Lisinopril not so good

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Got prescribed Lisinopril for borderline High Blood Pressure 10mg. The first week it left me feeling very weak at times and extremely lethargic and sleepy/tired. Went back to doc for follow up after being on it 7 days, they advise this was my body adjusting to the medication and getting used to blood pressure being in a normal range. It did successfully bring down my blood pressure, but wow the side effects were not good at all. I experienced every symptom listed on the drug store paper work and then some. Heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, generally feeling of being unwell and sick. Flu like symptoms and over production of phlegm, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Discharge in my eyes that made them feel like pink eye. It really lessened my quality of life. At the 25 day mark I decided to try cutting pills in half, then 1/3 then 1/4 to try and wean myself off. The first day I was completely off I was already starting to feel better. Im on day 6 now being off and blood pressure still normal to borderline high depending on the time of day etc. Some days Ive felt decent, but others still struggle with the withdrawal side effects. The cough everyone describes, and nausea at times. Ive drastically changed my diet for the better and only drink water and plenty of it. I hope that this drug works ok for others, but obviously it doesn't mix well with my body chemistry. Glad to find message boards to share this info to let others they are not alone and we all need to really question when the physicians seem to want to hurry us out of the office with a prescription for what feels like could be poison. I realize these drugs are supposed to be helpful and designed to aid people, but at times adverse side effects seem to be worse than the condition they are trying to treat.

I encourage others that read the posts on this site to take a moment and register and share your story. It has helped me reading everyone's post with their struggles on their journey to healthier living. Wishing good health to everyone searching for answers.

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    Your comment makes me feel so not alone ... I've tried 6-7 different medications and they ALL made me feel bad. From anxiety to coughing to feeling like a zombie. Heart racing/pounding. Itching, dizziness, nausea, weight gain AND all but one helped my blood pressure in a boarder line kind of way. It does take a long time for the side affects to wear off. At this point I don't know what to do. All the things you've done, including exercising have not helped my problem. If you or anyone can find a solution I would like to hear from you.

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      Hi Aetl,

      Thank you for taking the time to post your story. Im still in the "wait and see, trying to figure this all out stage". This was my first blood pressure medication in years and needless to say it wasnt a good one for me. Im now constantly trying to discover ways of lowering my blood pressure in any way possible while avoiding ace inhibitors which is what Lisinopril is. It is a widely prescribed drug, but wow it just didnt work for me. I hope no one on earth experiences the terrible side effects I did. I see you have had a similar experience with side effects and Im sorry you have.

      One of the diets I keep seeing come up in online conversations to try and follow for overall heart health is the DASH diet by the Mayo clinic. Link below

      Wishing you best of health in the future.


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    Reading through your posts and wondering if linsiprorl is the reason i feel like sh*t. I have had shortness of breath every evening which ultimately turns into an anxiety issue, sweating/chills with hands and feet freezing, dizzy spells, heart palps, BP goes up and so do the numbers...... and just the feeling of being off. Fatigue. Not myself.

    Been on this drug for about a month. 5mg in AM and 5mg in PM. help. I want to hit the ER just to get an answer on if I am dieing. My doc last time told me it was anxiety. BUt I know my anxiety (had it all my life) and this is something else!!! thoughts//

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      i have your same symptoms for almost 5 years now all this started when i started BP meds first it was lisinopril now quinapril ive nit been the same since im also told its anxiety scared to nit take the bp med as i have high bp from hormone fluctuations the qirat fir me ia the constant head dizziness and off balance woozy floaty i complain and no help at all. dis you get relief from your symptoms

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      Amazingly, this sounds exactly like what I am experiencing. I just went off of Lisinopril (5mg AM and PM) after excessive weak spells, dizziness, near fainting, sweats, etc. And now I am dealing with on and off weak spells, heart flutters (ectopic beats), etc. 4 days after my last dose. I literally just an hour ago said to myself "I'm almost ready to go to the ER just to get some answers." I've also had anxiety all of my life which doesn't help. So if misery loves company you have company!

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    If you read my post you can see that I have tried several medications to lower my blood pressure. The first one was Lisinopril. Pretty much the same symptoms you described. I would use the words "zombie like". At that time I worked as a home care giver. Driving and cycling was a part of my job. I could not afford to wait and see if my body was going to adopt to the medication. It went down hill after that. There was one that caused great anxiety. There was a pamphlet that came with the pills. I looked up the side effects and anxiety was #4 on the list. To cut to the chase ... I had a follow-up visit with a nurse. Explained my experience. She said it was my state of mind unrelated to the pills . To put it lightly I encouraged her to Google it. There it was "Anxiety".

    I am currently taking Losartan. I have gained weight - to be honest I don't know how much but while my lower body seems normal my upper body has expanded one size.

    What to do? Should I continue to take something that makes me feel unexceptionably horrible and doesn't help me or .... What to do.

    By now you can probably guess that not only am I not a professional and I am frustrated.

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. In other words trust what your body is telling you. Your side effects are probably, more than likely not your imagination.


    Happy New Year.

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    Looking for others who have had side effects on Lisinopril. My husband has had sinus and congestion issues the last 10 months. Really bad ear drainage, swollen ears, ringing in his ears, congestion, sore throat, stuffy nose and now starting to have breathing issues at night. Not sure it is Lisinopril causing this but he quit taking it a few days ago. His ears stopped leaking. We will see how he feels in the next coming weeks. He has had multiple doctor visits and multiple antibiotics. Saw the Dermatologist, Allergy doctor and two ENT's. No one has ordered any testing. Next ENT appointment at the end of the month. Any one else experience these kind of symptoms?

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      Yes, exactly thus recently.

      let me know if you find anything out. I'll do the same.

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