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hi since 23rd august i have been withdrawing from citlapram started cross taper with sertraline on 23rd OCTOBER the day before i started 50mg i felt horrendeous and then i atarted 50mg on 30th OCTOBER and have felt awful EVER since to the point of being signed off work.. i still have terrible anxiety and panic and fear will this subside ?

10 days on 50mg i cant see myself getting better

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    I know it's so so hard but like most people say I would try and continue taking it. It took me about 3 weeks of 50mg sertraline for it to start working and the first 2 weeks were absolutely awful. Sometimes it has to get worse to get better.

    I'm so sorry you are feeling like this, but it WILL get better. I promise.

    Also, try and get therapy/ CBT if you haven't already.

    People are feeling the same as you are, so you are not alone my friend. Stay strong, you will be a better person after.

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    Hi De

    I think my son is finally feeling a bit better after 8 weeks on 100mg sertraline. In total 12 weeks Sertraline. So I think you should have hope instead. It is very very tough when we are in this state, we do not think we will ever be 'normal' again. We will. Takes time and a lot of patience. I have self referred for CBT for my son, havent heard from them. There are online CBT which i am trying to get my son to try out. He is still having those intense dreams that derail his day. I hope things will improve. Therefore, you must have HOPE too. Chat with us, update us. It has certainly made me feel less alone when i found this forum.

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    I moved from Effexor to sertraline and had similar issues. I seemed to make my anxiety and depression worse. I was going through a stressful time in life and that didn't help. I found that in time, things started to get better. For me, I had to increase my dose to 200mg, which is the max recommended dose. But, at lower doses, it didn't make things any better and it often felt worse. But, when I moved to 200mg, I felt noticeably better and I've been on that dose now for 8 months or so. Everyone is different, so I don't know that you would require that high of a dose, but 50mg is fairly low.

    The other things that helped, though, are:

    1- Reading a book on how to deal with these issues. One popular one is Feel Good - The New Mood Therapy. It covers a lot of the unhealthy thought patterns we engage in and strategies for overcoming them (cognitive behavioral stuff). Simply reading the book improved my mood and research has shown that simply taking some sort of action to get better has a very positive impact.

    2- Exercise - Even just 15 minutes that get the heart rate up helps a lot.

    3- Supplements - Fish oil, tumeric extract, and methlyfolate are all things I tried in combination with my medication. I stopped taking the last two because I think I had a bad reaction to the tumeric and I didn't seem to benefit from the methylfolate. But fish oil (Omega 3) does seem to provide a benefit and it's good for my cholesterol.

    4 - Better Diet - There is a good deal of recent research that finds there is a connection between inflammation and depression. So, simply eating a healthier diet that fights inflammation might help. Eating better (if your diet isn't great currently) might improve things too.

    5- Light Therapy - I seem to struggle more in the winter, when days are short. So, in the morning, I use a light therapy lamp as I start my day. This does seem to help and there are lots of options available.

    That's just a short list of things I've tried, but the key for me was taking action to try to feel better. Reading that book was a key event for me as I look back.

    I wish you the best and I know that things will improve. I remember feeling hopeless and thinking it was to be a permanent state. But, things changed. I know things will change for you too and I hope they do soon.

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    thanks .... i feel terrible at the moment see no light

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      Think it's switching from one med to another,I've switched from citalopram to sertraline, Gp advised to start at 25mg then gradually increase to 50mg which I did but anxiety really awful. Seems it's a case of gets worse before it gets better as you end up being back at square one. As people say it takes time but feel it's never going to work at the moment! Mine caused by zopiclone withdrawal so might take longer. Why did you stop the citalopram ?

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    hi there

    It a up and down roller coaster with depression and anxiety. My son slept very badly last night and feels horrible, a lot of racing thoughts all the time. His dreams were so muddled and intense. He basically slept the whole day.

    I am wondering if increasing dosage will make a difference, then again he is only 18.

    Maybe tomorrow he will feel better. I always have hope...I must. It is tough, when all I want to do is hit the wall and scream or cry. I can only imagine the emotions of you all going through depression.

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