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I'm 64 years old and 8 years post-menopause, I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosis (biopsy performed on breast tissue) about 8 years ago as well. I was cignosed with vaginal atrophy a couple of years ago. Since I am not sexually active, it didn;t really bother me and I did nothing about it. (I prefer lifestyle changes - proper eating and exercise  - to taking the creams and medications that the doctors push.)

A month or so ago I began feeling some vaginal discomfort which I treated energetically (actually with frequency medicine which I practice). That cleared and then I began to feel a bit of a bladder infection so I treated that in the same way and it also cleared. But I guess I wasn't feeling 100%. I then had a very stressful week leading up to a trip abroad in which I did a lot of heavy lifting.  On the plane and once I arrive in NY I had problems with sciatic. (I alredy know that I have some disc issues in my lwoer spine). I also continued to have pelvic floor pain and decided that maybe I should get something to deal with the dryness. I bought Replens Moisturizer in the pre-filled applicators (It's the only Replens that does not contain Parabens to which I am allergic. By the way, this may be a common allergen for many people and it is found in creams and various skin preparations - check it out!) It helped a little bit. But I began to find that I was having greaet difficulty in standing on my feet. Lots of pain and pressure. And then at night, I would continue to feel lthe pain and pressure while in bed. I also had some difficulty urinating. I became frightened and asked to see a gynecologist. I was worried that I could have a uterine prolapse. My DIL found someone who would see me on short notice and he told me that I had Grade 3 Cystoceil and Rectoceit and that I needed surgery to repair them.

The pain continued and I cut my trip short because I was worried about being so far away and having a possible medical emergency.

I made an appointment with the top uro-gynecologist in my country (Israel) who did a through exam - vaginal - ultra-sound - and rectal. He told me that not only did i not have Grade 3 prolapses, but that I had absolutely none!!! (At this point I was also getting shooting pains in my toes on one foot). I also didn't seem to be completely emptying my bladder.

He is sending me to an orthopdist for a CT of the lower spine, a neurologist to do an MRI and rule out Multiple Sclerosis, and a neuro-urologist to do a pelvic floor EMG and urodynamic testing.

Is all this necessary???? I saw the orthopedist already who looked at a new spine x-ray and my 3-yhear old CT scan of the lower spine, and said that what I'm feeling in my feet (abnd the sciatic) is due to disc problems. He does not feel I need a new CT.

I tend to think that he's right and my pelvic floor problem is separate from the disc problem.

My question to all of you is - is the feeling of pressure and pain when standing a while (and then while lying down as well) a normal symptom of vaginal atrophy? I just started using Vitamin E as suggested by Gwen so it's too early to tell if it will help. My gut tells me that all of these tests are unnecessary. What are your thoughts? 

I am soooo happy to have found this site. Thank you!


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    Hi Miriam,  I have nevr had any symptoms like you describe of  pain and pressure since I was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy.  My only discomfort is the burning sensation and feeling of wanting to 'pee' frequently which, thank goodness, have all settled down considerably since I started using the Vitamin E oil.  Hope you get sorted soon.
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      I think your problems re standing etc is coming from your spine. I get throbbing in my left leg and my left foot is permanently on fire and this comes from my 'train wreck' of my spine. Also sitting for any length of time causes pain. I now have a lovely Chinese man who manipulates me every month, which eleviates the pain, I also have AV but the two are not connected in my case. Good luck.

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      Gwen - I am new to the site and haven't gotten the entire hang of it yet.  But I saw your recommendation for using Vitamin E Oil. Sorry to sound dumb but what exactly do you do?  Buy the Vit E in capsule form and insert it into the vagina or are you taking it orally?  I am in desperate need of some help.  My Dr. prescribed some tiny little estrogen tabs that I insert twice a week.  I've been doing it for months now and have little to no relief from the same symptoms that you described...the burning sensation and needing to pee frequently.  Please advise ... and thanks so much!


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      Hi Pat, welcome to the site.  Like you I use the estrogen tabs twice a week but they alone have not helped me.  I discovered the tip to use Vit E oil on an American website and having been using it for the last 6 weeks or so and it has helped greatly.   I insert the Vit E capsule into my vagina first thing every morning.  As well as this, I pierce a capsule with a pin and smear the oil all around the opening to my vagina and the outer area.  Every time a have a 'pee' I again smear the oil around the vaginal opening.  It took about 3 days when I started before I felt any real difference but now I am great.  I carry a small container of capsules and a pin in my handbag and use it whenever I go to the loo.  The only think I would recommend is that you get some fragrance free panty liners and the oil does leak onto your panties otherwise.  I still get the odd day when the symptoms still annoy me but it usually settles down after a few hours.  Good luck and I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.
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    Hi Miriam 

    i am also post meno.. Suffer VA ..

    also back problems.. Have 3 bulging disks .. ( scan was Feb) causes alsorts  of discomfort, eases then returns..

    they never really get better, they ease, then get worse if you twist or lift etc.

    i also had shingles 3 times in 5 months.. Blisters on butt check, same place every time.. 

    Shingles lays dormant in the spinal nerves after chicken pox ..

    and back problems can set it off, as in my case ..

    the first lot of shingles i didnt realise it was, felt pain all over body, felt unwell didnt know why, wasnt sure what the pain was in my butt cheek, thought it was a bite ot something from a mozzy.. 

    Then in feb it came back again, doctor said shingles.. And low and behold i have had it yet again..

    hope you feel better soon


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    Hi Miriam, the pain and pressure you describe sounds very familiar to how mine started after having an ovary removed. Walking and sitting was horrendous. I know you prefer a natural and believe me so do I. I spent a fortune on different herbs and alternative treatments including replens, sadly the only thing that actually helped was vaginal hrt. Steroid treatments will help with the inflammation but thin the skin whereas hrt plumps things up again. I still take my vits and herbs but I have to use hrt cream regularly and I use actigel (which is natural and prevents thrush and bv) in between. I think coconut oil is also soothing and again acts as a preventative for yeast infections. The hrt cream has also helped with my bladder soreness and feeling of constant pressure as has  vaginal exercises.
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