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Losartan - burning skin

For years I have been on Amlodipine but my BP has risen dramatically during the past few months, so my GP has added Losartin. I have been on this for about 6 weeks and for the last couple of weeks the skin on my legs feels as if they are surnburnt, (which they're not). Now my arms feel as if they are burning. The skin feels normal to the touch and is not painful other than the burning sensation.

Could anyone tell me if this burning feeling is a side effect of Losartan and if so will it eventually wear off?

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  • Hi there

    Sounds like quite an unusual side effect from the drug, although there have been some reports of burning or tingling sensations to the manufacturers. Sounds like a neuropathic type pain. I would suggest getting checked out by a GP to see whether it's a rare effect of the drug or something else. Are you diabetic ? In the meantime you can log this with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) via their yellow card website:

  • shevlen

    Hello shevlen. Like you I was taking Amlodipine but my GP also prescribed Losartan 6 weeks ago as my BP wasn't controlled. In the last few days I have terrible irritation of my legs and today they were angry and sore in large patches. It looked as though I had sunburn. If it continues I'll have to go back to my GP as it is unsightly and unbearable.

  • shevlen

    I was changed from Ramapril to Losartan because of a bit of a

    cough which didn't bother me too much but since I have a lung

    condition chest conultant suggested that I change it. I have been

    on Losartan for 4 wks. and initially cough subsided but now I'm

    back to coughig. (It has nothing to do with my chest problems).

    I also developed a burning tingling sensation in my arms and

    legs, just like sunburn. What should I do?

    • Cloch47

      If it doesn't suit you Cloch47 you'll have to go back to your doctor. It could be that this is coincidental and the tingling is something completely different so it's better to get checked out.

    • Jan999

      Thanks Matron, saw Dr. and he had blood tests done and

      nothing significant showed up. The reason that I suspect

      Losartan is that the symptoms don't start until about 1 hour

      to 2 hours after taking it, they then start to calm down late

      evening. The coughing is anytime of the day, so who knows!

    • Cloch47

      I take Ramapril and have had the typical cough for several years. However, as far as I am concerned, I cough much less with th version marketed by TEVA compared with that by Bristol. These days, if I am prescribd any generic drug I always attempt to try the different versions to see if one suits me better than another. I first discovered this when I was taking Amlodipine. I had terrible cramp in the calves of my legs with the product by ISTIN but none from a different manufacturer.

  • shevlen

    Hi shevien...I just discovered your discussion re burning skin. I have endured this

    annoying sensation for just over 2 years, & have spent a lot of my own money trying

    to find a solution, but to no avail. It feels like a sunburn, with the odd pins/needles

    sensation. All bloodwork came back fine & MRI of lumbar & cervical spine didn't really show much except for some disc bulges & there is suspician that some nerves are close to being impinged..but it's just a guess. At the second-last visit, the Neurologist said she 'thinks' it's my sensory nerves, then at the last visit, she practically said she didn't know what's going on, so I shall have my GP seek a second opinion. My feet can become very warm, to the point of being hot, & they turn dark red all along the bottoms. My toes are very hot too, & my shins nip as though they've been irritated by the sun. I do not have diabetes, nor do I have any allergies that would be aggravated. 

    Oddly enough, I do get relief from using Solarcaine, but to be honest, I use it only if the burning is annoying me. Some days the burning is very mild, while more in tense on other days. Never does it keep me awake. I've consulted with the Pharmacist, & I'm advised that none of my meds are known to cause burning.

    I do wonder however, if there's anything in the fillers that may be doing this.

    After 2 years, I'm at wits end...& want an answer, so I can fully understand what's running through your mind. 

  • shevlen

    I,too, am suffering from a burning sensation in my shins. It is probably with me all day but more noticeable when I'm in bed.I, frequently, lie with my legs outside the duvet. It is not warm to the touch and does not appear red at present. My blood pressure readings seem to be within normally acceptable limits for my age (70). I did consider coming off these pills, as I wasn't sure they were nesessary, but recent medical studies did suggest that they were of benefit.

  • shevlen

    I, too, experience a burning sensation on my shins, particularly noticeable when in bed. I regularly sleep with my legs outside the duvet. My legs do not feel hot to the touch and there is no rash. I have considered stopping my tablets, Losartan Potassium and Simvastatin, as I'm not fully convinced that I need to take anyway. However, I have continued to take  both, as recent medical advice is that older persons ( I'm 70) should be on statins..and these two drugs seem to be taken together. Have you continued to have these issues with Losartan?

  • shevlen

    Hello all, I have noticed this as well and I believe that he Losartan is the culprit. I wish I could confirm it. I get he feeling in my face but also my legs and feet at times. I'm noticing it a lot more as I just got moved up to 100 mg. Craziness! 

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