LIS surgery scheduled for 6/28

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Hello all,

What a total hell and nightmare it is to live with this condition of a chronic anal fissure. I have been dealing with mine for only 4 months, but in that time I have tried several common rectal doctor recommended creams. And none of them worked. I tried over the counter creams and creams recommended online, all gave no help.

I know everyone's pain threshold is relative, but I would say on my worst days my pain has been a 9 out if 10. I am a grown married man and I even had to call my mom one day to come over and help. I was literally disabled with pain. My fissure I believe started after a bad bout of constipation. My bms are generally okay but its the 4 to 5 hours after which are the worst. I take a fiber powder supplement which seems to maybe help overall But it does bulken my stools, but they are soft thankfully. I also drink lots of water, try for 8 glasses a day.

This issue has just turned my life upside down and fortunately I have been seeing a fairly renowned rectal surgeon. I am hoping is reputation holds true because I do have fears about my upcoming surgery. He is very receptive to how I wanted to deal with this problem, first going the conservative route and the opting for the surgery. He has been very supportive.

He says I will be under GA and the wound will not be closed to help better prevent infection. He says it will take no longer than 30 minutes but im scheduled for 1 hour. Again, this is all does frighten me and depresses me, but I'm praying for relief and a positive outcome. I have read so many stories here about some of you living with this for years!! There is no absolute way I could do that. I will keep you all posted on the results of my surgery and provide any recommendations post surgery. I will even recommend my doctor if all goes well. If you have any advice for life immediately after surgery and what to expect I would be greatful to hear that.

Wish you all the best and wish you all the best health.

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    I go in tomorrow for mine and dreading it as well based on all the stories here. I hope im not in worse pain and can get my life back.

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      So how did it go? How are you feeling? Did you have the surgery done in the USA? Did you just have the LIS done or skin tag removal and scarring tissue removed?

      sorry for so many questions and I wish you a speedy and full recovery

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    Day 1 - Just got out of surgery 30 minutes ago. Nurses and facility were good. Went in at 10am got the anesthesia drip through IV and I was out in minutes. Didn’t wake up at all till they roused me awake. Was there in total about 1 hr and 50 minutes.

    Doctor came in and said all went well. He did see some tunneling, ie, fistula. And he stated he corrected that as well. So got the LIS and fistula corrected.

    No pain so far, still under the effects of anesthesia. Have dr prescribed pain killers but aiming to not take if possible. I’m praying recovery is smooth. But will let you all know.

    This procedure was done in Texas.

    Will update tomorrow. Hoping for an uneventful BM and urination.


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    Day 2 - pain definitely showed up last night. Was maybe 5/10. As many people say, it’s a surgery pain not like the fissure pain. I took a couple of Motrin and it took the edge off. So far only using Motrin and Tylenol but haven’t had to use too many so far.

    Have not had my first BM yet. I have felt urges but it’s just not coming and don’t want to strain. Didn’t eat too much yesterday anyway. Hoping to have a movement tonight or tomorrow morning. Nurse said to drink two table spoons of milk of magnesia if I don’t have a BM by tomorrow morning.

    Have taken a shower this morning to remove the last pieces of bandages and just had a warm bath to relax. Having some slight bleeding but nothing excessive. No real leaking and gas slippage has calmed down.

    I’m hoping for a better more restful night tonight. Overall pain 8 hours after Motrin is still minimal, 1/10.

    Will continue with updates. Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Day 3 - Had my first BM! My goodness, that was some ordeal. I have not been taking painkillers and was a little anxious about why my BM wasn’t coming. It was probably nerves and the fact I bulked up on fiber the first and second day after surgery and probably compacted myself. I did drink milk of magnesia this morning at 6:30am and the BM came around 8:30am. I did have to sit on the toilet for about 20 minutes. There wasn’t really pain it was just a pressure feeling getting it out. It was soft but bulky. A bit of blood but not worrisome. Afterwards, I got in a bath for about 20 minutes and then showered off. I just want to make sure I’m keeping everything clean.

    Overall, had a much better night and was able to sleep through for the most part. I did take 2 Motrin before I went to sleep just in case. I did have some leakage overnight but not too bad.

    So far an hour or so after BM there is no significant pain, maybe 1/10. Some slight burn or twinge. I figure the fissure is still there and hopefully healing now, so there will be some pain.

    I have mostly been laying on my side and haven’t tried to sit up for too long but not too much pain again sitting. I did walk a bit yesterday on my treadmill for 30 minutes at very very low speeds. I just wanted to get my digestion going. Will try to walk again today.

