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ACE Inhibitors

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  • Pearlydoo 2

    Peripheral Arterial Disease

    Hi I've had this for a year. I can still walk 2 miles 3 times a week but today had to stop every 5 mins. My Husbands been in Hospital so haven't walked until now for 2 weeks worried it's getting worse?

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  • Mesirm 3

    Rash on Neck after starting Lisinopril

    Help...anyone experienced a rash from taking Lisinopril?  I started taking it about a month ago and now the back of my neck itches and now appears to be working it's way around to the front of my neck. 

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  • Gillian 68 3

    Severe leg pain with Ramipril.

    Hi folks, is anyone experiencing severe leg pain on Ramipril, I started taking 2.5 mg, for a few wks, then the dose was increased to 5mg, been taking this for about 3 months, my blood pressure is reasonably stable, but I have severe leg pain, pains in my feet, recently I've started having pains in arms...

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  • Mesirm 3

    Extreme Weight Gain on Lisinopril

    My doctor recently prescribed Lisinopril 5mg about two weeks ago. My weight has steadily increased by about 6 lb. I'm wondering if it could be the Lisinopril. Also noticed some memory problems as well. Anyone else out there having similar problems. 

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  • p123cb 3

    Lisopril 10mg

    I take this for BP and have just had the doseage raised. Is anyone else on this and how are you getting on with It?

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  • xizziz 2

    Lisiniprol HCTZ 10, 12.5

    I have been on this medication for around 6 months, and my blood pressure is always normal or below normal, but I never have to worry about a high reading like I did on Amlodopine.  Has anyone taken this for a very long time? I'm hoping this works for me the rest of my life.  I have absolutely no side...

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  • Guest M

    newly prescribed Lisinopril user

    Well.. After reading the posts on this site I am so glad I took just one of these things. As newly diagnosed Diabetic I am being bombarded with 'for life' drugs with dubious reputations when my BP and glucose levels are just marginally over the accepted norm. I have not been given chance to bring these...

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  • asmaa3012 2

    Heart rate get slow

    My heart beats get slow for 1-2 seconds then go back normal, this happens when I am resting or when I am not doing any physical efforts and I am not a smoker what is the possible reason for that?

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  • clive24 2

    Felodipne length of cover

    I've been on felodipne 5mg daily for several years. I've now been increased to 7-5mg daily. I still find that my BP whilst well controlled for most of the day say 140 over something in the 80s, I'm still seffering higher readings eg 150/95 a few hours prior o my next dose. I'm concerned that I'm not...

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  • Guest M


    Hi - I've just this morning taken my first dose of Coversyl, only 2mg, but will probably be increased in a couple of weeks and possibly another drug added. Now I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting for nasty side-effects to happen, and am quite frightened, so I wanted to see what experiences other...

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  • mayor60262 2

    Doxazosin and Felodipine

    Has anyone use either Doxazosin or felodipine to control high blood pressure before? My GP just changed my med to Doxazosin and felodipine few months ago? Does above medication okay for blood pressure control? Thanks

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  • glenn54420 1

    not sure how ace inhibitors functions to reduce pressure?

    if renin is produced as feedback for low blood volume and Na amount, and renin produces angiotension I which is converted to A2, and if ace inhibitors are given to reduce blood pressure by inhibiting production of angiotensin II's contrictive effects on blood vessels, how is A1 initially produced if...

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  • johnny61409 1

    ACE Inhibitors

    An angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor (ACE inhibitor) is a pharmaceutical drug used primarily for the treatment of hypertension(elevated blood pressure) and congestive heart failure. This group of drugs cause relaxation of blood vessels, as well as a decreased blood volume, which leads to lower blood...

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  • xizziz 2

    Lisinopril HCTZ 10-12.5 mg does this work for everyone?

    I have been researching these forums about blood pressure medication as I was originally prescribed Amlodipine a few months back.  It wasn't working and gave me chest pains and horrible tinnitus.  I have been on Lisiniprol HCTZ for about 2 weeks now and cannot believe the difference - as everything is...

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  • frances 89322 1

    Allergic to most HBP pills

    I am a 65 year old female and have dealt with HBP since my 40s. The problem is that all HBP meds affect me greatly. I have tried around 13 meds and am still experimenting with new ones, lucky for me my Dr is patient and understanding. The side effects of these pills keep me from having quality of life....

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  • maria22215 2

    Ramipril and bisoprolol making my life a misery

    I am so pleased that I found this site. Have had atrial fibrillation for many years. Was prescrbed warfarin. Also taking doxazosin and finasteride for benign enlarged prostate. Over 2 years ago I was told I was in the early stages of heart failure and bisoprolol and ramipril were added to my list of...

