Long Term Motion Sickness and Nausea Symptoms

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I don't even know where to start. I am 31, male, and health wise am pretty healthy. I do have big depression and anxiety issues and have been on meds all of my life for that. I exercise daily and eat a healthy diet. I don’t smoke and don’t drink anymore. I just quit in the past few months after too many over drinking situations where I got sick. I’m just done with it and it wasn’t a good mix with anxiety plus my career requires top notch condition to do well.

Anyway, we will see if this is the right section for this but I have been desperately searching and posting for help. My doctor is no help and just prescribes meds. I’m currently looking for new doctors and hope to visit one ASAP. I just need help. Bad.

It all started a few years back when I started getting sick while riding in the passenger seat. I never threw up but I would get to where I HAD to get out. The catch was this wasn’t on the road but at work where I teach performance racing driving. I can’t work programs where I have to ride now.

It escalated and once I got sick driving myself on a track. Most say I dehydrated myself during the race and caused total exhaustion and nauseated symptoms but it felt like motion sickness. It really bothered me. The track was very hilly so a lot of up and down with moderate g forces.

The past months I’ve started getting motion sickness easier. Even sometimes just driving on the road. I can’t ride shotgun on the road anymore for the most part either. I’m almost scared to do what I love now.

So here are the most recent symptoms:

-Motion sick when riding passenger.

-Queezy Racing some and karts

-Full/nauseous/queezy after dinners

-Sometimes hard to fall asleep due to stress or unwell feeling.

-Loud startling noise can cause dizziness for a second quick burst of nauseous feeling. Even if wife coughs and I’m falling asleep.

-Changing direction too quickly with head or tilting up causes a sensation similar to going fast over a jump in stomach. Not always but sometimes.

-Sometimes nauseous after dinner and burp like food isn’t all the way down. Undigested or something.

-Sometimes the sensation is almost a hungry stomach roll but hard to tell the difference sometimes in nauseous and hunger.

My doctor says it’s related to my sinuses. He says my sinuses are swollen including in my ears causing the imbalance feeing. I don’t think that’s it. It’s something else. It has to be.

He told me to take 4 OTC allergy meds all at once for a month (on top of the other drugs I take for anxiety and depression). I tried two for a few weeks and nothing changed.

I don’t know if it’s anxiety, GERD, I’m broken, or even really is sinuses but it’s totally effecting my way of life and costing me thousands. I’m feeling hopeless by the day. Any help or even telling me this isn’t the right section and where it should be is greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry you are going through this. I was reading and was wondering about your motion sickness. Sounds like inner ear Problem. That is what causes these dizzy spells and nausea. You should see an ear nose and throat specialist. I think you will have better results for your condition. Your doctor doesn't sound that pleasant and doesn't care about your livelihood. PLEASE TRY. Good Luck Friend.

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    ask your doctor to send you for an endescopy it sounds like you have GERD and you may need PPI antacid meds

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    Hi simon15564

    I suffer with my sinusis. When they are giving me problems such as allergy and on occasion infection. My stomach feels out of sorts, I feel light headed, headache, nausea, dizziness and if i move my head suddenly i get very dizzy and disorientated. I also get imbalance because my sinus affect my ears. As already mentioned it would be advisable to be referred to an ENT Specialist.

    I have been referred and waiting for an appointment with ENT Specialist..

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      Hi, that's reassuring to at least hear someone has experienced a similar feeling problem. Could it really be allergies for this long? It seems worst than it has. It's just so weird as I never use to get motion sickness or anything and now I do and feel queezy a lot. I will look for an ENT specialist though, that's a good idea to check out.

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    Blocked ears and sinuses can cause the symptoms you are having because the middle ear affects balance. Your doctor would not have told you that your sinuses are swollen if they were not. He must have examined you to come to this conclusion. Swollen sinuses can be seen. When my dad has sinusitis, I could see that his sinuses were swollen. Your doctor is the expert. Accepting his diagnosis is your best option. You could try decongestants to see if this will help. Anxiety can cause you to doubt your doctor and make you think you have something else other than what you have been told. Don't listen to your anxiety; listen to your doctor instead and also check on your patient leaflet to see if your anxiety meds could also be causing balance problems. Some of these meds can cause dizziness and nausea as well as gut disturbance. They could be aggravating your sinus problems.

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