Lightheaded or High Blood Pressure or Something else???

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Last 4/5 days I've been having this weird sensation like I'm whoozy headed or lightheaded, like I'm swaying but not actually, just feels like that in my head, and the left side of my neck feels achy sometimes or tingly. It makes me feel wobbly when I'm walking like I'm going to tipple or something. It's not a severe sensation, it doesn't stop me doing things just is there.

Anyway, I suffer with sever health anxiety and depression. I'm on Propranolol 80mg slow release for the last 4 months for my anxiety, which have helped immensely. I'm also Hypothyroid and I'm on Eltroxin 50mcg for that. I'm 30, female, don't drink or smoke, no drugs, sedentary lifestyle and about a stone overweight to give you an idea.

So Friday, I was having a bad day, felt like I couldn't breath, tighness etc, went doctors, he took my blood pressure which I seen at 133/103, not sure if it was due to being panicky and at doctors, but when I looked one later everyone was saying it was dangerously high and so on, which then freaked me out. He also check me with the stethoscopes and oximetwr which he said were fine. So I don't know.

I am really exhausted, I'm only sleeping 4/5 hours every night past week or two.ot sure if that is addi g to the whoozy feeing or not? And I can't think about anything else but this feeling, it's stressing me out a lot.

I keep thinking brain tumors, dangerous high blood pressure, aneurysms, and other terrible stuff. What is it?

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    Your blood pressure is up and you will need to monitor it from now on as 'whoozy headed or lightheaded' can be a symptom of elevated blood pressure. It seems like early days for you but ideally at your age your BP should be nearer to normal which since 2017 is <120 <80 but many posters on the forum will probably susbscribe to <130 <85 or thereabouts. Not familiar with your dugs so would not comment, but a sedentary life style is not ideal. Try and get more exercise (even if just going a for a few walks), ask for a U/E blood test (if you have not had one). This will tell you what your sodium and potassium levels are doing. Too much sodium and too little potassium usually results in elevated blood pressure.

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      Yeah, it is a beta blocker, because my anxiety has been so bad all year, I decided to take the medication to help, as I was having severe panic attacks and anxiety. They've helped immensely, not everything but mostly.

      Yeah, I'm going to try walking some more, I work from home, so it does be had, but I'll do that. I eat pretty well, I have lots of healthy stuff, like blueberries, chia and flaxseeds, loaf of nuts and such everyday, bio live yoghurt and cholesterol reducing drinks. I don't drink or smoke, I only drink water.

      Yeah, my mum had high blood pressure and was on medication for it, eventually sorted it out, but we've had some bad stress lately so it went up again, the doctor told my mum her BP was "acceptable", not great but can work on it.

      Thanks for replying, I'm a terrible worrier so it makes me panic thinking it's going to do something terrible to me.

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    brigidcooley...When you're anxious the way you seem to be, it would be natural for bp to spike. You did the right thing by seeing the Dr. The systolic(higher number) is fine, but the diastolic (lower number) is high. If you were panicky at the Dr., then you could have had a good dose of "white coat syndrome"., which is nervousness caused by being at the Dr., & the Drs are well aware of it. This on top of your health issue isn't helping your bp much. 

    Don't go thinking things like brain tumors, aneurysms, etc. Let the Dr. be the one who makes a diagnosis if there even is one to be made. Try to go for some sensibly.. Ignore the salt shaker at meals, & skip salty snacks. Opt instead for some fresh fruit. I'm not saying to boost your potassium because you don't even know if that's at a fine level or not. By all means keep in contact with your Dr., & let us know how you get on.

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      Hi, yeah, more than likely. I had a BP monitor on a few months ago and it was normal, also had heart monitor couple months ago, which was normal as well.

      Been on Propranolol 4 months, which has helped the anxiety a lot, not everything, but mostly.

      I will definitely try get walking more, my diet is pretty good, could be better but I have lots of nuts and seeds, blueberries, vegetables, cholesterol reducing yoghurt, bio live yoghurt, coconut milk etc. I only drink water.

      Anyway, I'm trying to reduce my stress, my mum is too as her BP monitor results, doctor said were "acceptable". She had it before and was medicated but got better, but theirs been severe stress in our lives lately so it went up again, but that's why I worried about mine.

      Thanks for replying, really appreciate it.

      I just worry if it was bp being high, that it was going to do something terrible to me, which then set me into a panic and worry.

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      Trying to calm down is easier said than done at times. If you're anxious, stressed or just plain worried about something, the bp rises. A few years back I was absolutely terrified at having high bp., but this was mostly because I had a Dr. I absolutely disliked, & he gave me no education whatsoever about the bp medication he prescribed. I returned to my previous Dr. with whom I have a great rapport., & I don't worry about it. We need to live our lives, not worry about things we can't control.

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      Yeah much easier said then done, but I'm trying to do it. Sleep insomnia is probably not helping either, when I'm only getting a few hours every night.

      My doctors are very good I have to say, some better than others. But the one I seen in Friday is a good doctor, he didn't seem overly concerned by the BP when taking it, he also checked my chest and back with the stethoscope, and checked with the oximeter.

      I just start panicking that it's going to cause a stroke or heart attack or brain aneurysm and then I start getting scared, which won't help. My lightheaded/whoozy feeling isn't as severe today as it was a couple days ago, but I'm still having it a little bit.

      Not sure if it's related to blood pressure or a balance, vertigo or inner ear problem, I don't know.

      Thanks for replying it really helps.

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    First of all what did your doctor say??

    Secondly you need to start exercising and eating better! If you cannot bare the thought of both then you will not improve!

    Start with daily walks around the block!

    Cut out all sugar!

    Your dangerous BP level of 103 will drop within two weeks I can assure you!

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      Yeah I'm not sure either. I don't eat that much sugar or food that has added sugar, beside a bit of chocolate?

      Im worried about my blood pressure, and brain aneurysms, especially my BP causing one of them, I'm terrified, and even though my lightjeaded/whoozy feeling hasn't been as bad today, I've still had it, and I've not had much sleep either, which probably isn't helping it.

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