Literally begging for help now :(

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I am 27 years old, male, from Glasgow.

For around 4 years I have suffered pretty bad back pain, in my lower back. The pain is brought on by continuous standing in one spot, I.e washing dishes, or walking more than 20 minutes. I can describe the pain as a constant severe dull ache. And the muscles in my lower back round onto my hips and obliques become so tense and tight that if I Bend over I feel like they could snap like an over stretched elastic band.

When I tie my shoe laces I can sometimes get shooting pains right across my lower back. If I sit for say more than 5 minutes and then stand up, my lower back feels so stiff when I try to straighten it out.

I have no history of accidents or injuries to any major extent.

However about 4.5 years ago, I was doing deadlifts for the first time ever, and on my final rep my back just snapped, something went and I collapsed to the floor, someone helped me up and I walked out the gym in severe tight pain, went to hospital and I was told I just strained my lower back.

I done this again two years later doing squats and 2.5 years later again doing rack pulls. They weren't heavy at all. Considerably light actually.

I have since stopped doing exercises which recruit the lower back to this extent.

I still attend the gym very regularly, but I can't lift how I used to, my back just feels like it will snap.

I have seen a doctor and had a scan which showed a minor l5 s1 disc bulge, and I was sent for a nerve block which was unsuccessful, I go for another one in two days.

I have explained to the doctors so many times I hardly getting shooting pains down my legs, very rarely I do, they believe I have sciatica. I wish I had sciatica compared to this. This is some form of muscle distorser and they aren't listening to me.

I have told them 95% of my pain is in my lower back and hips but they don't seem to acknowledge me etc. All my muscle are so tight and painful. Even sitting in a chair I can my the sides on my hips aching.

I feel misdiagnosed, and being sent for pointless treatment.

I'm close to giving up and it's depressing me. I may have to stop work, I walk around 10-15 miles per shift, wearing 10kilos worth of equipment. The work is agonising and i dread it, I live my life on pain killers. I have lately started smoking cannabis to ease and relax my muscle, and it's like i have a new back when I do, but I can't do this all the time, ofcourse it makes me drowsy, and sleepy etc etc.

I do lots of stretching and it helps for a small while and the muscle just tighten up and go tense again.

I don't know what else to do, I don't even seem to have a diagnosis.

I seen an osteopath who believes I have slight scoliosis, my right shoulder is slightly higher than the other. But again this doesn't explain the tight lower back muscles, which leaves me severely limited in what I can do.

Some days are better than other, but it's progressively getting worse now.

I seen a physio and when he asked me to lean over and touch my toes he observed my back muscles "clinging on for dear life..."

Can anyone offer any help?

It's destroying my life, I genuinely believe I will be in a wheel chair somewhere down the line in my life.

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    Hi I emphasise as I suffer attacks of crippling lower back pain too.  When I was 19 I slipped in the rain and fell heavily on the base of my spine..   Since then I have had full time back pain which prevents me from standing still for more than a couple of minutes,  or walking a great deal.  I have always had to find sit down work like an office.   I also from time to time especially as I am getting older suffer crippling attacks which last between 1-2 weeks then it's back to 'normal' pain.

    Doctors have always ignored it and never even done an x-ray and all they say is exercise more and go to physio.   The sad fact is that doctors don't do backs unless there is an obvious cause like a slipped disc etc,  or unless the pain is constant and severe all the time and you walk bent over. 

    I have found the best thing is to see an osteopath or even a chiropractor but you do have to pay.  What they will do is start trying to loosen up the muscles again and they can show you some simple exercises.   It might take quite a few sessions though.   They will also teach you how to lift safely - when you have to lift something stand with both feet in front,  bend down with your knees keeping your back as straight as possible,  then take as much weight as you can with your knees and not your back.   Never twist and turn suddenly when lifting anything.  

    That's the best I can suggest but I have found an osteopath has helped me quite a lot through the years.   Good luck.  x


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    Dear Jamie,

    first of all. I am terribly sorry for your condition sad Only people who have been through back pain understand the debilitating side of it for your whole life, for your work, social engagements, relationships, intimacy, self esteem etc. 

    From the medicine point of view:

    1. keep on looking for doctors you trust. Get the examination you need. Maybe another MRI maybe Xray etc. 

    Try various kinds of therapy:

    McKenzie method, physiotherapy, sm system... Plus there are lasers, electrotherapy and various other ones. Give it a shot. 

    2. Try swimming. Just imagine, in water you weight like 10 kilos or 10 percent from your normal weight and all this pressure is taken down from your discs, musles.. 

    3. seek psychological help. It can help you deal with the pain. All the negative emotions that arise when you are in pain: frustration, fear, anger just make it worse. There is clear link between depression and chronic back pain. Low dosage of antidepressants that does not cure depression actually helps with the back pain! Ask for a specialist, psychologist and or psychiatrist. You dont want to end up addicted to marihuana or alcohol as it helps a bit. 

    4. What about ozon therapy? Injecting ozone to your disc. This could really help with the bulging. Research on it and ask. 

    I admire your strength to continue with your life and trying to look for constructive ways out. Get ready for a longer journey but I am sure that if you approach this problem from all the sides you can make progress and get out of this spiral of pain and desperation. 

    Sorry about some grammar mistakes. English isnt my first language. 

    Take care. We are suffering. We can and we will beat this. 

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    Going too the gym with ongoing back pain are you mad your be a cripple by the time by 40 how do I know this ? Because I did it legs back hip feet all in pain if you can left weights your not in that much pain
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    Thankyou for everyone's input.

