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I have been wondering about whether my various illnesses/problems are linked or is it that I am just plain unlucky!?

Starting from top and moving downwards, I have cataracts and possible glaucoma, Barrat's oesophagus, psoriasis on a breast, atrophy of the vagina, LS on vagina and rectum, piles, plantar fasciitis in both feet, high blood pressure and fungal fingernails.

I am 61, never smoked but do like my tipple. I have a good balanced and healthy diet. I did have a stressful job but have been retired now for nearly 3 years but the health just seems to be getting worse. Does anybody else have any of these combinations of ailments? Sleep is a real issue at the moment with the current flare up of LS and being so tired does not help!

I am away for a few days and look like a chemist with my various potions - unfortunately did not bring mt coconut cream or little ice pack which help soothe, however it is difficult to bring the kitchen sink when flying with Easyjet!

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    Seems that most of your health issues have something to do with auto-immune disease. And yes, me too, looking like a drugstore when going places.

    Stress is our enemy for sure. Following a good diet is a must. I have to admit that I lost my sense of humor for a good while.

    Both sugar and alcohol are things I have to stay away from. As well as gluten and milk. Yoghurt is still okay, in small amounts. Enough sleep is important, but is not always granted, due to pain. I won't even think of traveling by plane.

    Though my list is here and there different, it is a list nevertheless. I thought that's what one collects as we get older.(ha)

    Do not know what plantar fasciitis is. Would you be willing to explain?

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    Hi Hanny, thanks for quick response - you too can't sleep! Will certainly think about auto-immune disease + investigate.

    Will also have to look at my wine intake - LS does seem to flare up when I have had more than usual but I have had a bit of a stressful time too, so not sure which has greater effect.

    Plantar fasciitis is pain underneath the foot when moving first thing in the morning. It initially feels like you have a strap which is too tight across the top of the foot but then the pain moves as the day progresses to the fleshy bit of the heel. Fallen arches can cause this and I sometimes wear shoe inserts to give support for a while.standing around for a long time aggravates it and I felt it on Saturday after 3 hours standing still collecting for Alzheimer's.

    Ho-hum - life goes on,as does the list!!

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    Hi Barking,

    For these feet I step immediately in my support giving slippers in the morning. Didn't know it had a name. At the time my doctor said: Older women .... and continued about the feet; I looked behind me to see if he perhaps was talking to someone else, because I sure didn't feel like an older woman at the time. LS made me an old woman, I'm sorry to say.

    Alcohol affects your immune system. Mine is already at a bottom low due to malfunctioning adrenal glands.Had to forgo the wine etc. already many years ago. Add some stress and you apply for a flare up. The so called Holiday Season can be stressful. Best to take it easy.

    Hoever, life like a nun hasn't spared me from flare ups. I still had one weakness and that was eating Dutch licorice. I have said good bye to that habit since this month. Just overcame a flare up and it was a bad one.Also just started taking Omega 3, strong concentrated doses. Hard to say what has the greatest affect - no more licorice or the Omega 3.

    It is my hope that one day people will be collecting for Lichen Sclerosis. Much research is very much needed.

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    Hi Barking and Fanny, I agree with you Hanny stress is the BIG no no! my diagnosis was given when I was 64, husband left, I then had to carry on an build our"dream home" on my own with half the money (the other woman had large debts so i had no choice)Gynae decided i had been on HRT too long and substantially reduced my dose and inserting a marena coil; then my only adult relative in England's husband died- my wee family loved him to bits too, then 6 months later she tried to commit suicide in front of me while I was staying with her- possible murder charge ahead!!! but luckily she survived, for a few weeks and then died.(She was riddled with cancer) Holiday in Oz for 6 weeks on my own staying with friends.Put on weight tight clothes hot hot climate divorce the "The Itch" and finally the diagnosis.I sold the house gave the sons and the ex large sums of dosh from the sale and had 20+ addresses in the next few years. I have now bought a house and am busy making it MINE! I have Asthma, also an auto immune condition, and the start of osteo arthitis, feet hands and hips I have given up alcohol for a couple of weeks - I too love my wine - my quiescent period has ended; Many symptoms have returned! Maybe the higher than normal sweet consumption from Xmas,but possibly the alcohol deprivation has caused The Return of The Itch (I had the full pack of stress cards but not the joker of falling in love!)I have also read that urine will make the matter much worse so to protect skin from it.

    I am by nature an easy going female but the 2-3 years of huge stress caused my body to rebel. In the past I had an enormous ovarian cyst (treated by hormones) caused, according to my gynae, by my ex's diagnosis of MS. I coped too well superficially but was a seething mass of anxiety about the future- we had 2 young sons. I believe that stress and a (sudden) change in the female - or possibly other hormones in the body can cause the auto immune system to change focus and effectively self harm. My sleep is better since no booze but it does take longer to drop to sleep, and I make a point of trying not to get stressed about Stuff- but the January bills are getting to me! A rather long winded account but i hope that it helps you Barking to get to grips a bit better with why you! As a matter of interest psoriasis is also an auto immune condition Perhaps the soon to be 70th birthday is also causing me to freak out! Best wishes S

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    Barking's idea of us giving a "top to bottom" account of our lists is a good one, also links with onset of LS /LP with hormonal changes could be really helpful in either discounting its effect or otherwise.

    comments about other family members being LS sufferers or having other auto-immune diseases would help too.

