Long term ankle pain - long explanation :( please advise

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Hey guys, I have a lot to explain about this injury and really hope one of you can help me with this.

Around this time last year (jun/jul 2013), I was at a friend's party. We was outside and came across a building which isn't too great in length for a building. I think it was around 5m in height. As I landed, my abdominial muscles hurt. My ankles are still fine. I go home, and did some light ankle excercises, and they started to hurt. Next morning, I could not walk. I was limping, struggling on both legs, but I never used any support, and even few days later tried to go play football with my mates. Every harsh movement kept hurting my ankle. If I was to rate the pain out of 10, it would be 10. It was short busts of immense pain. And yes, I was stupid enough to go and try play football. I know I couldn't move well, but I tried and kept worsening the injury. Unfortunatly I did not stop at that.. The week after the family left to France, and then a trip to Spain from there. We went to Lourdes, in France, and there was a big hill. And stupidly enough, I climbed it. Walking was a mission itself, but I still went and did it. It was impossible to walk and I had no support. I was destroying my legs more and more... I would guess I was straining my ankles every time I made an impulsive movement. I did a lot of walking up and downhill. This at times, would even include walking. This pain lasted for about 2 months, and after that I thought my legs where fine. I could walk fine, run and everything. But there was always the first major difference. My acceleration and stopping was extremely sh*t. It was noticeable. I played football once a week from around september. I also went on to 'ghana' dance, which required a lot of falling etc. During this time, I somehow injured my knee, and would struggle to get up and down. I still participated and for the final show, had to push myself. After that I carried on with weekly footballs. With football(soccer), I would very easily trip to the side of my feat. Even when walking, my ankle would just slip to the side. And in football, most of the time, it would be a cause of straining the muscle. This probably happened once every 2 times I go football. Now.. a few months ago, I felt like my legs where better than ever.. and I was too quick to judge. One day I felt like I was playing at my best, all of a sudden my running speed and stamina all was working fine. Next week, I decided to do some heavy stretching, and know I have problems with my knee. It feels very loose, and at times sore. It feels like there is a small gap. I cannot run properly because of this either. And to make matters worse, my ankle still kept getting sprained. This happened around April/May period. I went to the GP around Jan/Feb time, to check this out, they told me to take few tablets, and it sort of worked, I just never let my legs heal.

Yes.. I know, I was extremely stupid, and I am hating myself more than ever.. I just wish my legs would be fine, so I could go play football in this fine weather. I know I should have gone to the GP as soon as I injured myself too.. I was dumb, and I also wasn't adviced by anyone either, and this is quite upsetting for me. I am missing out on so much, and it is because I was stupid. Now I go to physiotherapy for my ankles, knees and back. This is because of a car accident few weeks ago. It was very minor injury, but I used this to my advantage to get my legs working again. This also means I cannot consult my physio about what happened before. If I did I may have to pay for the rest of my treatment, and I am not doing very well financially. At physio, it's just normal massage with a special sort of cream, and it should help with the recovery of my ankles. 

I am writing this so I could get to know what kind of injury I have sustained. My bones are all fine, since I had an x ray and nothing was wrong (so says the doctor). In conclusion:

Jumped off 5m+ building - Destroyed ankles for about 2 months. Very weak since then

Lots of aerobic activities since injury, no rest

Ankles keep spraining easily

Knee injured(left) - feels like there is a gap.

I know my ankles are not in good condition, and I have fixed myself up and I am actually resting. I am not doing any outdoor activities, though its depressing as it is, I want to get back to my normal condition... The people I am around, they are all very competitive, sometimes, stupidly competitive, and I was influenced by that to do what I did. No, I am not happy with what I did. I just want advice as to what has happened to my legs, and how I could go about returning to my normal condition.

Please help me guys, I have lived with this leg for nearly a year, I genuinely feel disabled, and I really want some help.

Thanks for reading, much much appreciated.

And for further information:

Male, 21years old (May 19, 1993). 

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    you could have had a tear in the muscle that you didn't realize. You also could have dislocated your knee since you feel a gap there.

    I would say with everything you have done that if it is a muscle tear it is at least 2nd degree which is from 15% torn to 90% torn.

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    you need to see a good sports physio who will be able to do strength tests on your ankle and knee muscles and joints to help determine if there is some soft tissue damage. possibly some specific physio strenghtening and mobilisation exercises will help you heal.

    Good luck

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      I still think that it is a muscle tear + dislocation which needs rest for a few days and then mild stretching of the muscle to accelerate the healing process but excersize, absolutely not until it is completely healed.
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      I also do think it is a muscle tear, back in march/april this year, I went for an X-ray and there was nothing wrong with my legs. I am not sure if both legs where checked so maybe I should go and recheck. I am not sure of one thing though, ankle sprains last a few days, do you guys know why I was not able to move properly for nearly 2 months after the first injury? (jump from the building)
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    Am also suffering with same thing.. i had rolled my ankle while playing hockey on april 25th of this year. I took it easy & took rest for a week. It seems to be better for a week, but the ankle gets either rolled or sprained again. It repeated for 4 times. So from then onwards am not going for game. till now am suffering with it. ankle supports for walking, but it pains even for a small weight on it!

    Pain is incresing in these two days. Am using cray bandage, doing cycling and treating with IR rays from past a week.

    DO anyone suggest me to get well soon..


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