Lime size ovarian cysts

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Hello I am 33 yrs old suffering everyday with back hip n leg pain also with a migraine everyday the doctors constantly mask the pain n symptoms with 17 different medications that I really hate taking I never liked pills n I never will this one of the reasons I'm so frustrated with this situation..

Everything started about a year after I had my last baby #3 I had preeclampsia and low lining placenta I carried him till 37 weeks and had a perfect baby boy everything went good I got my tubes tied and got an infection that healed and life was good for about a year. I also need to mention I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia...

I started having severe hip and back pain and migraines I was giving medication and referred for a MRI this showed I have PCOS and a cyst between my tendons on my hip they recommend physical therapy yea that didn't work they also indicated I have a cyst on one of my ovaries the size of a lime .

I went to the obgyn she did a ultrasound it showed the cyst and the endometriosis of my uterus I also want to indicate my fathers mother died of ovarian cancer. My obgyn prescribed metforman I had a bad allergic reaction so I couldn't take that she also prescribed birth control pill also had a bad reaction couldn't take that .

I told my obgyn to just do surgery and remove everything so she scheduled me for the laparoscopy surgery overall it was a pretty good surgery beside the doctor telling me everything looks perfect there's no sign in endometriosis or any cyst she said something else is causing the pain I was like so your saying this is miracle she said yes ...

So I'm still suffering from the same symptoms and pain so I went into the ER they tell me u have a 5cm sized cyst on my ovarie and this is what is causing all my problems oh not to mention I lost my job my insurance and my life due to this I am so frustrated and sad that the medical professionals can't figure this out...

I schedule an appointment with a new obgyn I hope they can figure this out I am so tired of the constant pain n headache n brain fog this is ruining my life I always have a bloated stomach like I'm 7 months pregnant also a real full face bad discharge with weird chunks of something n spotting idk I will update this post after the appointment if anyone can give me advice I would really appreciate it....#pcoschic

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    Hope you can get something done soon. If they removed the cyst it would no doubt improve some of your pain bit not the fibro, thats something else! It can be treated though so i understand so keep battling on. Best wishes. X rolleyes

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    May I just weigh in please.

    It's extremely hard if not impossible

    to see endometriosis in an ultrasound

    (and needs a special bowel preparation in order to try to scan for deep endometriosis via ultrasound at all.)

    MRI is still in babyshoes to find it, too. Good for some localisations like behind uterus infiltrating rectum.

    But other than that ultrasound is not a reliable tool to diagnose endometriosis, the implants in the pelvis, ultrasound can't.

    Since the words 'endometrium, endometriosis and endometrioma/endometriosis cyst' sound very similar, I am not sure if maybe your gyni pointed out

    endometriosis (and was a misinterpretation as laparoscopy confirmed)


    endometrium lining in the uterus (which is normal to see and measure thickness)


    thought the lime sized cyst was an endometrioma = endometromesis cyst and this terminology got confused for general endometriosis, which is really different.

    Endometrioma is endometriosis in the ovary, localised, bleeding and bleeding again into it, never going to go away due to the nature, but growing, a growing blood cyst. Hence called 'chocolate cyst' (old blood is brown). It must not be confused with a pure blood cyst without endometriosis.

    The problem is, that this endometrioma can appear very similar to a functional hemorrhagic (blood) luteal cyst (sometimes after ovulation it bleeds into this follicle). Of course, both contain blood.

    Another problem is, that any clotting can look like growth, mass, it's something 'white' within the black liquid.

    The ultrasound has the advantage of doing a doppler and see vascularisation of a cyst.

    Vascularisation inside a cyst is confirming some growth (but does not say if benign or malignant), whereas vascularisation of the wall and nothing else means, that there were no blood vessels inside of cyst, hence most likely if a 'white' structure was seen a blood clot (they are vessel free)

    Again: all statistics and experience, nothing 100% with ultrasound images.

    One might think your laparoscopy was a bit hasty

    (without MRI after ultrasound finding of a cyst, that fits well still for functional cysts in size. MRI could have given more hints as of the make-up of the lime size cyst),

    but given your family history, very understandable! You didn't want to loose time.

    If miracle or not:

    nope, it is quite clear, that the 'endometriosis' suggestion was not concerning pelvic implants and the lime sized cyst a functional most likely hemorrhagic luteal cyst, that burst/ruptured on its own. (which is mostly painful btw).

    That now (even on same ovary) another 5cm cyst was found,

    is also quite easy to explain:

    they form again and again, especially if you have a tendency for it.

    This cyst was not overlooked in laparoscopy, simply newly formed and 

    most likely again a cyst, that might disappear on its own, being simple or if complex a blood clot cyst. ?

    Hence it needs to be monitored.

    Even simple cysts tend not to rupture anymore after 6cm of diameter. Again: that's a statistic. There is always the odd one out.

    You mentioned, that you didn't cope with the bc pill.

    Is there any chance you can try another one?

    This would be very, very helpful to clarify symptoms.

    It would prevent formation of NEW functional follicle or luteal blood cysts (not influence the one that is there now),

    and from there you could have a check up in 4 and 8 weeks,

    what the now ER 5cm existing cyst did

    (if it went away or grew, what it looked like, please confirmation with MRI prior another laparoscopy),

    and not develope new functional hemorrhagic cysts, that may get misinterpreted and were only due to your cycle and your tendency and fully benign.

    Other cycst, if benign endometrioma (still want to get rid of it of course), dermoids or non benign tumors do what they do not caring about bc pill.

    We are taking Levlen pill, the PCO like ovaries still have pearl sized multiple cysts, but no big hemorrhagic cyst appeared and disappeard ever again, which was so painful.

    Taking the bc pill Levlen was a blessing and the little weight gain no reason to discontinue.

    It depends which side effects you had, if somehow bearable, I would really recommend to try a few months with bc pill and check on the existing cyst and see, if new ones formed.

    Wishing you all the best!!!


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    since we are a forum and can put in anything from any angle if rubbish or not is you do decide:

    I heard of 'cyst diet', I have no idea if it works or not, since it started with 'eating nuts' I kind of stopped reading right there since nuts cause huge problems for us.

    But you might want to search the internet about cyst diets (they only tackle of course benign functional too big growing cysts, not all other non-functional cysts). 

    I have no experience with that, if it helped PCO and too big cysts, our normal benign problems with ovaries.

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      My OH's older daughter suffered with (undiagnosed) PCO for years. It was never comfirmed but it was so obvious to anyone with any knowledge of the condition.

      Long, LONG story short her younger sister got very heavily into health and fitness and now runs programmes for children. She turned her attention to her sister.

      The results are outstanding. Through a different diet and an exercise programme (mainly diet) she is a new woman. Her skin has cleared up (acne, facial hair) she has lost a lot of weight and her periods are a 'normal' 28 days.

      Now I'm not saying anyone here is suffering THAT much. But a change of diet CAN work wonders. Now you're going to ask what the changes were - sorry I don't know - but it worked.cheesygrin

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      lol Exactly, the most important missing...the WHAT.cheesygrin It would be great if Tjjrockstar could get the 'normal' cysts under control to get rid of pain? and see clearly other changes in ovaries, that might raise concern due to her family history.

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