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Hi there

Have been on this 100/12.5mg combo for around 2 months now after adverse reaction to amlodipine. I've started noticing tingling and sharp pains in my legs - more annoying than painful. Anyone else have leg issues with diuretics? Any advice appreciated.


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    anne49024...How long were you taking the Amlodipine???? If you read the forum about Amlodipine, you'll read a lot of horror stories. When I was first put on bp medication, it was 5mg of Amlodipine...then it wasn't controlling the bp, so my Dr. at the time, increased the dosage to 10mg. I developed swelling of my feet/ankles/lower legs., which is a very very common side effect of the medication. So, I had to come off. 

    You are having tingling & pains in the legs...but you say the pain is more annoying than painful. Would you describe it as pins/needles??? If this is the case, have your Dr. test you..or send you to a neurologist. You could have nerve irritation or damage. 

    Frankly, I don't think your issues are the fault of the diuretics. 

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      Hi mike92384

      Yes I was on the amlodipine forum before as I had terrible side effects after the dose was increased to 10mg. I was in really bad shape so my GP prescribed the losartan/diuretic combo instead. It's an awful drug!

      Yes legs are more of a tingling puns and needles feeling - I do have issues and take medication for restless leg maybe it's all related and not the diuretics as you say.

      Thanks for the reply ? I'll have a chat with my GP

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      If you are in the UK you will have a long wait to see a neurologist. I waited six months three years ago and my wife five months last year. Her follow up appointment even after an urgent referral for a head MRI scan is five months.

      When we asked how long it would take to get the MRI result we were told it would be five weeks.

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      derek76...it's common these days to wait months to see a Specialist..in any field. This is true here in Canada. If someone is going to have an MRI to see if there's nerve damage or whatever, it's best to have a complete MRI...lumbar spine, cervical spine AND the brain. 

      Taking 5 weeks to get RESULTS is ridiculous. I would imagine if there was anything serious, the technician reading the MRI results would contact the Dr. 

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      anne49024..for sure, it could very well be the restless leg that's causing your problems. I've never heard of a diuretic causing such symptoms. As for the Losartan, that's an ARB. When prescribing ARB's, my Dr. prefers or at least seems to prefer Valsartan. Some may think it's the same thing, but I honestly think there's a few ingredients that are different, or perhaps it's the company that manufactures the drugs.

      I take Coversyl Plus..it's perindopril with a diuretic, but Perindopril is also available without a diuretic. It's not the Hydrochlorothiazide that's in it..but another diuretic the name of which escapes me at the moment. The Coversyl Plus is an ACE inhibitor. 

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    Really, Anne, you may have avoided this side effect (if, in fact, it is an actual side effect) if your GP had started you off on a lower dose initially to allow your body to adapt before titrating the dose.  If the diuretic action of the hydrochlorothiazide component itself is flushing a lot of fluid out of your body, there is a possibility that it’s flushing out other minerals as well, leading to some sort of deficiency which might lead to the leg symptoms you are experiencing.  Your GP should carry out blood tests to see if they reveal any such drop in vital minerals/salts etc.  I take Losartan Potassium 50mg, but woe betide anyone who tries to add a second drug - as I have just re-learned to my cost!  Amlodipine was a no-no for me as well.
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      Hi Mrs O-UK

      I had wondered if it was vits/minerals getting flushed out that was causing the leg issues. Think I'm a bit paranoid about drugs for high BP after my amlodipine experience. I'll get a blood test done to check it out.

      Thanks for the reply ?

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      MrsO-UK Surrey...I agree with  you! If perhaps the GP had started her off on a lower dose the problem may not have happened. Why start someone on 100mg right off the bat?? I think it's best to start lower, then if the results aren't desirable, the dosage can be increased. Starting off on a higher dose only encourages side effects. 

      IF the diuretic is flushing vital minerals/salts etc from the body, then a blood test will confirm it. One important mineral, Potassium must be checked. Too little can cause all sorts of symptoms, & could land a person in hospital. The same falls true if the level is too high. B12 is important, as in a whole host of others. 

      It makes me wonder where some doctors get their medical license. Perhaps it's in the bottom of a cereal box, or they bought it at the local store. Medicine sure isn't like it was years ago. It makes me appreciate my doctor all the more. He's a real gem.

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      Hi Mike

      Yes I wondered if it might be down to potassium. I guess the only way to find out is to see My GP and get checked out.

      Thanks ☺

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      anne49024...Yes, the best thing to do is to see your GP. He/she may order a blood test to check your potassium levels. This is a very important chemical in the body. Too much can result in a visit to the ER, as can a level that's too low. 

      The diuretic I was referring to is called "Idapamide". Again, the best thing you can do is to see your GP. What you're experiencing with your legs may have anything to do with the meds.

      Please let us know how you get on. smile

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