several years of trial and error, I and my doctor have come up with the right comination of meds. I can still do day to day things that I want to do, as long as I don't over excert myself, with little shortness of breath. I volunteer at my church and the local animal shelter.

    Don't let this illness get the best of you, if the meds that you are taking are not working, see your doctor and start asking questions.

    As far as life expectancy, there are people on this forum that had this illness for much of their lifes and are in their 70s.

    Stay positive, Beth

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    Hi Debra,

    I did a lot of online searches for Bronchiectasis life expectancy. It depends on so much I think. The biggest thing is to try to stay healthy. I was diagnosed about 2 months ago and had never heard of it. I have been sick from a virus in January and finally after 6 weeks of antibiotics and 2 rounds of a prednisalone 6 day pak I can say I am better the last few days. However I am totally hoarse probably from all the coughing and the inhalers I use. So I am taking a break from my inhalers unless I really need the rescue inhaler. 

    I have bought all kinds of supplements especially for inflamation. My new juicer came today and it is amazing. I asked my primary care doctor about juicing and she is very in favor of it for me. I am diabetic so I need to eat some small meals as well. If anyone is interested about juicing I will post the information about the brand I got from Amazon. 

    Jennifer in the Pacific Northwest US

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      I see you are in the Northwest here in the US. When I lived in Alaska, my doc sent me to National Jewish Hospital in Denver. These folks were wonderful, you stay for at least 10 days and they put your through a series of tests They also have group sessions on learning more on how to cope with BX and stress factors. AS you know stress is not good for us with BX because it interfers with our breathing correctly. They teach you so much here. They teach you about your breathing devices and show you how to use them correctly. My insurance paid for this and wth the Family Leave Act here in the US you probably could leave work under it for all of this.  Seeing others in person going through what we are going through and how they are coping and sharing information was a real eye opener for me.  Another place is the Cleveland Clinc in Ohio. I went to Cleveland Clinic for my collapsing treachea and bronchs (TBM). They suggested that my BX was worse than the TBM and recommeded that I use "The Vest". Very expensive, but worth the investment for me.  My insurance paid for most of it.  Stay positive and get plenty of rest, rest, rest.


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    Hello Debra. So sorry you're having such a tough time. I have bronchiectasis and pseudomonas colonisation and mild asthma plus chronic sinusitis and have had most of these things since 1949! I had my 69th birthday last week.

    I wonder how you are managing your condition and what help you are getting. I do physio to clear my lungs daily, take singulair nightly to help the asthma, use puffers and see a lung specialist every six months to keep an eye on my progress. Other things have been tried too but I have a tendency to allergy so some haven't worked. I worked in office jobs for over 50 years and have lived as normal a life as my health would allow. I am now a carer for my 92 year old Dad!

    Don't worry about the future - get as much health information and support as you need now. I fully intend to live a long life and hope you do too.

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