Link between Stomach and Sinus/Glue Ear

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Have had problems with sinus for years now having problems with stomach and again with glue ear, am sure there is a connection between side effects of medication and/or the two illnesses. Please join in discussion if you have had any experience.

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    Hi there. I have problems with my stomach lining which is inflamed and damaged due to taking certain medications. One thing that has happened after the length of time that I have had it, is that it has started leaking (leaky gut). Whenever I eat wheat or dairy, I immediately get blocked ears which turns into sinusitis which is apparently due to the toxins leaking through my leaky gut. The only way to cure my sinusitis to to mend my leaky gut but this is a lot harder than you think. I have had these problems for 18 years now. There is a link between the stomach and sinuses.
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      Yes I have always said this but have trouble getting my doctors to see it and agree. Same with a consultant.

      Drives me bonkers. They think because we are ONLY patients we are idiots and cannot work anything out or remember how things affected us. There are natural diets to heal leaky gut. dgll liquorice and colostrum are supposed to be very good for it. It might take time but maybe it is better than not bothering The blocked ears are horrible arent they? Did yours hurt?

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      I have tried numerous meds including dgl licorice and colostrum but my stomach has got so sensitive, it wont let me take anything. I gave up with the Dr years ago. They just want to put me on anti depressants. Because ive been ill for so long, I have done loads of research and have learnt an awful lot.

      Yes the blocked ears are horrible, I tend to need to have a sleep when they are blocked as it makes me very tired. You might find certain foods are doing it, with me its wheat and dairy and they will block within about

      ten minutes of consuming them.

      The one thing that I have started doing is having a green vegetable smoothy every day. It consists of spinach, brocoli, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, avocado and romaine lettuce.  It is very nutritious and because it is so fibreous, this helps to clean and nourish the digestive system and clear toxins.

      What stomach problems are you having?


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      Having a green veg smothie every day is great for any illnes or to help prevent it. Have you thought of going on the juice diet that some people are raving about? It would mean a lot of preparing etc but it might be worth it for you in your situation. You seem to be able to tolerate the smoothie so why not do more of the same? I am fine with wheat and dairy but my ear suddenly got blocked after orange - acid.
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      Hi Emma.Same problems with me before 2 years sad I m very worried about it sad Doctors said i am having diesease IBS which is incurable.My main problme is bloated stomach everytime , cant eat dairy products and the heavy vegetables. Fish helps me to heal lining just for a day. kindly tell me wat to do ? I hate doctors further more . All are just to make money.
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    Hia. Not sure of the juice diet, does that mean only consuming juice for a few days? I have tried just having juices but I get so hungry and tend to start losing too much weight. I only weigh seven and a half stone so cant afford to lose any more weight.  I think I will just start consuming more smoothies, they tend to agree with me more than the juice.

    Perhaps you have an intolerance to a few things like oranges that are setting off your sinuses.  If I went to the Dr and told him my stomach is leaking which gives me sinusitis, Im sure they would think Im mad. I dont think they get enough training on the stomach/digestive problems.

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      Maybe smoothies is the way to go then. Spacing them out and varying them. Get a book about the benefits of various vegetables and make up the smoothies to use the best ones for your problems and what tastes good. Try to stick to vegetables not fruit - too much sugar. I had no problem with oranges at all before my stomach problem, oranges are mostly acid and acid and reflux etc can go up into the ear. My doctor has trouble in getting that the stomac can affect sinus and ears too but I showed him the evidence -like Poirot!
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      Thanks for that, yes i do need to try different vegetables cos I tend to just use the same ones all the time. Cheers, Emma
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      It is up to you - of course - but I would look at how the cheaper vegetables can help you, as it can be costly buying the others. But do research how each individual veg can help you.

      I would also get multi vitamins and minerals and crush them up and take a high dose every day.

      Where spinach used to contain loads of iron it now contains very little, you would need to earn about 30 heaps of it to get the same goodness you used to get from just one.

      So it is impossible to get the vitamins and minerals from a diet even if you eat veg a lot.

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    There's definitely a link. I suggest getting a camera down your sinuses/respiratory. And a camera down your digestive track such as the pillcam®. Hope that helps. No matter what your doctor tells you make him or her do it!! In the nicest way possible.

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    I have had chronic diarrhea for months now after stoping my medication that i was for four years i now have chronic sinusitis and cloged ears im not sure what is causing it i never had a food allergy before stoping my medication i feel really fatigue and dizzy 24/7 i have not went to go see my GI specialist have you had those symptoms before?

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