    As for you marshal....

    You don't know me and you don't know my pain. 4 years of pain and suffering which doesn't go away wether I go to the gym, or wether I don't.

    Should I lay in my bed all day miserable and let my back pain defeat me, or do I try and get out and do the things I enjoy in life. You have no idea the struggle I go through just to enjoy going to the gym,

    So please, before you give me negative comments , think twice.

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    Hi Jamie,I think going to the gym shows that you are trying


    to ease your pain. Please be careful of any shots in the lower back.

    I have had them all along my spine but the ones in lower back


    me now fighting paralysis.It comes and goes.I will be getting


    with the neuroscurgeon later today.I was in the hospital 2 weeks

    ago because I was suddenly paralyzed from waist down.Have you

    tried muscle relaxers?If your muscles are getting really tight

    and painful they may help.I so understand and wish you well.

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    Hi Jamie,

    from my own experience, it took four different specialists to help me sort out why I had lower back pain, and each helped me in different ways.

    some were private and some were NHS..

    it may be worth getting referred to another neighbouring hospital for a different view?

    i do hope you persevere in your search.

    i didn't have a sudden snap like you, but developed sciatica from limping  a prior to toe surgery. This tightened the piriformis, which in turn, created anterior rotation of pelvis (tilting forward on one side)

    my shoulder on that side was an inch lower.

    after acupuncture with electrodes loosened up the butt muscles, I was manipulated to help the pelvic tilt. The sciatica disappeared (this all took a year) then I was limping on the other side with arthritic hip .

    during my wait of 7 months for a new one, I changed specialist to have another look at an old MRI scan which showed up facet joint problems l4/5 s1.    The guy booked me in for four fact joint injections (no cartilage or synovial fluid left between them) which gave me immediate relief.  Lasted only two weeks, but am recovering from new hip three weeks ago and the back pain is hardly noticeable so far.

    i know that my body cannot tolerate same repetitive movements, which is why some of my issues have developed.  I also have mild scoliosis and have been told this does impact on how we carry ourselves and how muscles have to work harder.

    sorry for the long reply, I hope somewhere in all of it you may get an idea that helps you in the future.

    all the very best.     These forums are so so useful in getting information and sharing experiences.



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    Jamie, you have to treat your back with kid gloves now. You can still workout but do not do deadlifts or anything lifting heavy weight off the ground or repetition bending over. You need to do core exercises to keep lower back muscles strong. Also only an MRI can tell you exactly what's wrong with your back. I ruptured my L5 doing the same thing you did. I can no longer sit all the time, stand for more than 30 mins without moving. If you can afford go to a chiro that has electrodes that helps me as well as massages help. Now you cant afford to injure it anymore or go without exercise. I know it seems like a catch 22 but core exercise is key!!! Stretch properly!!! Another would be acupuncture. It doesn't hurt! I very seldom take pain killers they're bad for you. A chiropractor knows the back best not a primary care doctor!! wishing you all the best
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    hi Jamie my name's Michelle I'm 51 years old and I live in Oklahoma . I've been having lower back pain myself the past year . my pain is located in my lower back near the tailbone area it radiates the middle of my back down the left buttocks cheek and stops when it reaches the back middle part of the back of my knee . I am unable to sleep in either bed that I have one being firm the other is softer having a pillow top mattress . trying to sleep in either bad is absolutely impossible for me to do it seems like if I lay flat in the same position for too long or sit in the same position for to long , I feel like the tinman who needs his oil can . There have been times even sleeping here on my oversized loveseat /couch, upon waking up movement is next to Impossible I have to be like a snake and Slither down off of the couch meaning its like I have no legs ,, using my upper body only ,, I swing my legs over doing my very best to not move my lower body and anyway because the pain is so excruciating there are no words to describe it , and this trying to maneuver and get down on your knees so you can eventually push yourself up to your feet . and eventually moving once the other this is because the pain is so bad . I don't know if you get the pain I'm talking about but it's just almost unbearable . walking down steps ,getting in and out of the vehicle that sits low to the ground. all of these tasks are so simple and easy for the normal person it's hard for them to grasp it being difficult to this extreme for someone having this type of back pains . I too went to the doctor had CAT scan done and I have scoliosis which I know that I had but at 51 years old and a couple of car wrecks ;a few Falls and aging and wear, along with the scoliosis I have degenerated disc disease arthritis in my spine two bulging disc and as a pinched sciatic nerve . now just having you know the bare tribal health insurance that I have and no other Healthcare , I haven't been offered any type of surgery or any type of corrective procedure , I've just been prescribed medications to ease the pain and get me to get me by . and yes I still have pain and times that are next to impossible to get up and down but the medications that I'm taking thank God has given me a sort of relief that makes it so I can get through the day and not be in pain all day everyday . being a recovering addict all the medications that I take are non addictive, non habit forming and non-narcotic . I take a medication called Neurontin 300 milligrams 3 times a day , ,naproxen 600 ,twice a day or as needed for pain and flexeril 10 milligram 3 times a day . I am given Lortab 5 milligram can be taken twice a day if absolutely necessary , but as I said only I take that an emergency situation . like I said you know I do still experience pain and problems moving around but the above medications which I would highly recommend to you or anyone else reading this helps tremendously and they are not narcotics so give them a try and don't be surprised when you do feel immediate relief , nothing helps ease the pain of a pinched nerve. but if you can get the swelling down the inflammation and then you can relax the muscles to where you can move them and the sciatic nerve doesn't seem to act up as much. I have this information helps you have a good day .

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