    Personally I have no doubt at all that it is an auto-immune disease though its trigger(s) evade me.

    Okay then, my list.

    Had LP all over except vulval area from scalp to feet for 2 years all gone, just residual little lumps on scalp, couple of ridged crumbly nails,

    then LS set in.

    Osteoarthritis of lower spine, nowhere else so far.

    Angina ( surely unconnected).

    I have never been a great drinker but do occasionally.

    Used to smoke gave it up around same time as got the LS. Am sure no smoking connection as both smokers and non smokers get it!

    I got the LP, LS and arthritis ( auto-immune) all within several years of giving up HRT.

    I have been slightly overweight all my life, more so recently and dieting is making little difference. I shall ask to get thyroid checked out as apparently 3 out of 10 LS suffers have underactive thyroids.( auto-immune ).

    I am basically able to control stress quite well, being calm by nature though maybe I just suppress it, but who cares wink ,and now on beta-blockers to boot. Had lots of family stress nevertheless but that was ongoing and I don't think connected to LS onset.. I believe that too much stress does affect our minds and bodies in many ways so no doubt can make LS worse, why not?.

    Over the years, like all of us, I have kept my ears to the ground for possible pointers as to causes.

    Many of us have suspected stress and diet make it worse. I personally , taking all into account that I have read, don't see that diet in itself makes any difference to LS, but I think if you feel better in yourself for cutting things out or introducing things then it does good in its own way, might even have a placebo effect. In that sense I am all for diet changes which are beneficial anyway, e.g. low sugar et

    A more than co-incidental genetic link !.

    A credible hormonal link to onset of LS, re HRT, re menopause starting/stopping, re pregnancies, re onset of adolescence( this can halt it)..

    Possibly too there are different causes - and links to insect bites in some parts of the world, so insects carrying some micro-organisms. this has been mentioned a few times but not a strong link. Ticks have been suspect.

    I'd like to know if dog owners' incidence of LS is higher than non dog-owners. might be nothing in it of course. Another straw to grasp.

    As LS seems to be too rare to get much attention from the medical world, also of course not forgetting relatively fewer men get it, so it is considered mainly as just a women's disease, frown and yes, that discrimination does still exist, I think it is really in our own hands to try to find out the links ourselves.

    Any other observations would be gratefully received and devoured thanks.

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    Hi there suedm + Hanny - it is very reassuring to know that ladies like you take time out to reply, a shame the medical profession can't be as supportive or reassuring!

    Whilst I have been away (in Malaga) for a few days the LS has been quite nasty, but our apartment has a bidet and I have found it soothing to wee + douse to avoid urine burn! I then pat dry with a flannel specifically for this area.

    Both of you seem to have had buckets of stress + this seems to be a common factor. In 2004 I was caught up in the tsunami in Sri Lanka - I was lucky to escape with my life (long story) but this has left me with flashbacks and certain triggers. I had shingles not long after this - also stress related? In 2010 I had a breakdown which enforced early retirement and that is when I became aware of certain things wrong 'down below'. I tried 3 times to get a smear done but it was too painful - eventually had to be 'put out' + was tol I had atrophy of the vulva.

    Recently I have had a stressful family time and again LS has reared it's ugly head but I wasn't sure if it was chemicals in the swimming pool.

    I just wish all our experiences could be collated to see if ther is a common theme.

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    Hi all,

    My list:

    LP/LS down below, front and back

    Beginning of osteoporosis

    Spinal problems, mainly discs which play up generally on holiday, or when carrying heavy items!


    Gave up smoking around 30 years ago

    Definitely overweight and have always struggled with this

    Not calm by nature, but getting better as I get older (husband wouldn't agree though!)

    Had rectal prolapse operation, which probably stirred things up down there! (Also hysterectomy in my thirties)

    Love walking, but find it quite difficult these days as my back starts to hurt.

    Wow, the list could go on for ever. Hope this helps!


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    Hi Barking,

    You talking about a bidet reminds me that I have a Japanese loo. It kind of works like a bidet and is used even in public toilets in Japan. Absolutely fabulous and I would recommend getting one to all you ladies who can afford it. With all the washing we have to do, it is just a dream. Heated loo seat to boot!! Warm water (needs to be plugged in to an electric socket). My grandchildren use it too!!


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    You lucky thing, Horses. Too expensive for me I'm afraid but I have a plastic "sitz bath" which fits neatly over the toilet , which I ordered over the internet for just a few £'s..

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