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Looking for advice on PN symptoms


I've been to several docs to try to find out why I've had progressively worsening PN symptoms. It started 5 years ago, when I had virus like symptoms where I felt incredibly cold for several days. After that, my feet remained cold and numb, initially just the bottom of the toes and now the entire front portion of my feet. I occasionally have tingling in my arms, legs, and even teeth sometimes. I've had MRIs and lumbar tests, but things look clear. They gave me electric conductivity tests in the nerves of my feet and indeed I have neuropathy. Other tidbits is the progression of loss of sensation is totally symmetric between both feet, and I also have a raw nerve in my bottom that occasionally will get me. The specialist is out of ideas - ran blood tests, vitamin deficiency screening, heavy metals test, etc. Wants to do an electric potential rest, but I'm averse to being shocked more. 

Any my ideas or recommendations?


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  • acydgod acydgod jeffrey64566

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I started out with similar symptoms, cold feet and hands and extreme fatigue. My MRI looked okay, not great, some arthritis. Eventually my symptoms improved but only after a year. I went to PT got massages, etc.

    I would say the conduction test showing you have nerve compression is important. I would really work on neck position, posture, PT to try and help and be patient.

    • jeffrey64566 jeffrey64566 acydgod

      Thanks. I have a touch of arthritis in the neck, but doc said it shouldn't be an issue. My posture is lousy, however, and occasionally I do wrench my neck. The doc described the test as testing for electrical conduction in the central nervous system. He didn't mention testing for nerve compression. Do you think it's the same test?


  • odinhans odinhans jeffrey64566

    Acupuncture.  Not a miracle cure but definitely can bring relief.

  • jane75220 jane75220 jeffrey64566


    What medications were you given for the virus infection?

  • nancy0902 nancy0902 jeffrey64566

    I would not advise having the EMG it just causes you more pain and it is obvious you have nerve damage. Go to the site they have so much information on neuropathy. There are 100 different types of neuropathy and often they never find out why you have it.  I would spend my time on finding ways to make you pain better. Make sure your shoes are appropriate. Have your blood sugars checked, try and do some physical activity, swimming, yoga is great. The Neuropathy association has a support group too. You can see if their is one in your area. Good luck

    • nancy0902 nancy0902 jane75220

      You know if you have nerve damage the pain is like shooting electricity going through your legs or being in a vice with needles poked in you. My test was like being tortured. It showed exactly what my neulogist knew I had nerve damage, neuropathy. Unless you need it for a disability claim I would not advise it. I feel I have enough pain each day....but if you do good luck! Maybe you will have better experience than I did.

  • Peonygirl1 Peonygirl1 jeffrey64566

    Hi Jeffrey, I think it would benefit you to take the nerve conduction test your Dr wants to have you do. The more information you have the better chance for better help. This such a difficult journey Jeffrey, hang in there. Oh yeah, there are medical charts of the human body and the nerves that relate to the various parts of our bodies. I google medical sites and they can offer some extra understanding of what might be going on.  You may already know but you can also but in symptoms and they offer possible conditions etc. I wonder if the virus you mention might also be included in these various sites and if they might offer you more information. My best wishes are with you. 

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