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After all the bad reviews on here regarding Mirt I was scared to death of taking it.

I have really bad anxiety, wake up panicky and anxious every day etc...I couldn't go out!. I am now on my 7th tablet of 15mg Mirt.

When I took my first tablet, the next day I was really spaced out, slept nearly all day, felt woozy, the day after i was nausious and had diarreah but that could have been anything, slept nearly all day again. I felt tired and spaced out for a few days. But now, Im MUCH better, I do not wake up anxious, I just get up and get on with the day, I am not panicky, still a bit tired but I can handle that, I even went for a short walk which I have been struggling to do.

I just wanted to let people know that are wary or scared that yes, first few days you may get a few side effects but STICK with it...they do disappear after a time and it does get better, Ive only been on them a week and waiting for them to really kick in, but feel already that they are having an effect.

The only downside is that I can't stop eating....I am constantly thinking about food!!

Just stick it out for a few weeks and give this drug a chance....I have, and Im going to stick it out. By the way, this is the first time I have taken antidepressants!

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    I've been on 30mg for 10 weeks and then 45mg for nearly 4weeks so a total of 14weeks. I find that I'm very up and down on mirtazapine. I was brill in my first week and then my anxiety creeped back...and even on 45mg still not back to myself. I would be careful about drawing a conclusion about must after just a week. Its good you're feeling great at the moment. I hope for you it continues smile
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    I know everyone is different and have different reactions to Mirt. I just wanted to put my positive opinion on asmost discussions are negative. I know its only been a week...but after feeling so bad for the past year, Im just glad that I feel better than I was. Like you say...I hope it continues and gets even better!
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    Hi angipoops. I had been on Venlafaxine for 10 years and then it stopped working. My GP prescribed 15 mg Mirtazapine. Well I couldn't believe it. After the first night I woke up to feeling great. No bad feeling - the first time for months. The only thing was that like you I couldn't stop eating. After nearly 2 months I got my depression back. I have now been on Mirtazapine 30 mg for nearly 8 weeks and still not better. Quite a few people on here told me to stick with it which I have done but I am thinking of increasing to 45 mg. As Rachael said I too am very up and down with this drug. I never had any of this with Venlafaxine and it used to kick in within about 2 weeks...I really do hope the 15 mg keeps you feeling fine but don't be disappointed if after a while it stops working.
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      Hey everyone some positivity,  ihave been on mirta 30 now for 9 weeks and i have to say i feel great, back at work, socialising and life is good. Long may it continue feel as though i am now on the road to recovery,

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      That's fab gives me hope just gone up to 30ml felt drunk but mind ok just need body to follow can't wait!
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      Hi Jacqueline,

      I have been on mirt for 7 weeks now. Started on 15mg for 8 days and then 30 for 13 days and then 45mg for 16 days. The 45mg was to much so I went back to 30mg for another 13 days but yesterday had to go to the docs as I was finding my anxiety was coming back and it seemed like the dose wasn't quite enough, so I am now on 37.5mg and had my first dose last night. So I guess I will know within the next 2 to 3 weeks once I have adjusted to see if this is the right dose.

      I think cause my doses have changed so frequently I haven't yet felt the the full benefits of Mirt.

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    Hi been on antidepressants about 20 years way too long still not found a good one some a help a bit but where off after a while been on venlafaxine since Jan but they stopped working so gp put me on mertrazaline yesterday 15 mg 

    Had first one about 6pm yesterday zonked me out went to bed had to be up at 5 for work this morning I was like a zombie still am after having most of the day in bed today af,ter finishing work at 9am feel so dizzy too really don't know what to do shall I half it if I can cut in 2 or shall I still taper venlafaxine off a bit too ? Feel so crap partner has no sypathy says I should just stop them I know not too though 

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      Halfing the tablet will actually make it worse. Mirtazapine is more sedating in lower doses, I know that seems backwards but it's true. I'm on 45mg mirtazapine. The zombie feeling does go away, it's only like it for about a week ,max...I was good to go after day 3 xx
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      Ok thks will give it another go just hope I well enough to work tomorrow had that much time off x 
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      Was thinking whether gp was right to just swap me straight onto this as I was on 75mg venlafaxine and been reading should taper off   ? I have a missed a day sometimes on venlafaxine and have been sick really bad 
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      I know someone on both venlafaxine and mirtazapine, think it's known as 'Califonia rocket fuel' lol Mirtazapine is quite a gentle drug once you get past the zombie feeling in first week. I think it's fine to take your venlafaxine if your GP said to do so. I was on citalopram before mirtazapine, and I was told to just start taking had no ill effects on me. The initial sedation and grogginess puts people off mirt but once you get through the first really has no side effects for most people xx
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      No wander I'm feeling like I'm spaced out lol been to pharmacist he said the venlafaxine still in system but to carry on with the mertazipine scared stuff but I'm gonna think positive and hope it works x 

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