    I work from home but took three days off to just relax. But really I could have done work yesterday.

    The pain so far peaked the first night home from surgery, probably a 5/10. Whereas as you all know, my worst fissure pain was 10/10, on bed crying.

    Will continue to post and see what this next phase of recovery brings. I imagine after first BM is the next phase for me.

    Best wishes

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    Day 4 - sorry, it’s really 3 days after surgery. Anyway, the pain yesterday did rise a bit in the afternoon after my first BM. Probably got to an easy 4/10. It did dissipate towards the evening but it was still tender down there. I did have some leakage throughout the day and last night. Slightly less than the day before.

    This morning I was able to have actually a couple of BMs which is my normal routine. I did not need to take any laxatives only stool softener just in case. My BM was not super bulky but definitely soft. Even so, after my first BM this morning there was an immediate sharpish pain. It did go away quickly, in about a few minutes. I got in the shower, I did notice that some stool didn’t make it fully out and was just outside my anus and in my cheeks. It reminded me of my bad fissure times when my anus would just tense up and cut off any stool from exiting and there would be pieces just left hanging. Or maybe I just tensed up due to the pain.

    My second BM this morning was initially a bit smoother but there was also pain immediately after. I am actually currently sitting on my sitz, which does seem to calm the area down. Pain during this morning’s BMs has been the worst so far, 7/10.

    I’m hoping it want be long lasting like before and will more quickly calm down. I will take some Motrin here soon.

    There was no blood, which maybe is a good sign but even in my worst fissure times I didn’t have blood.

    I think I need to take a pooping class, because maybe my whole BM routine is messed up. I don’t know if I’m doing the process too quickly or if I’m being on the toilet too long. What does it look like to push too hard, what is just right? I don’t know.

    I did a little light walk yesterday and hoping to do same today. Still overall tender and can’t sit on my rear for too long at a time.

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    Day 5 - Had my somewhat recently routine 2 BMs this morning. They were bulky ish and soft. Pre fissure I was generally having a few BMs per day, likely 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, sometimes I would even have 3 BMs. But ever since my fissure, this has been the way it goes for me. I am eating lighter now and at less frequency per day so I guess it makes sense.

    Anyway, definitely less and almost no pain during BMs today. And no real pain afterwards so far. I still have the surgery soreness for sure. But not the burning and throbbing like before pre surgery. Pre LIS after BMs my anus would lock up and the pain would erupt and then after 3 or 4 hours there would be a release almost. I would then have some fecal matter basically ooze out and I would feel somewhat better. But not going through that now.

    Yesterday the pain did come down throughout the day and didn’t have to take any meds at all. So far this morning I have not taken any stool softeners, no laxatives, and no pain meds.

    I have continued to have some leakage which I think comes out when I pass gas. It’s not substantial but noticeable. I am wearing a depends type of underwear. I have not seen any blood since the second day after surgery. I did a little bit of a brisker walk yesterday for 35 minutes and will shoot for the same today.

    I do feel like each day is slightly better than the day before, but will remain vigilant and be patient. I know this is not an overnight type of change.

    Feel free to ask any questions. Take care all.

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    Day 6 - Yesterday was an overall good day. Fissure pain after my BMs was almost non existent, the surgery pain was minimal, 1/10. Just the residual soreness. No pain meds needed. Ate soup and a salad and had my usual fiber drinks and fruit. And needless to say, lots of water. I was able to get out of the house for the first time and went to a local coffee house. Was not too bad.

    This morning I had my usual 2 BMs. Again, they were bulky but a bit firmer today than yesterday. I did see some blood while cleaning myself. It wasn’t much but the first time I’ve seen it since the first day or so. There was slightly more pain today while defecating, a bit sharpish but it quickly eased after a few minutes, 3/10. I did a shower and then sitz bath after my 2nd BM. Sitz is helping. Not using any creams and no salt in my sitz. Nurse said not to use salt as it could aggravate the area.

    Good thing is my anus is not going through the intense spasms as before the surgery. I’m not getting the feeling like my anus just locks up after my BM. I know some people say sometimes they feel that the poop just falls right out, like they are loose down there. But that’s certainly not the case with me. I still feel tight ish down there.

    I am still having some leakage. As other people have said here, I will take leakage if it means I get my life back. But I’m not like pooping in my pants and I can control my gas, there is nothing involuntary with my gas now. And I can “hold” myself in the morning’s until I get to the toilet, but the urge can come on strong.

    Continuing my walks and so looking for normalcy again, meaning being pain free down there.

