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lilly13 lilly13

lorazepam cold turkey..

hi everyone has ANYONE quit lorazepam cold turkey.. ? this might not be the best place to ask i did find some videos on youtube of people who have but i want to know more.. i was on it for anxiety i was put on it in october of 2016 and i only took it for a month and a half 0.5mg and i will be 5 months without in april 18th... i thought i was having ear problems because im constantly dizzy and woozy and feel very off and my doctor said ears looked fine i had blood work done just was low in potassium but nothing crazy im healthy and i started to think to myself maybe im stil withdrawaling from the pills.. and i looked uo groups and found a little bit of info and a youtuber girls who cold turked after 2 years and is having the dizziness just like me so i said this has to be it! i was researching days on end and finally i thought its gotta be this it started 48 hours after i stopped the drug and its never ended it gets worse and days its good not so dizzy other days i need to hold onto the walls before i will faint (never have) thank god... this is the worst drug! never ever take it BUT if anyone reads this and has the same experience and has a success story please comment below i had every single withdrawal from ativan (lorazeam) that is listed besides seizures and hollusinations.right now all i have is dizziness 24/7 lightheadness (sometimes) my legs are weak funny vision spots in my vision I can barely even shower im so shaky i need to hold myself up againt the wall so i can wash my body its HORRIBLE! its been like this for 5 months almost i really hope this ends soon also my dizziness gets worse as the day goes on thats weird too.. i hope nobody ever touches ativan! horrible horrbile drug.

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  • betty47942 betty47942 lilly13

    Dear Lilly,

    I am so sorry you are going through this...I know that you 'really are' having these symptoms, but I am really wondering if it is not psychologically triggered... that doesn't mean that it isn't "just as bad"...I know it is... If you told your dr about all of this, I feel disappointed that he didn't suggest some other routes to go... Be really CAREFUL about what you read. Googling can makes things WORSE (I speak of experience! smile ) Would you please consider asking your dr (or however you would want to go about this) is you could have a few visits with a therapist and then take it from there??

    I know what you are going through is "real" -- honestly I do... but unfortunately our minds when they worry can create ANY kind of symptoms.

    Wishing you love and the best of luck!! Take care!

    • tootsie58 tootsie58 betty47942

      No it isn't in ones mind that is for sure. It is real because I have been through this myself.

      But I was lucky that I did eventually come off my benzos.

    • lilly13 lilly13 tootsie58

      i cut cold turkey off of ativan and im in a benzo support group on fb and a lot of the people say yes this is withdrawal still its getting better tho! im 5 months off of ativan today.. im seeing a therapist the 3rd of may 

  • lc72704 lc72704 lilly13

    Hi Lilly

    With my doctors approval I quit 1mg ativan that I had been taking for sleep for 2 1/2 years. Three days later I was so sick. I went online to research and began a taper. The dizziness, heart palptations, nausea, vomiting, mental confusion continued. When I went to the doctor they ran heart, brain, ear tests bloodwork all normal. I saw a mental health person, she said nothing was wrong and she couldnt give me a diagnosis.

    I have great insurance and doctors,they could not find a cause for my symptoms so they diagnosed me with anxiety disorder.

    I encourage you to get checked out by your doctor but I doubt they will find anything wrong.

    Your brain is healing from the damage that was done. The good news is that it is reversible but it takes time, and for some of us alot of time.

    I hope and pray you have somone in your life to walk through this with you.

    It WILL get better but its so scary and so frustrating.

    Im 2 years off and feel fine most of the time. I stay away from alcohol, artificial sweetners, caffeine, and most medications.

    Take care of yourself. I will be praying for you


  • la12 la12 lilly13

    If you only took it for 1 month at .5 mg thats the lowest dose possible, you should be fine, more so after 5 months off it. I took it for 6 months at .5 mg - sometimes 1 mg and did a five day taper with the little white dissolvable pills by breaking them into 1/3 for 3 days then having 1/4 last 2 days, I was fine no extreme withdrawel even my old doctor she said its to low a dose to get withdrawal symptons.

    Make sure you eat well maybe take 1/2 a multivitamins and minerals pill 3 - 4 times a week. Eat lots of green veg like broccoli, and those salad packs rocket, spinach and watercress for magnesium and peppers, toms and orange or other citrus for vitamin c and potassium, also have a banana lots of potassium and never add salt to your meals.

  • la12 la12 lilly13

    And what betty47942 says above is good advice, you will get better soon, be patient and try to have something to focus on you have a hobby or take up learning something new to keep yourself occupied, join a club or group or just go out for a walk somewhere quiet for an hour or 2 in the late afternoon, early evening now its spring and getting warmer.

  • shane23112 shane23112 lilly13

    I agree Lilley. Ativan is a hellish drug. I was prescribed low dose for a few months and did a slow taper off but it was hell. It seemed to start a whole chain of anxiety and general feeling of unwellness yet numerous tests came back normal despite how treacherous I felt. Try to get thru a day at a time. Every day you are not taking that horrible drug is a win for you. It should be banned. It may be effective in an emergency situation but awful and dangerous taken for any length of time.

    Good Luck and continue to hang in it will get better.

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