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I had AF for 2 years and 2 months before having a pulmonary vein ablation

I have always, when commenting on here stated my age, my lifestyle and

about my diet. I notice that a lot of people here do not comment on these

issues, so therefore others cannot make comparisons with their stories.

Maybe if people discuss more about these things, we could help one

another, with comparisons. When we see cardiologists, they only look at

our particular case and do not compare one person with another. Just a

thought, maybe if we commented more on whether we have other

underlying health problems that could contribute to AF., and whether

our lifestyles and eating habits could be a contributing factor, we may

better start to understand similar comparisons to one anothers

experiences with AF Just a thought.


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    You have a very good point Viber ,  Life style I think has a lot to do with it , I am one of these people that dont sleep well at night and therefore go to bed late not getting enough sleep is a factor towards A Fib , but after working nights for years and now working days it in itself presents a problem.
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    Hi John, I have an hiatus hernia and a dismotility disorder of the oesophagus as well as AF diagnosed just over a week ago after suffering for over 30 years. I notice I get a lot of white frothy stuff coming up after eating which gives me severe chest pain but get pain without the frothy stuff as well. When I get palpitations I sometimes have to burp and the palps go away until it builds up again. I have been suffering with this all morning. 

    I don't know if the pain is because of the AF or the other problems I have. I have an appointment at the hospital this afternoon for  the results of a cortisol blood test and 2- 24 hr urine tests. I have been feeling very weak for months and also been diagnosed with postural hypotension on standing from a sitting position. When I was in hospital last week my blood pressure went down to 80/40 from standing up and I had awful symptoms.

    I don't know if  any of this is due the AF. I can't comment on eating habits because I can only eat soft foods and tend to stick to the same things because of the oesophagus problems. I am waiting to see a Gastroenterologist.

    Did you have chest pain before your ablation?       

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    Yes lifestyle does contribute to heart rhythm problems. Binge drinking can trigger Afib, they even call it holiday heart syndrome but in younger people stopping binging usualy corrects things, otherwise cardioversion. Being overweight and immobile is the worst thing for your heart and of course smoking. I am 45 with lifelong heart problems. I had coarctation of aorta corrected when I was 7(dangerous open surgery in the 70s) I now have dilated cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation. I have an ICD defibrillator and am waiting for ablation consultation in January. I take lots of drugs and they make me very tired and generally feel unwell most of the time. I am in bed now.
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    Hi John,

    Firstly I am 75 years of age young. I don't smoke or drink and eat healthy foods. the 3 main things that can cause AF is age, High Blood Pressure & stress, of course there are other causes.

    It seeems most of the people on this Forum have multiple health problems which does not help the situation.

    In July this year when volunteering for a Cardiac trial (A free mot) it was discovered that I had Arial Flutter, I have had no symptoms what so ever, so was quiet shocked to be told this. I do have Hypertension and have had a lot of stress in the last 22 months looking after my wife who had a massive heart attack.

    7 weeks ago I had the ablation procedure which took one hour and I went home 2 3/4 hous later, I had no sedation which I would not advise most people to do.

    I was told after the procedure that my heart was back in sinus rythym and last week my GP checked and all was well.

    In 2 weeks time I see my Cardiologist and all still being well that will be that and no more warfarin.


    Best wishes Ken.

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      You mention stress, I have severe anxiety I wonder if that makes the heart problems worse or triggered Afib. I am so anxious all the time valium doesn't even work anymore. Doctors don't want to know. I think it's untreatable.
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      Hi Ken, can you tell me why the Dr offered you the ablation? I have had problems with fast heart beats and palpitations for over 30 years but only just been diagnosed with AF in the last 2 weeks. I was put on blood thinners but still get palps maybe they have'nt kicked in properly yet.


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      I suffer from stress as well. I just came back from an hospital appointment and felt stressed before I went and had palpitations. At least the tests were normal. 
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      My cardiologist noticed I was so "nervy" the first time I met her. When I was a child I used to twist my hair in knots and pul it out. I had a big bald patch on my head. Lucky it grew back. Sometimes I bite my nails so bad they become painful and bleed.
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      Merryl, blood thinners won't usually address your irregular heartbeat symptoms; their role is to offer you protection against the increased risk of stroke associated with afib. 
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      Hi Merryl,

      My Cardiologist on my first appointment said that an ablation would probably work for me to get rid of my flutter. the success rate is very high around 90%, but then again with atrial fibulation it would appear that most people who have it generaly have several other things wrong with them and may need several Ablations.

      Yes I do believe stress is and was the main reason for my AF.

      Merryl why do you take Lanzaprozole for a Hernia it is used generally for Reflux.

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      Hi emv54 Thank you for pointing that out. I meant to say I am on Flecainide and they have'nt kicked in yet. 
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      I use flecanide and if needed also go for a short walk, if flec by istelf doesnt work, usuall the short walk - 3-5 mins and flec is enough, if not then i take it further...
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      Hi, I  get reflux with my hiatus hernia. I have been on them for years. 
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      Hi, I am taking lansoprazole for a Hiatus Hernia and get a lot of reflux with this. When my hernia is playing up lots of wind and burping, my AF plays up too.  
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      I had Hiatus Hernia surgically repaired when I was 12, I don't think they do that operation anymore it's very invasive. I take omeprazole since being put on heart drugs. It's important to protect your esophagus from acid as it can lead to Barratt's Disease which eventually can become a very deadly cancer.
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      Hi I have read on this site of people who have had an operation on their hiatus hernia, just recently. You was very young to have an hiatus hernia. What was your symptoms? 

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