Long history of a long list of symptoms.

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For more then 2 years now I've been looking for answers to ongoing problems I've been having. I've gone to my Primary tons of times along with multiple visits the ER and GI specialist with little to no closure to where I've lost hope and I'm continuing to rack up my medical bills. I've had multiple abdominal X-rays looking at my liver, gallbladder pancreas even my heart for issues with tachycardia and shortness of breath with nothing showing up. I've had loads of blood tests assuming everything they can check has been checked I feel as if I'm done everything I can yet I'm still suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. The main issues I have been faced with are digestive and sinus related at least those are the ones that have lasted throughout the whole few years now so I'll start there basically I started to see the doctor for irregular bowel habits and abdominal pain with recurrent sinusitis and clearing of phlegm and shortness of breath sometimes I would be constipated and sometimes light fluffy stool 4 to 5 times a day with mucus and what seemed to be indigestion it seemed to be pretty minor so I tried making diet changes which didn't really help after months of no change I was referred to a gi doc who said he thinks I have Ibs which seemed reasonable but he scheduled an endoscopy/colonoscopy to rule things out both of which came back normal so I went with the ibs diagnosis I continued trying changes of diet which would help a little but not clear symptoms and stopped seeing the doc since then I've visited the ER a few times for seriously intense stabbing pains under my right rib cage that seemed random but now I have these pains daily under my left rib cage and sometimes my right as well along with pressure in my chest more uncomfortable than painful though . I also have a new symptom that could be totally unrelated but is worth mentioning and that's a pounding headache everytime I over exert myself it could be intimacy or working out specifically pull ups I know I'm drinking enough water and have good form atleast while working out but I still will get such bad headaches I have to stop and just hold my head. Also for the last few weeks I've had what seems to be fast bowel transit time I'm having 4 or 5 partially undigested fluffy or powdery looking large stools daily with occasional ribbon looking stools and this off and on daily stabbing pain under mainly my left rib cage now. I have fatigue sometimes pain in my lower back that makes it hard for me to think straight and I'm wondering if it's even worth going to the doctor because they always seem to tell me it's in my head. I'm just looking for answers and if it really is a bad case of ibs I'll learn to deal with it I guess but I've taken to forums to look for similar experiences and see if anyone relates to me

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    I apologize for lack of punctuation and i may have left symptoms out like occasional weakness, etc but I'm in a hurry I'll check back later hoping for a response thank you for reading !

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    Sounds like stress and anxiety. That's why you have no diagnosis. Believe the tests abd work on the stress and anxiety

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      Thank you for the reply and I have read this myself online but the doc even said it's unlikely seeing I have no stressors or reasons to be anxious I have a totally chill job no financial problems I'm happy with my life. taking that into consideration though what are some things I can do naturally ? I'm against medication for anxiety only because I've seen it really cause issues and I grew up surrounded by addiction. Also I'm not one that wants attention when I say something is painful I'm not exaggerating I'll have to sit down I feel like I'm gonna pass out from the pain sometimes that being said can anxiety cause real pain like this ?

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      Yes anxiety and stress can cause re and chronic physical pain. The pain can sometimes cause the anxiety and it becomes a vicious cycle. I would continue to explore the medical side but find ways to treat yourself well whatever that may be.
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    Dear 25414h,

    While I'm new to this forum, like you, I reached out to strangers in an Internet forum because receiving satisfaction from the medical profession is difficult.

    I want you to know that there are many people who seemingly suffer from unresolved or ill defined gastro or intestinal pain.

         I am truly surprised. It is very sad to hear from people all over the world.

         I offered my two cents of anecdotal advice in an earlier post and follow the many people who express their anxt in this forum.

         Let me just say that while we all may suffer from differing symptoms there is a common empathy and desire to help by offering the individual tips or lessons experienced by trial and error.

         I encourage you to find an older general practitioner who can listen and help you track your medical history in order that you can begin or continue to eliminate the many ailments that might explain your pain.

         One by one, eliminate each suspect. Please be careful to guard against allowing pain meds to exacerbate your suffering by creating constiostion, headaches and other ancillary issues.

