Lone Afib and scared

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Hi All,

I'm new to afib and I'm scared to death. I had to call 911 thurs morning I woke up and had what seemed to be a run of pacs that just kinda felt like they were stuck. My heart reached 216bpm the nwent down to 184. The medics were able to break the episode by me blowing with my thumb in my mouth. I didn't go to the er I took a baby asa and half of Xanax to relax. I've had two more of these episodes 2013/2015 and 2017, I also suffer from anxiety but I knew this was not right just like last time and the yall say it's my anxiety. I purchased the alive core for my phone nad it came up afib today and the medics said psvt so I went to my cardiologist and yes it's afib I'm so scared I don't want to have a stoke I'm scared to go to sleep I'm 35 don't smoke or drink and I'm not over weight, I have no health problems. Dr started me on toprol xl 12.5 once a day. No baby aspirin. I'm so scared please someone just reassure me.

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    Don't be scared ! See a good electrophysiologist and learn all you can about AFIB ! Knowledge is power . Are you taking a blood thinner ? 

    This is not a death sentence ! 

    Best , Didi

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      Hi didi, thank you. No blood thinners. I've only experienced these episodes every two years it's like I get a run of pacs and it goes right into it. Last week I had palps all week on and off and I just felt off not sleeping etc and I was only four days away from the time of the month which finally came so that could have set it off. I don't know why this is so hard for me. I just want to feel like myself again I don't want to be scared. I was starting to feel normal again with my life. The worst part now I don't want to be left alone bc it happened when I was alone. I was just getting used to my pacs when I did get them here and there, now everytime if and when I start to feel a skipped or missed beat I'm so scared it's gonna decide to do a run and go into afib. Please I'm sorry for making a big deal of this all of you guys handle it so well. Me mentally I don't Handel it well. I'm afraid if it happens again am I gonna be able to break it or will it last for hours then I could have problems for a stroke or heart attack. I had my thyroid checked last year and it was fine. I do notice on my blood work that my potassium is always low like 3.2-3.7 it stays around. Mag is normal

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    Everything your doctor told you seems exactly right. Your age and lack of other abnormalities or conditions makes anticoagulation completely optional in the opinion of most docs. The usual course of this ailment is to start with widely separated episodes so that people take weird meds and confuse the normal absence of afib between episods with a medicine effect. If you follow all the goofball recommendations for diet, meds, etc. on the internet you will poison yourself. Do what your doctor tells you and keep working on your anxiety so that you can live the totally magical life of which a 35 year old person is capable. My first afib episode was about your age (maybe 38 or so) and I am 78 now, undeservedly hale and healthy, and looking forward to dying in a motorcycle wreck or a fall from some glacier. But not from this crappy disease. Be well.
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    How are you doing? Any update on your situation? I’m in the same boat. I’m 36 year old man and got my very first afib I’m this August. It scared me to hell. It’s been almost two months and no afib again (GOD bless it will never happen again) but I’m worried and scared all day long. Can’t move my mind off thinking about it and don’t feel well in my chest every single day. I’ve gone through quite a few tests/exams, all say my heart is structural and functional fine, but I’m still so worry about afib will happen again and feel like I can’t get back to my normal life.

    Hope you are getting better.

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      Alhamdulillah Im getting better no afib record after I did the cryo ablation on may 2016 after 3 months from thev ablation my doctor stopped for me all the medicine .....just sometimes if I eat heavy food I got fast beat recorded ( sinus rhythm) if I set it will go quickly. And doctor told not worry about it its notmal..

      Don't scare from afib that's awarning to you from your body that there are something wrong I think still the reason are ankown ..

      If you have it only for the first time ..

      Don't smoke don't drink alcohol and stress

      I know the stress its somthing not eazy to stopp it thats way I did finally the ablation..

      Sometimes the afib can happen from somthing sincetive on your body... like me I discovered that when I drink lemon juice afib comes after so that I stopped drink lemone.. so that try to remember what you eat in that date ...

      I control my self with afib for almost 10 years

      Again don't worry if you need any help or any question don't hesitate to send me messages and welcome ..

      My best Regards


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      I had a rheumatic fever when I was 5  years old and 10 years old. At the age of 21 I had first Afib attack with shortness off breath I went to doctors they said it's a panick attack .this years heart specialist diagnose its a mitral valve anterior prolapse and now my symptoms are more worse. Is anyone here with rheumatic heart desease. I m 35 years old.

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    Hi guys so here’s an update! After episode in January I’ve gotton it April,May July so far I’m thinking my trigger goes hand to hand with my period. I was pregant but lost the baby the 4 months I was pregant not one damn episode. Now that aunt flow is back I had an episode nov 17 for about 3 min hr 175 shortest episode I’ve had. Ever since I got off my birth control I think that’s what caused it to get worse I’m guessing. No aspirin just Xanax and propranolol when needed. It sucks my life up bc I’m just still as scared as you! I feel like eveytime I get pacs it’s gonna go into it. 
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    Hi This is exactly how I felt...but like me you are very fit, not overweight and also 20 years younger than me. Your heart has a very slick electrical conduction system so that if you are relatively inactive, the electrics sneak in some extra firing and it is trying to ultra too eeficient. This is what I was told....and once the heart learns to do it, it gets better at it! This, especially in a young person is not a life threatening arrythmia. When I cycle or swim my heart gets up to a slightly higher rate and then it's actually better because the extra beats can't 'sneak in'...so having a slightly higher rate when exercising rather than resting is what makes it less likely. This is why it happens more at rest, when overthinking/worrying!

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