Lipase levels elevated for past 6 weeks

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Hello there! I've had slightly elevated lipase levels since September. Normal range per test is anything below 60...the first time I had them checked they were 101, the 2nd time, 84 and on Thursday they are 69. So far, this is the only test with abnormal results. I've had a hidascan, normal...abdominal ultrasound and endoscopy, normal.

For the past 6 weeks I've been suffering from a burning pain right below my sternum...sometimes it feels like a squeezing pain in between my rib cage, right in the center. Sometimes it feels like pressure, like something is stuck in there or something is swelling up. When I have flare-ups, my poop will turn a dark green and be very feels like I am burning inside but heartburn or any damage from acid was ruled out and not present. No gastritis or ulcers vomitting...I've lost weight...about 10 pounds in the past month. I have lots of gas and belching and my stomach will look bloated. I don't drink or smoke and I am 39 years old. My primary doctor diagnosed me with CP based on my lipase values and symptoms...does this sound like CP to any of you? I've read the hallmark symptom is abdominal pain, but that can be so subjective...mine "pain" burns and feels like it's squeezing...I have 3 kids and I'm so scared...just looking for some answers and reassurance here... Thank you...

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    Hi first thing don't panic, I've done it and it doesn't help at all. I've ended up on anti depressants and beta blockers due to panic about my stool colour and toilet habits. Anyway you haven't said if the stools are solid or diarrhea , green and yellow are the colours of your stools when they are first made , they will become brown as they travel through your intestines (16-20 hours). This is with the addition of bile acids and enzymes. However if you have rapid transit then the stools do not have a chance to change colour to brown .

    I'm sorry that I can't offer you more. I hope things all work our well for you. Take care Jim

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      Hello there! Yes! It's hard not to panic, isn't it? It takes so long to get answers that it's easy to obsesses... smile

      If you don't mind me asking, how are you and what are your symptoms?

      Sorry...I did forget to mention that my stools are not diarrhea...they are formed but a little fluffy and with mucus...when I'm feeling well, they are a light brown but when I'm feeling ill or in a flare, they turn green and smelly and are more frequent...

      I just wasn't sure if the diagnosis of CP was accurate since it's based on my lipase levels only.

      I am seeing a GI doctor but right now, they are puzzled...

      What other tests can I do to either rule out or confirm CP??

      Thanks for replying... smile

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      I suffer from explosive watery diarrhea once a week . My stools can be anything from medium brown to pale brown. I have lost weight and appetite a while ago but think the situation has stabilised a bit in the last month or so.

      I've listed my pains and my fears in two separate threads . Possible too long to include here. All I can say is I've had an abdominal ultra sound which was clear and two extensive blood test come back clear too. However I've got an elevated faecal Calprotectin which is a sign of abdominal inflamation (chrohns / colitis / colorectal cancer) . For something like 3 years now I get some severe upper abdominal pains when I'm eating greasy food (McDonald's , kfc , kebabs and burgers), however my real problems only really started in June this year (diarrhea and pains everywhere ).

      The gold standard scan for pancreas is ct scan, with respect to other test I think you can have an enzyme test to check the presence or absence of them . My fears were for cancer rather than cp.

      please click on my user name to see my two posts concerning my pains and my fears of pc.

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      Wow Jimbo! You've been through a's so hard suffering and not knowing the cause. It's so easy to worry about the worst case scenario, too...

      You would think after all those tests and with some abnormal results, they would be able to offer you something. It really seems like digestive issues are very very difficult to diagnos.

      At least there is a place, like this forum where fears can be shared and symptoms openly discussed...a little understanding goes a long way! I hope you will get some answers soon! This is my first post here! smile

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    Please find on this sight someone called busabasher. He's written extensively about pancreatic problem, he stopped posting a while ago but literally covers everything you need to know and more, there's quite a lot to read but well worthwhile , I think the thread is called 'luq pain. backache , malobsorbtion. IBS' ignore the name he didn't have IBS
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    I'm no expert or Dr, but my gastro has done a huge load of tests and bloods and won't diagnose CP as my scans are clear. Even though I have symptoms.

    From my readings, green pooh isn't based around pancreas problems but more towards the gallbladder, liver, IBS and IBD.

    You need some of the following scans/tests:

    MRI with MRCP

    Endoscopic Ultrasound (now considered gold standard test for CP)

    CT with Contrast

    Possible colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy

    Faecal Elastase -stool test for pancreas enzymes

    Faecal Calprotectin - Stool test for bowel


    Blood tests for calcium, vitamins A,D,E &K

    Liver function Tests - paying attention to albumin and billrubin.

