Linx device fitted three months ago but have breathing problems

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Hi everyone,

I had linx device fitted last September so it's been more than three months now since

The surgery. I had the surgery done privately at spire hospital where I live at Leicester

, one of the main problems I had before the surgery was bloating! The trapped wind gave

Me horrendous pain in my belly and my back! I was told that this is because of acid

Reflux! The GP always insisted that the cause is acid reflux! The surgeon put me through pH

Manometry test and said that the test showed acid in my oesophagus and when I asked

Him if this acid is the cause of my back pain he replied "can't think of anything else!!".

Any way, I paid for the surgery and had it done, went through the difficulty swallowing

Stuff and struggled like hell but got through it, now the problem of bloating is still there! In fact

It is worse! I feel suffocated, can't fill my lungs with air! Can't take a deep breath, feel like there is

Always gas in my ubber stomach pushing on my chest giving me back pain and

The feeling of a tight knot in my upper stomach. Been to see the surgeon for the follow up

And he said that I swallow air and he will order a barium swallow test to check what's

Wrong. I feel like the linx is blocking the gas from moving through the digestive system, and I started

To think that the surgery made me worse, I feel like the real problem is something else that is causing

Me to be bloated! I take charcoal tablets and windeze and drink plenty of pepper mint tea. These remedies

Do help a bit but I still feel sok bad that sometimes I feel like I am going to faint! I burb massive burbs after every

Meal, I feel so relieved and feel like I can breathe properly for few minutes but then the gas starts to build up again

In my upper stomach and I feel crap again! Please any one who can give advice on this?

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    Sorry to hear of your plight.

    I would have thought the Linx device may actually make bloating sensations worse since, despite their claims, "transient lower oesophageal relaxations" ('normal' burping or belching) are made more difficult - gas building up in the stomach may not provide enough pressure to force the magnet ring open.

    Following my fundoplication, I discovered sparkling water is very helpful for relieving gas bloat by helping control your burping. It's actually suggested by our surgeons and a number of other fundo recipients have also said they find it helpful. I don't know whether that will work for you? But you may need something more solid passing down the oesophagus to force the bareclet open?

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      Thank you very much for the reply Barrett,

      It is a horrible feeling when I feel like I can't take a full breath! It makes

      Me so scared as I feel like I will pass out. Can bloating makes breathing

      Difficult? It seems weird that the gas will affect the breathing process

      It makes me tired and constantly on edge.

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      Some possibilities:

      1. Breathing problems could be exacerbated by pressure from the abdomen on the diaphragm.

      2. Aspirated extra-oesophageal reflux can cause breathing difficulty.

      3. If particles pool in the oesophagus when swallowing (ie not managing to pass through the augmented sphincter) they could reflux into the respiratory system.

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      Hi Barretts,

      Can a barium swallow test show which of the above is the cause of my

      Problem? I feel pressure in my chest sometimes and I feel like I can't fill my

      Lungs with air or take my breath comfortably, but this happens a lot now

      And not only after meals. Thank you very much for all the replies.

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      Barium swallow will show what happens when you swallow. If food remains in your oesophagus, it will show. If it passes normally, they'll need to look for other causes.

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      neHi Ahmed,

      I have chest pressure especially under breast bone all day long except when I sleep. I have rib-cage, chest muscle and back pain as well but not has severed as the chest under breast bone..  Breathing problems in lungs and nasal.  I have seen 3 GI's, the last 2 said my problem was not the mild reflux they found on my esophagus so they disregarded me.  Now they are saying is a back problem's which shows up tp moderate conditions but that is still pending. I had a barium swallow done 1 1/2 years ago and it showed mild reflux, but the systems I had before were not the same I have today so I;m going to ask my GI for another barium swallow because it sure feels like is reflux, even if everything is working fine on me.   Doctors will come to one conclusion when it reality it could be more than one problem creating the pain.  I feel the ribs and back pain is from the back issues, and the chest pressure and lack of air is from reflux   1 1/2 years ago they told me it was my gall-bladder which I had no pain or symptoms, they took it out and still  no improvement. When it comes to surgery, I will get 2 opinions just in case. 


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      Hi Barretts,

      First, thanks for the reply and all the useful information. Do you think

      The back pain can be due reflux? I know I have got linx device fitted and

      It suppose to stop the acid reflux but I still get the chest pain and the back pain

      I used to get before the surgery! The back pain comes usually after meals but sometimes it

      Hits me on different times. I don't feel I am getting reflux, and I don't regurgate food unless I burb

      Hard! But I still get the back pain, does this mean I still have reflux?

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      We are all different, your best option is to have your back checked.  As far as I know, back is not really related to reflux. A simple back x-ray will give you a better idea and if they have doubts they will order an MRI    I wasted 2-3 years of my life thinking it was all reflux.
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      The vagus nerve lies against the oesophagus. It can transmit pain within the thorax. That could be the caause. Many people with reflux do complain of back aches but it's best to chat with your doctor about this.

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      I had gallbladder out too with no gb symptoms and it didn't help at all. I wonder how many gb removals are done unnecessarily?


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