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I was put on a 50mg dose of this as the Rampril I was on for years gave me a hacking cough. Only taking this two weeks and the cough has started again, doctor says there is no cough with this but I can't lie flat at night because of the cough 

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    Mary43266.. the cough may not be from the Lsaran.You were on Rampiril which s an ACE Inhibitor for years. It may take a while for that to clear your system. It IS possible to have a cough with an ARB but it isn't common.

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      The cough went away days after coming off Rampril, within a week of starting the Losartan its as bad as ever. Have read reports online that this class of drug can give you a cough
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      mary43266...Hello again. While it's true that a cough can result from taking an ARB such as Losartan, it's not all that common. I suffer from an unexplained cough..that started well before taking Coversyl (Perindopril), yet the Drs were blaming the cause of the cough on the Coversyl to which I quickly reminded them that I had the cough prior to taking the meds..therefore the cough was NOT caused by the meds. My old-new Dr. took me off the Coversyl just over a month ago & prescribed Valsartan, indicating that if I stayed on the Coversyl, the ENT would readily blame the cough on the Coversyl. I have had a Gastroscopy...normal result...Manometry..normal result, yet I still have this cough. I don't cough all the time, some days I cough less than others, then I can get into a spasm of coughing. It's a mystery to me, but what boggles my mind is that the medical profession can't seem to find the cause. Today's medicine isn't like it was years ago., & in my mind they haven't advanced that much, or it could be the new breed of doctors we have now aren't trained the same way. I have some nurse friends who have said.."today's medicine isn't health care...it's health REPAIR". I believe it. They weren't being complimentary, by the way.

      You could take a calcium channel blocker..but watch out. You could be prescribed Amlodipine or the brand name Norvasc. It's up to you as to whether you take it or not. Also, there's Doxazosin. There could be something in the Losartan that's not agreeing with you. While there is Losartan, Valsartan & Avapro all in the same class, you can bet that there are a few different ingredients in them which could make a difference.

      Please let me know how you get on.

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      I am starting to think it may not be the tablets, I see the doctor today. Trying to sleep on left side as I tend to jump up choking on my right side and I cough for days after it. 
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      Hello again. You very well could be right..that the culprit causing the cough is not the meds. It could be something else...something going on in the throat, or lungs for that matter. 

      My chest xray revealed nothing. Lungs were clear, as were the pleura...same for the heart. All that showed as degeneration of my left shoulder, which we already knew. So, the appointment with the ENT in January will be most welcome. 

      I do have burning sensations going on in my body also...blamed on a neurological thing. The Neurologist ordered MRI of the lumbar & cervical spine which revealed narrowing of 2 nerve openings along with some disc degeneration. As I said to my GP, you mean to tell me that just 2 nerves that are 'cramped' in my spine are causing all this burning!!??? 

      He wasn't sure what I was getting into with that, but likely wasn't thinking about my spine. You can be sure though, that when I get back from my holiday in January, I'll be asking him to send me to someone for a 2nd opinion (Neurologist). My original Neurologist, at the 2nd last appt. said to me.."I THINK it's your sensory nerves". Then when I went which turned out to be the last appt (she had the cervical spine MRI results)..when she read them out..that's when she put the blame on what's going on in the spine. So my question is...'which is it...the sensory nerves, or the spine"? I may not be a medical professional, but something tells me that just 2 nerve irritations can't cause all this burning sensation. It makes me nervous as well because I can feel the burning in my chest...AND inside my head at times. The L5-S1 is being blamed for the burning, pins/needles sensations I get in my legs. The neural opening in the cervical spine is narrowed just somewhat, likely causing irritation to the nerve, yet I have the burning in my chest...spots on my back, etc.etc..BUT I was told THAT nerve would only send sensations down my right arm. Something's amiss here. Do you blame me for wanting a 2nd opinion?

      Anyway...keep plugging.

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    Hi Mary,

    Doctors are excellent in diagnosing the problems, however the dosage of the medication prescribed usually is the issue, as we all have diiferent build and different immune systems.

      When I asked to change from ramipril due to bad cough ,My doctor recommended 50 mg of Losartan which is the equivalent of 5.0 gr of ramipril and I said , sorry can i start with half the dose at 25 mg please. My cough with ramipril went away after two weeks ( which the doctor at the time, thought it was not associated with ramipiril !!) by switching to Losartan .

    I  then monitored my blood pressure weekly ( if you do not have a monitor buy one from Boots) for the next 3 months.With me as the blood pressure was at reasonable levels , i stuck to 25 mg losartan.

    Like every medication there is still side effects , like moderate pains & aches in my legs ( I am sure it is Losartan ) but I got used to it and increased my exercises and accept it as it is.)

    My recommendation is , be your own doctor and adjust the dosage whilst keeping an eye on your blodd pressure , once you know you are at the right amount , just stick to it.

    good luck

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