Lightheaded for months!!

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Hello everyone,

Just curious if anyone can relate but I’ve been lightheaded/dizzy  since August which makes it 5 months now! My dad had passed away so the doctors believed it was stress and dehydration. I will admit I never been one to drink enough fluids but something is wrong. All my blood test are coming back normal. I had an MRI done and they did find lesions on my brain so I was referred to a neurologist to rule out MS. Which they did thank god! But I’m still lightheaded the only time I have relief is when I’m home in bed. Which means all day at work I’m lightheaded. I also have no energy and I’ve dropped 37 pounds in less than 4 months. I don’t eat much because of stress and I really just want to wake up and feel ok again. Can anyone shed some light? I swear stress will be the death of me. I need answers.  Thanks for reading 

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    Hey, I don’t mean to alarm you, but if they found lesions on your brain and your feeling dizzy/lightheaded then how could they just rule out anything as easy as that? 

    What was their diagnosis and explanation for the lesions?

    Also, steer and exhaustion (having suffered it myself) has strange effects on your body that can indeed (depending on what type of person and how long/intense the stress was) last for months up to even a good couple of years! 

    The feeling make you stress more as well so it feeds off itself and creates a vicious cycle.

    I’d look into eating a clean diet, no grains or dairy and lots of water for a couple of months. Light excerise daily (20min jog or brisk walk). Try and improve sleep hygiene and get at least 7/8 hours quality sleep.

    I’d also supplement vid D (10 - 25ug) Omega 3, Magesium Glycinate (100mg - 200mg) - and it has to be Glycinate as it’s best absorbed!) also a good quality Vit C slow release tablet (between 500mg - 1000mg daily) 

    All these repair an Adrenal fatigue you may be dealing with. 

    It’s also worth supplementing 500mg of Cilanto then 30mins later follow up with 200mg of Chlorella. Basically Cilanto frees up and loosens any toxins/heavy metal or nasty stuff and then Chlorella Carries it away and Detoxs you.

    Worth a shot.

    As for your lesions, I’d definetly demand another check up on that maybe from a different doctor. 

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      Thankyou so much for your input! I’m at the point where I will try almost anything to get out of this state . I did go see a second neurologist and she stated that the lesions that are on my brain are subacute and are in  safe places that are in no ways effecting me. She too is saying for me to take an anti depressant. She feels it will “level me out” I honestly never knew depression could make you lightheaded. I went to one of the top ms centers in ma. She said besides the lightheaded ness I have passed every physical test and have no other symptoms of ms. Therefore she ruled it out also. But I will take your advice and try what you stated. I truly appreciate it. Sorry it took me so long to respond I had no idea you wrote to me.

      Thanks Shanice 

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      Also based on my health history and family history they aren’t really sure how the lesions came about just that they were sudden and developed within the last few months. I have another mri July of this year to check the activity of them. I really hate taking medication never have in my life but they really want me to try celexa. 
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      Okay, as long as your getting plenty of expert advice not just the advice from

      one person.

      Yeah depression/anxiety can cause dizziness, that ‘floaty’ feeling it’s an odd thing. It’s not just feeling low and down as the majority of people think.

      I went through a weird stage of these feelings, I’d had multiple doctors appointments and all four different doctors pulled out the prescription form ready to sign me onto anti D’s - which I refused.

      I’ve never taken them in my life but it’s a well known fact they don’t really solve the problem. Sorry. They don’t. Their a temporary solution.

      I finally went to a different doctor who was much more efficient and said to try a detox. Cut out gluten and diary for 4 weeks also as well as exercise,  mineral water etc (no dreaded tap water!) 

      He also did more in depth blood tests such as a celiac test, ferritin test and a vit D test. The celiac and ferritin came back normal but the vit D came back borderline (I was 53 and the borderline deficient limit is 50).

      I took 5000iu Vit D capsules and within a week my mood completely lifted. After a month I was more happy, alert, refreshed, energetic, less achy, less stressed, more libido, more calm and didn’t get ill as much.

      My levels are now between 80-90 which is perfect so I take 2500iu daily (as we should anyway in dark, dismal England) and that maintains the levels.

      Try a good quality Vit D Supplement, it has to be a gel capsule with oil in it as it’s best absorbed and I’d like to think you’d see the difference.

      Lack of Vit D has been linked with MS also  and many other auto immune issues (Scotland has the highest cases of MS in the U.K. for no surprise reason - no sun!)

      Worth a shot! If your brain chemicals can lower naturally - then you can increase them naturally. It just takes time. Good luck!

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      Thankyou so much!! I couldn’t agree with you anymore which is why I’ll continue to refuse the medications. All I was looking for was a healthy natural way to restore whatever I have lost and you’ve given me great advice. I will definitely use your pointers and I thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge I will update you in a few months to let you know how things are going.   Take care 😉

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    Hi Shanice,

    I’ve been reading your thread. I’m going through a very similar situation. I’ve been lightheaded for 6 months and I don’t know where to turn. I see it’s been 7 months since your last reply. Have you found an answer yet? 

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      Hi kina, 

      Unfortunately I’m still lightheaded which makes it over a year now. However they diagnose me with multiple sclerosis but I honestly don’t believe it. It’s very hard to diagnose and only one symptom checks out which is lightheadedness. They did not do extensive testing nor did they try to find out exactly why I’m lightheaded. They told me the damage to the nerves on my brain are not in areas that would effect my balance or make me lightheaded so I’m not understanding why I’m still dizzy. I honestly stop going to the doctors because they tend to make you feel crazy and I honestly can do bad by myself. Have you had an mri done at all? Or have you had your inner ear checked? 

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    Hi I no this is an old post, but does any one have any sort of updates? I'm on month 5 of being lightheaded, buzzing in my ears, pains around my head above my ears. Dr's are just not interested. Bive got a brain and auditory mri next week and an appointment with a cardiologist in 3 weeks. As I'm also feeling my heartbeat alot in my head and teeth ect.

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