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Have been on Losartan K 50mg for a few months and have been experiencing muzzy head, transient vertigo and feeling queasy at these times also very tired. These feelings seem to come and go. When taking my blood pressure at home it is very low but when at Dr surgery it is always much higher. I am sure these symptoms are from the Losartan but my GP doesn't . Does any one else feel like this from the drug?

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    I take the same dosage of Losartan and have done now for 5 months. Initially I felt lightheaded mid morning but that wore off after a month or so and only after exercise do I occasionally get the same feeling.Isn't it one of the known side effects? losartan suits me fine as I was on Ramipril prior to that and that gave an awful cough. Ask your GP to change you to another of the 'artans'. Like you my home monitored BP is fine but shoots off the page in the surgery. Luckily the doctor understands this 'White Coat Syndrome'. and records the home monitored readings. I have the feeling I have an enlightened doctor!
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    Thank you for reply, my doctor accepts my reading but feel she doubts that the feeling quite unwell from my symtoms is from the drug
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    Hello Sandra

    It does sound as though the Losartan doesn't agree with you. There are many different BP pills so I would have thought your GP would try you on another rather than have you suffer these side effects. Can you perhaps see a different Dr at the practice for another opinion. Good luck.

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    Hi Sandra, I suspect your gut feeling that it is the Losartan is probably right. You know your own body and what is normal for you. some doctors treat us like idiots I feel. I agree with Mrs O, ask for it to be changed, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Losartan is known to have side effects such as dizziness, fatigue, headache, insomnia, and weakness. Nausea has also been cited as a common side effect of this medication.

    While these side effects are common for individuals, if these side effects are interfering with your activities of daily living, you may wish to ask for an alternate medication that works to reduce your blood pressure in the same manner as Losartan.

    The side effects of Losartan may be increased/amplified by other medications that an individual is taking. You may want to ask your provider/doctor if any other medications are amplifying the side effects of Losartan. (If you are taking any other medications.)

    If you are keeping a Blood pressure log, you may also want to log the feelings you are having while on Losartan. This may help convince your provider that a change is needed.

    I hope this is helpful and you find the answer you are seeking.

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    If you are getting all those side effects keep going back and make a small nuisance of yourself. Too many GP s tell you that if you don't persevere you are a ticking time bomb. This week I presented two doctors with the side effects sheet from taking moxonidine with all the ones that affected me underlined ,plus several that weren't! I had felt so ill and told them that if I couldn't walk around without swollen feet and ankles,perpetual headache and wheezy cough, then I just could not look after my husband with dementia properly or safely.

    They have now put me on water pills plus my usual 32 mgs candesartan( despite reduced kidney function)and I am starting to feel much better after only two days.

    I have a month before the blood tests start again and hope I can prove my point. My BP is low this morning!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Please help! I've the same problem as described in Sandra's original post. I was taking the same dosage of Losartan 50mg. 3 weeks into taking my BP, I started to feel extreme fatigue and dizziness/vertigo, nausea, muscle pain, and headache. I was to the point that I cannot concentrate or drive a car. But at the time, I did not make the connection and kept on taking the BP medication for another 2 or 3 weeks. Then my wife suggested to look into the side effects of Losartan and sure enough, therer are many others that experience the same side effects as I am. I immediately started and well to see my doctor, he did not think Losartan had anything to do with it but was OK for me to stop. It has been be over 6 weeks since I stopped and I still experience these symptons. The extreme fatigue is really killing me. I cannot last a normal day without taking at least one nap. I would have thought, after more than 6 weeks the Losartan would ahve been out of my system by now. What are you thoughts?

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      David, yes I would have thought if the side effects were due to the Losartan you would have been feeling better after as long as 6 weeks off the medication.

      Are you taking another other medication?

      Now this is just a shot in the dark:  go to your GP and explain your symptoms and, if she doesn't suggest them, ask for ESR and CRP blood tests.  If these are raised it could point to some sort of infection or virus going on in your body.  The fatigue, nausea, muscle pain and headache are reminiscent of symptoms that eventually led to a diagnosis of an inflammatory illness for me BUT please don't consider you have the same at this stage.  Just get the blood tests and GP's opinion first.

      I have spent the last 18 months on six different blood pressure medications and have been very sensitive to all........apart from Losartan 50mg which I remain on today.  It isn't keeping my blood pressure under control but the side effects of the remaining pills have been unbearable for me andin some cases have worsened my kidney function, but that's me and I'm obviously an 'awkward' case!rolleyes

      Do come back and let us know how you get on.

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      Hi David.

      I have been takling Losartan (50 mg) for about two years. I too suffer from dizziness (nautical) amongst other side effects that you mention. I have also tried to stop and no difference in symptoms was detected.

      Do you mind updating us?

      Did you find any solution?

      Thank you in advance

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    Sandra and others...

    Please update us. Did you find a solution?

    I am considering Valsartan / Diovan to replace my current Losartan (2 x 25 mg).

    I am hoping this could somehow relief my 24 hour dizziness and now also headache. I am not sure if its Losartan that gives me all that trouble.

    Stopped Losartan for 4 weeks with no changes.

    Stopped Amlodipine almost 5 weeks ago. No relief what so ever.

    Experiences welcome!

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