    You might find the Facebook group called pancreatitis pals some help to you. They are well knowledged people in your situation and they know more than most Drs.

    I also have 3 young children so I know your worries especially if I do end up having CP. but try to keep positive.

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      Sorry... If an ultrasound shows your gallbladder as ok and no stones etc then ask for a HIDA scan as gallbladder dysfunction could cause your symptoms.

      Also stomach ulcers or stomach acid/reflux could cause it too.

      I'm taking omperazole again which has calmed down the pain in my epigastric area.

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      Hi Gem it seems like you know your stuff. I thought I'd share something with you as I read your details which states that your health has deteriorated for no apparent reason. Well so has mine, however I had a problem when I ate greasy foods for about 3 years (McDonald's kfc burgers ) I'd get quite severe upper abdominal pains while eating. Normal foods had no effect. 3 years down the road I went to GP and was prescribed Lansoprazole (same group of PPI's your on) things went completely pair shaped within weeks and have not really got much better after stopping Lansoprazole 3 months later. I could give you more detail but this isn't our thread , this may be something worth considering in your case (read about proton pump inhibitors and microscopic colitis)
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      Hi Jimbo,

      Thank you for your message.

      I have had biopsies taken for microscopic colitis when I had my sigmoidoscopy. I can't fault my Drs they have tested for everything and the only thing wrong is my gallbladder sad

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      Sorry last question as gallbladder was a possible candidate for me however I have had no pain in that region and also my abdominal ultra sound was clear . Is it still possible to have gallbladder problem under these circumstances . Thanks Jim
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      I'm not a Dr so I can't answer 100%. All I can tell you is from personal experience. I had terrible pain and flare ups in my right side under my ribs. I had loose stools, heartburn intigestion, slightly raised LFTs, pain in epigastric more towards the right side, nausea, fainting, fever the list goes on. I had ultrasounds, MRI with MRCP which showed no stones and gallbladder as normal. After suffer for 5 months in constant daily pain, my pain worsened and moved to my left side, in my ribs and round into my back. My stools were yellow, diarrohea, I had bad stomach/abdominal pain and bad epigastric pain. I was refused pancreatitis as a diagnoses. After suffering for a further 5 months I demanded more test. An ultrasound showed debris and sludge. An EUS showed everything as normal. A HIDA scan showed my ejection fraction at 30%. It's not low but it's low enough to start to cause me problems.

      Recently I had a pain free (ish) few days. I was able to eat in no pain, stools were normal. Then my right side plays up for a few days and then my left side flares up. I've been in a lot of pain today on my left side, on my side just under my last rib. If I google it, it says pancreas pain is felt there. My gastro says not. You don't know how to rely on or believe.

      My gastro says my gallbladder isn't causing my problems. I know sludge can be more serious than stones when it's constantly flowing into my pancreas. Gastro said no to taking gallbladder out but I want it out. So I've got an appointment with the surgeon in December and I know I'm gonna have to put forward a good case! I can't wait to get rid of the bloody thing!

      Do in answer to your question, don't give up if you think it's something. Read about it, learn about it and stick to your guns. They diagnosed me with IBS with NO tests and refused to refer me to see a consultant. I was losing 6lbs a week in weight! It was hell! sad

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      Wow your so much further along in terms of diagnosis than me and sounds like you haven't got very far. Up to now I've assumed that once they do some tests they'll know what's wrong. After reading what you've said I'm not so sure they gomna find anything
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      Hello! Thanks Gem!

      How old are your kids? Mine are 16,7 and 2. Yes! Staying positive is key but I feel like this mystery illness is always nipping at my heals and zapping some joy out of my life...but the kids keep me more present in the moment rather than worry about my illness or my future, you know what I mean?!?!

      Thanks for the list of tests I should have. How many of those have you done and what are your symptoms? I've never spoken so candidly about poop before! wink

      My lipase levels are so far, the only thing showing up abnormal being slightly elevated. My PCP is the one who gave me CP diagnosis and not my GI doctor so I'm not sure if I do have CP...

      I was relieved to hear you say that my poop doesn't match up with CP, I must admit! wink

      Are you taking and meds or supplements for your symptoms? I'm taking slippery elm bark and marshmallow root...this seems to soothe my insides. I take a digestive plant enzyme too after meals. I just got in the mail today some spray vitamins thinking my body will be able to absorb these better than the pill??? I don't's worth a shot!

      I'm so glad to be able to find a forum like this! Thank you! I hope you get some answers too and I'll check out the FB page you mentioned! smile

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      I've had a hidascan, and everything was normal...and an abdominal ultrasound and endoscopy...all normal. I will ask for those tests that you recommended...

      What have you been diagnosed with so far?

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