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I have been suffering with constipation for a wee while now and really struggling with it. Just now I've not managed to go for exactly 1 week even when I've been taking dulcolax. I've been getting abdominal pain that's been coming and going. I'm not sure what to do?

I'm just out of hospital on Tuesday as I also suffer from urinary retention and spent 5 days in hospital unable to urinate on my own so have been taught self catherisation.

My doctors is now closed till Monday should I just wait till then? I've been on lots of different laxatives and none seem to help at all? I've had to have a couple of enemas in the past. My doctor doesn't know why I am suffering from constipation and it's really starting to get to me. I'm female and 20 years old, I don't eat much as I've lost my appetite but I do eat healthily and exercise. I also drink lots of fluid because of my catheter.

Any suggestions on what to do would be great as I just don't know what to do! I've tried taking a double dose of laxatives last night but still nothing... sad

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    If you are taking Bisocodyl 2 in the night also try a suppository glycerin. I used to find those really helpful and as they are natural you could use one at night. Also lactulose is meant to be good and movIcol sachets. Obviously not all at once but you will have to follow the GP advice until you have tests done.
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    I'm so sorry you are dealing with constipation! I have had cancer since 2012 and due to all the pain meds and chemo I have had horrible times with constipation ending up in the ER several times. The last time I was in the hospital I had been taking lactulose and or sorbitol. Well, I had tiny rabbit like poops for a few weeks and thought that was fine, at least things were moving. Well, little did I know when I was admitted to the hospital due to serious pain, my X-rays showed I was filled with stool. So, they gave me a Lactulose enema every 6 hours until I was cleaned out. My new regimen that I use daily now and has worked for me the past few months, is to take colace in the am and pm, and Senna at night. In the morning I also take Miralax. I also bend over and try and touch my shoulders to my knees when I am on the toilet, as this helps to get more stool out.( sorry to be so graphic and open, but it's the only thing that has really helped me.) you can read about that seats position on line- it is equivalent to squatting.... Anyway, I drink tons of water and also I notice when I walk it helps as well, but to this day I haven't gone even barely one day without a bowel movement. Please ask your Dr if this would be a good regimen for you. I feel much better and am not afraid every time I go to the restroom now, praying that something will come out. Lactulose and sorbitol worked for a while with me, but afte a year, my body became used to it, and it stopped working. I'm praying the same doesn't happen with this. If it does, I may go back to the lactulose. I had an endoscopy, and found I have gastroparisis , ( meaning my stomach emptys slowly due to the pain meds) but I also have a slow bowel due to the medications. I hope this helps you some. I know how incredibly I'll I feel when I'm not relieving myself daily. Please let me know if you find something that works for you! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
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    Hey Kimmy,

    I had suffered with this problem for 2 years and no god damn medicines worked for me. I was finally struck by lightining after reading an article about the miracles of Okra.

    What I do is take about 12-15 Okra in a saucer and add water to it till they are covered and then boil them till they get soft on a low flame and all the water is "almost" evaporated. Make sure you cut them into small pieces otherwise they wont soften up tht easily.

    After u hav done the above procedure, what wud result is a soft and gooey form of okra which Im afraid you gota jus gulp down ur throat.

    The gooey and slimy part acts as a stool softener which helps "the stuff" to slide down with ease and the okra itself has the fiber requirements.

    You can eat as much as you like even upto thrice a day but u HAVTO make sure tht it is soft and gooey not hard otherwise it may have a reverse affect.

    Along with the above u can also try stool softener called "Liquid Paraffin" which will again soften ur stool and help it come out with ease.

    OKra is also an excellent natural PROBIOTIC!! 

    One word of caution that if are prone to kidney stones, then do consult ur Dr bfor trying okra as the oxaliates in it cud cause kidney stones "IF" u hav had tht problem befor and i wud strongly advise u to also consult ur Dr about liquid paraffin, trust me, its a wonder drug for hard stools.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Also, don over do the fiber diet bcoz harsh fiber can again clog ur gut, try and have soft fiber like soft okra, bananas (only ripe ones),etc, i mean u get the idea.

    Another common mistake is drinking too much water. Too much water removes all the salts from ur gut, less salts in gut=less water retention in gut=hard stools, about 3 liters water a day is more than enuf.

    And also stik to "stool softeners" rather than laxatives. Laxatives can further harm the gut and disable the natural muscle movement of gut which causes the urge to go which can lead to problems at a later stage. That is why i suggest stool softeners rather than laxatives and yes things like senna are also dangerous bcoz over time the body gets used to it and wants more and more to get the "urge" so start with stool softeners  and okra, but that is jus my opinion.