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  • Jub50 1

    Linisopril could it be cause of severe memory issues?

    So overwhelmed and would really appreciate anyone who may have experience or thoughts on this question. My husband has been on Linisopril for about 4 yrs to treat HBP. At first the side effects appeared in the scope of normal and we weighed them against the risk of his he continued with the...

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  • SamyBoii 2

    Coversyl / Sex & ED

    Hi, i'm 41 and have been diagnosed with HBP (hereditary & life enduced stress) about 1.5 year ago, doctor started me off with 4mg, then bumped me up to 8mg. Systolic 155 146 143 150 151 142 135 146 Diastolic 109 107 100 104 94 97 88 88 Pulse 98 88 92 119 110 96 109 109 At this point i have the hottest...

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  • Kenty224 1

    Side effects when on canderstartan and amlodipine

    hi everyone.  I have been on canderstartan for over 20 years and my GP and just added amlodipine to control my BP. Only been on a short time. But I feel really heavy and everything thing is an effort to do and feel breathless, will these symptons settle ? The first drug she added I ended up in a and...

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  • Aj1970 3

    Lisinopril is awful in my opinion

    I started this a few months back I was on it once before years ago with a different dr and my new dr has all my charts from my old dr who moved out of state. Anyway I have had this horrible cough from day 1 then I developed anxiety and then panic attacks. It makes me cough and cough I switched to taking...

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  • Aj1970 3

    Lisinopril and side effects

    I have been on lisinopril for a few months and I also have anxiety and panic attacks which was controlled with Valium but since I started lisinopril within a few days my anxiety came back along with the cough headache and now it's tearing up my stomach. I also get lightheaded and feel off balance. Anyone...

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  • Guest M

    Dry Cough - COVERSYL - 2 mg

    I have been on this drug for six months and despite two lots of anti-biotics and a ventolin inhaler (you might be suffering from asthma) I still have a dry cough which occurs spasmidically, but as regular as clockwork - when I lie down to sleep at night. I was prescribed steroids, which improved matters...

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  • mary62307 1
  • Conrad101 1

    COVERSYL (Perindopril) is taking 15mg safe?

    this time last year my dr perscribed Coversyl Perindopril 2mg -which I took to ok - besides a cough. I tried a few other types of BP medication but kept getting dizzy or falling over, so went back onto Coveryl. After every visit my dosage has been raised 2mg - 4mg- 5mg- 8mg- 10mg now 15mg! I am not...

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  • kath75814 1

    Recommendation based on experience

    I'm suffering from arthritis and was taking Tylenol.  Feet started to burn so stopped.  Currently I take an ace inhibitor, blood thinner and beta blocker.  Is there a safe pain reliever that doesn't interact with these three medications.

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  • mayor60262 2
  • valerie57459 1

    Dry mouth after Perindopril increased to 4 mg.

    Have been on 2mg for 18 months with no side effects. Have now got a dry mouth since dose increase to 4mg a week ago. Has anyone else suffered from this? Will it resolve if I persist with the dose? I should be glad of any advice. Thanks.

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  • anneporter 3

    feeling faint then vomiting

    Twice I have felt so faint I couldnt move or speak. I thought I would go unconscious. Then after maybe ten minutes I suddenly got nauseous and vomited. It was so scary. I thought I would pass out and maybe die. I hadnt been feeling ill at all before this. It happened suddenly. Can anyone relate...

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  • Ancientgrain1 1
  • homo dieticus 3

    Low blood pressure with Lisinopril.

    Been taking 10mg of Lisinopril daily for 5 years after doctor's diagnosis of moderately  high blood pressure with no obvious side-effects. A month ago during a routine check my doctor found my BP to be on the low side. Following his advice we halved the dose of Lisinopril but with no effect on my BP...

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  • plantsman 2
  • Hitch 2

    Lisinopril Update

    It's been about four months since quitting Lisinopril. I am getting better. But, still have mental mistakes. Short term memory problems. Still not the sharp person I was. I know that the Doctors, Medical Establishment and "people in the know", know NOT to take this stuff. I have elected not to...

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  • annj54 2


    Would like to hear from anyone who is or has taken this tablet .I'm hoping these  are better than last one's felt really dizzy and depressed on my last prescription.

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  • heyfort84642 1
  • Umer365 1

    Kidney transplant

    is anyone guide for private kidney transplant in Glasgow for my brother who is currently in Pakistan for kidney transplant 

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