    In the Dallas, TX area there are a group of 15 or so CRSs who are all pretty highly rated. I see one doctor from that group. Men and women doctors. If anyone needs their contact info, let me know. Take care everyone.

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    Day 7 - Tomorrow will be a full week after surgery. Sorry for inundating you all with my ramblings. I will be sure to start posting in week intervals after tomorrow.

    Yesterday was not bad after the rough early start. After I took two Motrin yesterday the pain really subsided and felt good. No issues after my 3rd of the day BM yesterday. I was able to do some clothes shopping and grab a smoothie. I of course still have some soreness and discomfort walking but it’s getting better each day. My nights have been great. I’m able to sleep on my back for periods and on my side, rolling around is not an issue now. I am also able to sit up on hard surfaces for up to 30 minutes.

    Today I have had my BMs, no blood and very minimal pain and no spasms. I do still have leakage. I will be upfront with everyone because we are all adults here. During this fissure nightmare time I was in no condition to participate in any kind of sexual activity and it’s added to the stress. Last night I was able to perform some activities, short of intercourse, and had no spasms or striking pain. It’s a part of life that for me was drastically impacted during this nightmare and of course was an impact on my spouse. Obviously I’m still taking it slow but it’s wonderful to see progress in various areas of my life. Now, I want to get back to my running routine again too.

    Feeling pretty good for now and will post my 1 week surgery anniversary tomorrow. Happy 4th to everyone, please take care.

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    Day 8 - Officially 1 week ago today I had LIS and a fistula repaired. I had a bit of a feeling I had a fistula going into the surgery, oddly when I passed gas pre surgery it was like I sometimes had gas going from two different holes. It was a very bizarre feeling and painful at times and didn’t develop till late in my fissure time and close to my surgery thankfully.

    I’m feeling strikingly better today than pre surgery and each day after surgery has been an improvement. No crazy spasms after BMs, no fistula feelings, no more intense bouts of intense pains for hours. This morning I had my usual BMs and did have some minor slight stinging sensation during the process but it quickly faded. I have not required any pain meds of any kind the past two days.

    I still feel a bit of pressure, and slight soreness in the area but it’s becoming less each day. I’m striving to have 4 sitz baths a day and a couple of showers and being sure to dry the area well.

    I have been able to move around fairly well the past day and increasing the speed of my walks. Slowly building myself up back to running.

    I still have some leakage. It seems to be less than the first days. I’m not overly concerned with this.

    I have my follow up on 7/20 and hoping for the best.

    I was super nervous and anxious going into my surgery a week ago, but the surgery itself was a breeze and recovery has been better than expected. At this point I am glad I had the surgery.

    I will be hanging around but I will post again in weekly intervals. Please take care everyone! I wish you all a pain free and enjoyable life!

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    Congratulations on the successful surgery, Rob.

    How is the pain now? Do you still have some bleeding on and off?

    I had my surgery on 6/14 and my recovery was on the same lines as yours except a little pain/discomfort after bm and slight bleeding once in a while (on the wet tissue only.

    Good luck on your review tomorrow.


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      hello nnadi,

      This is Rob, i had to create a different account because logging into this site is like trying to enter fort knox if you happen to forget your "memorable word". Kinda overboard on security here, but anyway, sorry for the late reply.

      Its now 4 weeks after my LIS and Fistulotomy. Im not having any bleeding or leakage. The bleeding stopped for me maybe 3 or 4 days after the surgery. Even now I do have some slight pain during my bms and can feel a pain or soreness throughout the day. Its like a pinching or stinging. I dont have spasming or burning, the doctor said its just the surgery site healing.

      I dont have any lingering side effects that i can see. Im trying to keep things a bit soft and watching my diet. I do take 1 stool softener pill per day, just in case.

      Overall, im able to sit on hard surfaces for an extended amount of time and drive for longish distances. Im in the office again and dont have really any issues.

      Again the pain is hardly noticeable but its there. Maybe i was just used to intense levels of pain previously so this is nothing.

      Hiw are you doing? Did you only have LIS or any other procedures as well? Any big challenges for you during recovery?

      Thanks and hope you are better now

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      Hi Rob,

      thanks for your response and also for going out of your way yo create a new account.

      i have had a similar experience and now the pain is almost non existent.

      Able to commute to work 60 mins door to door twice a week and also sit for long hours.

      my only concern is I do have some itch at the tip of my anus and am not sure if its just part of the healing process.

      I have my second consultation on Tuesday -9th Aug so will have more clarity then.

      thanks a lot again and have a great and healthy week ahead. 😃

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