         I personally believe in stopping meds for a brief period before beginning fresh in treating each diagnosis and treating each one by one without overlap of drugs.

         Be patient. It does take a lot of time. But with each prospect eliminated, you'll be one step closer to finding the answer, unless you allow overmedication to create added problems.  Be vigilant. 

    Good luck, we're all rooting for you.

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    Headaches, tiredness, and even breathless are IBS symptoms. Headaches and breathlessness can be caused by the stress of trying to cope with your symptoms and feeling you are not getting answers.  Sometimes food intolerances can cause headaches too.  Tiredness can be caused by your body putting all its energy into dealing with your pain. Your immune system will also suffer and you will catch more infections such as sinusitis with being tired.  Stress can also cause exhaustion as well.  

    Try the Fodmap diet which helps many with IBS. I would also go back to your doctor and ask for an antispasmodic.  Since you have had lots of negative tests, I would accept your IBS diagnosis which can be identified when everything else is ruled out.

    Even if you are not usually anxious and stressed, IBS can still cause you anxiety because of your symptoms and the stress of continuous visits to your doctor and all the tests, the worry of waiting for results and the frustration of them showing nothing.  I  lost hope for three and a half months before I was finally diagnosed with IBS.  I had stomach pain,bowel habit change, back pain, nausea, and anxiety.  My IBS was triggered by stress.  However, everyone experiences IBS differently and response to medication varies.  Everyone'e trigger is different too.  Trust your diagnosis and you will start to feel better.  My IBS improved dramatically after diagnosis because I trusted my doctor and believed in my IBS.  As a result, my health anxiety completely disappeared. 

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    I am not a medical expert..but have you had an ultrasound of your spleen? The pain you are describing is where your spleen is, and you may have a cyst or tumor. I would ask for an MRI or other tests..
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    It's your gallbladder. I had same symptoms. We told me at Ers. They said my numbers were ok on gallbladder. This past year's in July I had gb removed. Low and behold all of my nausea and stress. Are gone. So just tell your so called drs to sit on it Fonzi.

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      Hey man I've been wondering this my abdominal ultrasound came back normal but the ER doc said I could have a gallbladder that doesn't empty correctly my only question is the abdominal pain is rarely under my right rib cage anymore it's now under my left daily although the right is where it began

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      If you are nauseous please. Please tell your Dr that I had surgery. After no pain just minor. I know I'm I feeling great after sugery. You will too. Good Luck Partner.

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      I get that all the time too. Kind of like a stitch. I usually get it after straining to have a bowel movement. Right under our run cage, we have "floating ribs" these ribs are not connected like our other ribs are. These ribs are the most easily fractured and strained. Underneath our ribs, we have muscles, these muscles also tense up, making it feel like a stitch or a stinging sensation under our ribs. I don't think it's a hernia, because hernias don't develop right under rib cage. Don't give up, keep having tests done.

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    Thank you for all the replies for months now I have believed in my ibs it really made sense I'm only posting because of this new burst of symptoms the headaches I believe could be from tension in my neck and back which anxiety can be the cause of then another thing that happens from time to time and the doctors had no explanation for is I have these episodes where my vision fades out and I'll collapse but usually catch myself and bob up and down but I can still hear everything around me it's an odd experience and only lasts a minut whenever I tell my doc she has no explanation. Like I said I've surely left things out this being one of them I'm not sure if it could be the cause but fibromyalgia and connective tissue disorders run in my moms side both of which my doc said couldn't be the cause. I believe I have some health anxiety I plan on visiting a healer to see if they can ease muscle tension I'm also a 19 y/o male and whenever I talk to a doc they dont even give me the time of day because "I'm too young to be having these problems" I'm going to start working on relaxation and take it from there my main reason of posting was to see if someone could relate

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      I have severe anxiety and panic attacks too, but not to where my vision fades out. Something, I think is going on more than anxiety. I would definitely get more tests done.
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    Thank you guys i really think this could be a panic disorder of some type im gonna talk to my doc about it but like someone said earlier I really think my ibs is playing off my anxiety and vice versa I'm gonna work on relaxation and I'm sure with time I'll learn how to conquer this I never knew just how powerful stress and anxiety could be.

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