lithium aswell as mirtazapine

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hi can anyone give me advice on lithium im on 45mg of mirtazapine been on them for about 5 months they dont stop my depression so had a word with my psychiatrist and mentioned lithium as ive read it on this site that some of you take it , he is starting me on it but im just wondering what to expect , and how i will feel and will it help and side effects and so on any info would be great , thanks


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    can anyone help me with info on lithium cuz im quite worried about it , and has anyone ever noticed having cold sweats on mirtazapine i seem to swet loads and then my feet and hands go cold and then have cold sweats , is that just me or has anyone else noticed it , just a thought thats bugging me if anyone else has noticed it do you have any suggestions how to solve it , thanks again ,


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    [color=blue:4e046a1b6d]I am too on 45mg Mirtazapine for depression and to help me sleep ,

    i've not been taking it very long , but still having problems , i've not noticed any side affects yet , if that helps not sure if the tablets are working as it is early days yet , I know I do not feel any different being on these , and still finding it really hard to cope etc , if you know what I mean

    I do take zopiclone, if I I have problems getting off to sleep,

    I hope someone can help you soon smile [color=blue][/color:4e046a1b6d][/color]

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    Hi carter

    here is link for info on lithium

    it will tell you all you need to know.My doctor has also asked me to consider Lithium.What i can tell you is that Lithium is something you have to be with for the [b:432f8b2a53][u:432f8b2a53]long haul [/u:432f8b2a53][/b:432f8b2a53]plus all the other stuff like blood tests etc.

    With many other medications ( and i've tried quite a few!) it is possible to change fairly quickly.

    I've been on mirtazapine for about 10 days i have noticed my hands and feet getting very cold but no cold sweats. What I am learning from reading the diffrent posts is how these medicines really do affect everyone differently.My last few days have been [u:432f8b2a53][i:432f8b2a53]sheer hell [/i:432f8b2a53][/u:432f8b2a53]and yet mrs bugsy says \"i've not noticed any side affects yet \" I found i had severe cold sweats with sertraline yet found no side effects with citalopram.

    Take care J

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    I'm not a great took me a while to type that message only to see it not there.

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    Hi Jack

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    To Carter: I'm on lithium as you probably know and it has been a life saver for me. It has a long scary list of side effects but if you contact the docs if you notice any changes then it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Some of the changes that can happen to your body are irreversable but avoidable if your bloods are checked regularily. It has pulled me out of suicidal depression and I have been taking it for about eight years. Perhaps that is what Jack means by 'the long haul' I'm not sure. I am quite confident that I'll probably stay on it for life.
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    first of all i would like to thank everyone for the info they provided so thank you , i failed to mention that sometimes i can be a binge drinker too about 2 or 3 times a week which im getting help with , cuz the amount i drink is vast , although my aim is to get better number 1 and then maybe go out just once a week at the weekend and drink sociably rather than stay in and get bladdered im wondering when i start the lithium next week will it be dangerous to drink cuz ive read that you can get dehydrated very quickly on lithium im quite scared cuz ive not conquered my bad drinking habits , so im just wondering if any who takes lithium drinks too or if you have any ideas for me , ofcourse it would just be easy to say well dont drink , but the depression has lead to me drinking vast amounts so its catch 22 at the moment , ive read that you tend to feel dehydrated a lot more so do any of you suggest when i do binge that i drink a lot of water with the alcohol ? so any ideas and info would be great thanks.


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    Ricky/Carter. It is true that you mustn't get dehydrated otherwise the lithium levels in your blood could increase and become toxic. This is very dangerous. Usually this only applies in hot weather but lithium and binge drinking I just dont know what the consequencies would be. Ask your usual GP. I drink very moderately (very boring) but cant drink more that two large glasses of wine without becoming very sick. I suggest you talk over these issues with your GP. Your binge drinking and depression are obviously linked ie you drink to blot out painful emotions. Hopefully he will be able to help you.

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