    Take care, hope u get better soon

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    Thank you all so much for your reply a! I will try some of the suggestion you's have all suggested!

    Does anyone have an immediate relief answer? I am being sent for an MRI of my spine beaches they think there is something wrong with the nerves which is why I have bladder retention which could also cause my constipation as I never feel I need to go to the toilet until it's too late and the stool is impacted or I have to catheterise myself!

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    Thank you again for your replays! Thankfully I managed to go tonight but with I great deal of pain which had me in tears and quite a large amount of blood! I will try anything that will help!

    I did have an anal fissure a couple of months back and I'm sure it's came back today! Would all your suggestions also help with this? I got cream from the doctors but it never really helped it clear up! I have seen some types of surgerys or Botox can help with the fissures?

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      Avoid surgery as much as possible, bcoz u first gota get rid of the root cause. U will bleed inspite of the surgery if u get hard stools.

      U can try the tea which Mimi has suggested or try the liquid paraffin, both wud giv u immediate relief.

      To make sure u don have a problem after that, I STRONGLY advise u to get onto okra in the manner in which I have suggested or stik to the Tea, which ever suits u better.

      Try n avoid going thru doctors if possible, that shud be ur last option

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    When relieving urself, u can try this. Never force it, breathe slowly n relax, then stiffin ur but n then suddenly relax it n keep pushing it slowly n slowly, this process tightens and the relaxes ur sphincter in that area, which in turn allows the stuff to come out, u can even stand at an angle sometimes til u feel its coming out n den repeat the process.

    U gta look at at this way, at the end of the dsay, its jus a little blood, i kno its painfull, but if uv done all ur tests and everything is normal, this phase WILL pass soon, so jus try n relax n get on with life, unlike what pple might say, there is a DEFINITE solution to this problem, so jus hang in there, n again, try the tea, okra and liquid paraffin

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    Hey Hun 

    hope you have been alright. 

    I have recently been trying to try other methods in order to get this long term constipation in order. For whatever reason my other profile was taken down by a moderator without so much as a conversation with me to at least give me the chance to prove all that I had stated. 

    I hope that you still come here. I decided to try something else. I had been reliant on that Chinese tea I spoke of for almost 10 years. And dint get me wrong they are good and it's said its ok to use them once a month or so for internally cleansing. So it's alright. But as I said it wasn't one that you could use when pregnant and I am looking to have more kids in the future. I thought what do I have to lose. The bit I hated the most about constipation is the sluggish and heavy feeling and the thought that you're just adding food but nothing is coming out. I wanted to try foods as a cure. Even though nothing had previously worked and the doctors I have been to and that's a few including colonoscopy were useless. I wanted to try a method that I could still use for life and even if I was pregnant. 

    I researched. What I realised was that it's not only fibre deficiency that causes constipation. Slot of different things can happen from person to person.Actually too much fibre can cause constipation. And the doctors were constantly giving me fybogel.

    what I have been doing for the past 2 and a half weeks is 

    first thing in the morning an hour before I eat anything is drink warm lemon water. That's half a lemon squeezed into a mug with warm water. Drink with a straw as the lemon is acidic. This is a natural liver and colon cleanser which can be used by anyone.

    Now im not a breakfast person at all but this has changed my life completely 

    After an hour has passed from when I drank my lemon water, I make this. 

    Fresh live Yogurt, honey ( I prefer fair trade but I guess any good honey will do), fresh fruit (whichever you like, I like berries and bananas), prunes in juice (I add a bit of the prune juice,and about 5 prunes), I also soak chai seeds in an airtight container with water and i make enough for a week, I add a tablespoon of chai seeds, and then I bought myself a coffee and seed electric grinder, I grind my flaxseeds every morning as its best to do it this way. It's best to not grind in advance as it loses its benefits. Grind and then use straight away. I mix this all up and eat it. I also have actimel when I can remember to. Try to also drink at least about 1 and a half litre of water daily.

    for the rest of the day I eat as normal and I have been regular for 2 weeks now. You might get a little straining to begin with and maybe a little hemmeroids but it should apparently go away as your body gets used to going again regularly.the docs gave me a suppository to help if there was pain etc... But I dint use them as I'm trying to go the natural route. Hopefully it works. I can't believe how simple this is. I'm baffled that such a simple addition to my diet can make such a difference. I mean I didn't need any of these things to empty my bowel but I guess as life happens guns halogen to our bodies and when you have a baby body changes. It took at least a week before my body started to respond and become regular.so give it a try. I still have a few bags of Chinese tea and I don't know what I will be doing with them at this point lol. Will probably keep them to detox every few months. If you would like I can send you a bag of 20 for you to try since I won't be needing so many anymore and they do have an expiry date.

    hope this helps 😊

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