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Feeling lost

Full hysterectomy due to Cervical Cancer 18 months  ago

So thrown into Menopause fast and early  

Poor aftercare, HRT tablet given 6 mths  later, year on patches

Now the doctors have suggested anti depressants!!!! Which I don’t want to do

Just contacted a herbalist, from a recommendation 

Emotional, scared, lost


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    Hi Emma

    Don't feel lost or at least seek comfort here on this forum. You will find some support at least.

    How old are you, and they waited 6 months before starting hrt? 

    Your going through the after storm of post hysterectomy

    you will decided which route is best for you. I know of patients post hysterectomy at the clinic I work at, and they have taken for a short time antidepressants, others have not.

    There are also good herbal infusions that you could take on a daily basis if you have the means and the patience to do this.

    there is a purple book that has lots of good recommendations such as oatstraw, red clover, lemon balm , motherwort and the list goes on. Shes a fantastic book of knowledge if you are going this route. Susan weed.

    I understand how hopeless it feels, and if you can just do one day at a time, and gather information and use it carefully, things will even out over time.

    stay here, its a a great support


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      Thankyou for your message 

      I’m 45, started HRT 6 mths after hysterectomy 

      Tried tablets, then patches, then they upped my patches

      Just been back as still not great 

      Had a car accident 5 mths ago too, hot by a taxi, had to be cut from my car, awful experience, 

      It’s been suggested I have PTSD as really not processed the cancer/ hysterectomy etc

      Yesterday I contacted a herbalist, as I don’t want to go on antidepressants 

      Yes definitely a day at a time at the moment 

      Very emotional, and trying to hide it all from the children!!!

      And struggle on 

      This forum is lovely 

      I hope your well x

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    Hi Emma

    I'm glad you've reached out, and so sorry that you've had such a tough time. It would be hard enough to be in menopause, without cancer and dodgy aftercare on top of trying to recover. Doctors seem very keen to prescribe anti depressants, sometimes in place of hrt, which just seems ridiculous to me. It's the effect and symptoms of menopause that cause depression and anxiety, and so for me the root cause has to be treated and not just one of many symptoms. I was offered and tried ADs alongside bhrt but it just wasn't for me. Instead I am reviewing my hormone levels and changing the dose of bhrt to feel as well as I can. The anxiety I'm just managing with through exercise, meditation etc which seems to work. I hope that helps, and please know that we are here for you ? xxx

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      Thankyou so very much for your kind message 

      I went back to doctors who upped my HRT patch, but then the started falling off!!!!

      I feel like I have a wardrobe of heads!!!! 

      As we have to soldier on daily xxx

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    Hi Emma, so sorry to hear of your bad luck. A friend of mine’s recently gone through the same, due to CC, though she was perimenopausal before the op, its still been a shock to the system. My meno was natural tho still like a sledgehammer! I went straight onto AD’s - quite a high dose for a year or more then started cutting down. Im now 3 yrs post meno, still taking a low dose of ADs which sometimes isnt quite enough and low dose betablocker. I take magnesium supplement for the nervous system, loads swear by it. I hear sage is good for night sweats/ hot flushes tho i seem to be past them. Things do improve Emma, I was in a bad way and now I’m mostly back to the old me tho with a bit of anxiety still at times of stress. Which is normal for most people anyway i guess! Lol. There’s also menopace you can buy in supermarkets for all the nutrients needed. Check out A.Vogel - brilliant herbal website and you can write in for advice & you get a fast response! Also sign up for weekly meno updates, reminds you that every symptom is normal /usual /common. Unpleasant but normal! Exercise even if just walking helps, even just getting out in the fresh air. I tried hrt briefly but they put me on AD’s first, my anxiety was thru the roof, so i was worried about adding an extra drug on and soon stopped hrt. I figure, at 47 as i was, taking hrt for 5 years was only delaying the inevitable and it might be even worse going thru it when im older! How old are you Emma? If you’re a lot younger maybe hrt is more worthwhile, maybe you need to try a different one or higher dose?

    Anyway, please know that as rotten as it is, a) it does get better and b) there are lots of people who can support you. I found this forum fantastic for my meno anxiety and made a couple of really good friends. Great support network. I’m sure it won’t be long t you get more replied :-). Best wishes, Julie

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    Hi Emma, I wrote a long reply but for some reason it’s being moderated. Maybe cos i mentioned a useful site? Dunno why they do that! Glad to see replies are already coming in. Things do get better i promise...im 3 yrs post meno and so much better tho still on low dose ADs. A friend has recently had the same op as you for CC and has found the meno symptoms hard too. I wish you well in your recovery and I know you will find plenty of support here, Julie
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      Thanks for message Julie

      I also had a car accident 5 mths ago , hit by a taxi driver and had to be cut from my car, so I think this has all come to a head, the cancer, the menopause etc

      The menopause is so up and down.

      I can have a good week, few copeable symptoms, then bang wipeout !!!

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      Gosh you have had a bad run of luck. But as mysteriously as life can go pear shaped out of the blue, the opposite can be true too and things start to go in your favour. It can feel like a battle but it does make us stronger in the long run. Resilience. You have it in bucket loads. :-)
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      I’d say the anxiety was in the background for a couple of years before period stopped. when meno started age 47, anxiety got worse til i went on sertraline ADs aged 48, took a year to feel good so by age 49, then changed to prozac as i put on a stone, i still have anxiety about stressful stuff, otherwise ok at 50.  Not 100%, maybe 80% on low dose prozac, whereas id say i was 95% well on sertraline. And my migraines stopped on sertraline. Ive had a really bad one all day with sickness. May go back on sertraline!  I’ve never needed ADs in my life til the meno. Side effects starting can be awful, but once they settle you get your life back. :-)
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