Lisinopril Side Effects

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How long after you stop lisinopril does the side effects go away.

I have been on Lisinopril for over three years.

Last March (9 Months ago) I started to get dry mouth.

I have researched dry mouth until the cows come home, and the only factor that applies to me is medicinal side effect. I do not smoke, drink, do drugs, been hit on the head, had cancer treatment, etc, etc. The only other factor that causes dry mouth that would apply to me is diabetes, but my numbers are all good. Sometimes they are very low. They say aging also causes it, but I am only 61 years old. And the aging usually also says dry mouth will come to those who are older due to taking more meds.

The only med I have been on since the dry mouth started was on that I am still on.... is isinopril.

I talked to my doctor a week ago, and he suggested I cut my dosage from 20mg to 10. I did him one better...I stopped taking tit all together (I am monitoring my blood pressure every day). In lieu of taking the med, I started exercise and diet programs (I lost forty pounds in the last six months)

At any rate, it has been a week since I quite taking the pill. I figured by now I would see a change. I have it seems the dry mouth is getting WORSE.

Some folks tell me that it will be a few weeks before the dry mouth goes away, and in the interim, it could get worse before it gets better. This is what seems to be happening.

Has anybody else been down this road. I would love to hear from some people with the same experience as I have.


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    you shouldnt have just stopped taking an ACE inhibitor as your BP could rise and thats a lot more dangerous than a dry mouth. i doubt it had anything to do with the medication.

    Did you stop taking it in March and has your BP remained stable?

    Did your GP check your BP last week and was he/she happy with it when you told them youd stopped taking it?

    Maybe its something to do with your salivary glands.

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      sorry. Just realised you said you only stopped the drug one week ago. i suggest you go back on the 10mgs your GP suggested. ACE inhibitors shouldnt be stopped without reducing first.

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      Thank you for the concern. No there is nothing wrong with my salivary glands, they work fine, when they should. It is the snake oil called Lisinopril that is the cause of my issue. When I do not take it, everything works fine, only when taking it do I have issues. Too many coincidences to say otherwise. My issue started when I started to get my Lisinopril from Walmart. Used to get it from Kmart, but they went under. Found out that Walmart uses a different formula.

      I monitor my blood pressure three or four times a day, and so far after going off the med, I am not seeing any significant change. As I stated, I started a program of exercise and diet. I walk two miles everyday, and have seriously cut my eating. Losing almost 40 pounds since June is putting a lot less strain on my heart.

      My doctor was pleased with the my BP when I was there for my checkup last week. Of course he did not know I was not taking the med. I am still taking the Coreg which is still an ACE inhibitor, but I plan to go off that in the near future.

      My eventual goal is to get off all the scripts, as it is pretty much a racket set up by Big Pharma in the first place to make us all dependent on their medicine show.

      The mind is a great healer, as is God who is even better. I put my Faith in them right now as opposed to the medicines, and it does seem to be working out.

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      susan40017...ACE inhibitors CAN be stopped without reducing. However, nobody should just stop taking their bp meds without running the risk of rebound hyptertension. If a doctor were to switch the patient from an ACE to an ARB., the switch can be done immediately. Stop the ACE, then start the ARB.

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      Yes Mike is correct here. My doctor did suggest and ARB to replace the ACE. However he did say that it could cause the dry mouth as well so what I am going to do about that the jury is still out.

      And for the record, even though I have been off the lisinopril for about a week, my BP is actually running about ten points BELOW the average from when I was still taking it.

      Just finished my daily two mile walk, and the BP clocked in at 120/89.

      I am conscious about the rebound hypertension which is why I am monitoring my BP three to four times daily. If I do see numbers rising, I will ask my doctor to put me on the ARB, and see if it produced the side effects. But as it stands, my numbers

      seem to be pretty good. The low sodium diet, and the two mile walks seem to be doing wonders for the BP. Not being a smoker, didn't come into play.

      I thank you all for your concern.

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    Dry mouth can naturally come when there is lack of saliva. This can happen in smoking, drinking alcohol, not drinking enough fluids etc. Mental state can also cause dry mouth to happen or even too much exercise. I think you should speak to a doctor about it. Cutting down the dosage helps but its important to drink lots of hot drinks.

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