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I was on Losartan Potassium 100mg for about four years, until my doctor said it was no longer affective. Within two days of coming of it it felt like a cloud had been lifted from my brain and I felt incredibly sharp. I realised for the first time that the Losartan had been causing this cloud. The changes in my brain had occurred so gradually over the four years I hadn't actually noticed.

The doctor then prescribed Amlodpoine Besylate 5mg, which worked ownderfully and my blood pressure plummetted. This was in combination with Atenolol. Over a few months I began to feel really drained and quite ill, until I nearly passed out in a taxi. I knew it was the Amlodopine, as I had been through a similar experience with Losartan. I stopped taking it and the cloud lifted from my brain with 48 hours.

Went back to the doctor who prescribed Losartan Potassium 50mg with 12.5mg hydrochlorothiazide (as well as the Atenolo 25mg). After a few months I am finding the brain fog is returning and when I stop taking it I feel much better.

Got to go back to the GP. Has anyone had a similar experience to me, and if so did you ever find a drug that actually works and doesn't make you feel tired/ill all the time?

The Atenolo works really well. It brings my heart rate down to about 75. Amlodopine brought the BP down to about 125/80. The Losartan never did better than 140/90.

Thanks in advance

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    Thank you Jacob Jones

    For the information. I went to the doctor and asked him about Losartan and he suggested I take it at night instead of taking half in the am and half in the pm, also. I was taking a medication for restless leg which causes breathing problems for some people and I am one of them, I stopped taking it 3 days ago and today I feel better than I have for a very long time, also more energy.

    Thank you so much for writing.


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    I can't help you with the magi drug you are looking for, but can just confirm some of what you have said.

    I used to be on atenolol many years ago, it is an old fashioned drug, but never caused me any problems.

    I am on amlopidine now, and that is having side effects. Amlopidine is part of a group called CCBs.


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    Have you ever thought of going down the natural cure route??..I’m very skeptical of any drugs that doctors give out, especially when it comes to BP, 

    Doctors seem to play a guessing game of try this and if that don't work then we'll try this and then that, whilst all the time these drugs are damaging your body or having negative side effects. 

    Do your own research on the internet and you will find there are lots of natural alternatives to try and gain control of your BP.

    I was initially prescribed drugs by doctor and they instantly made me feel uneasy and I knew this that was not helping me. So I stop taking them and now using alternative medicines.

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      I'm moving to a compound (in Thailand) with a gym and a pool in August, so yes, I may just try to get some more exercise. I never use salt in any cooking and I have a complete aversion to sugar. Fatty food on the other hand, I do like. I do eat a lot of raw veg/salad though. BP has been about 150/100 for years. With Atenolol the systolic drops to 140, so not too dreadful. Ideally I'd like is to be 130/80, but my diastolic is stubbornly high.


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      My diastolic is stubbornly high too. It fluctuates between 84 and 97. 

      It does not seem that you have a serious problem and the figures that they put out are just general norm BP readings. Everybody is different, both in size, weight, etc., so logic would dictate that not everyone is going to be 130/80. 

      It's like the big myth about BMI. When it first came out everyone panicked and thought that BMI readings was the number one indicator about your health. That turned out to be totally untrue and yet some health professional still uses it to indicate of your weight target. My BMI reading suggested that I should be 73kg at the age of 50 !!...The last time I weighted that was when I was in High school aged 15 !!!.. So it was totally wrong. 

      I would say for you to continue watching your diet, do gym exercise. And to stop thinking about your BP too much, because that will cause your BP readings to go up. Just check on it every few months. 

      Take a look at your social and mental well-being because that will have a big impact on your BP reading. Bad Social relationships, work stress, or other stresses in life can have a massive negative impact on your BP reading so try avoid if possible or adjust your life to this into account. Engage in activities that promote relaxation, Yoga, Tai-Chi, country walks etc...

      These are just my findings and each person will respond differently so find out what best works for you. But I always stress to people to do everything they can to avoid going down the medication route and don’t always just go by what your doctor says, they can be wrong.

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    I am sorry to hear of your experience. I was on Losartan briefly but continued to have a dry cough as I had done with Ramipril. I didn't experience this brain fog as you describe it, but then have only started on bp medication this year. I have settled with Candesartan 8mg, in combination with watching my diet and walking regularly. All really important as I am also menopausal! Although it is tempting to want to do things completely naturally,sometimes our genetics play a big part in things like bp and heart disease. So always work with your GP to find the right medication and go to regular reviews with GP to check bloods and urine to ensure your kidneys, etc are not being damaged. Best wishes.
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