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Atrophic Vaginitis

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  • donna18720 3
  • marianne76380 2

    Deciding about the Mona Lisa Laser Procedure

    Starting another try and get some more support. Thank you so much to Donna for talking to me! I am struggling to make the decision to go ahead with the Mona Lisa Touch for Vaginal Atrophy. I have done a lot of research because even though I trust my doctor of many years, I couldn'

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  • Kizmina 1

    Vaginal dryness, no idea what to do.

    I'm 18, Female and sexually active, and as far as I know I have no STDs, or Thrush, Yeast infections etc. Recently I've been getting quite dry in my vagina during or just before sex, and it has led to some painful intercourse moments. My period just finished three days ago and I'm not sure if that

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  • Cheetah 4

    Vulvitis because of Atrophic Vaginitis?

    I saw my GP three months ago because of severe vulval itching and inflammation.  He initially thought it might be Lichen Sclerosus but, a biopsy result was 'chronic inflammation'.  The GP is, in effect, treating the symptoms and I've been told to continue to use Dermovate to control the itching and

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  • Enna1 4

    I have mentioned this more than once on this forum

    As soon as I start to itch I take a very small amount of Vagifem which i take for about 3 nights and then its gone but its 6 months at least before I take the next supllement. Also, I sleepv ery very badly, I get to the toilet about 4/5 times a night despite me taking nothing to drink except for

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  • donna18720 3

    I've had enough ! Time for Mona Lisa ! Side effects???

    I scheduled an appt with a new Obgyn office to discuss the mona Lisa touch. It is $1800 for three treatments. I think it is new to their office. So that worries me but not as much as having this pain rule my life. I am worried about after treatment side effects too. Seems like a laser could burn

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  • catherine32075 3
  • marion68182 2

    Dermovate caused burning

    I'm 75 years old and have recently been diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis. I was prescribed Dermovate ointment and also Ovestin.  I used  them for 5 days and then everything burned more than before, when I looked I was red raw with tiny blisters on my vagina. I phoned my doctor and was told to stop

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  • janette98899 2

    Vaginal dryness at 17?

    I am a 17 year old woman. As of these last few days, i've been having vaginal dryness, a lot of itching around my vulva and pain during intercourse. There is no discharge, and any wetness that i do produce is clear, has no texture and doesn't smell bad. I don't know what is causing it or how to

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  • nancyo 3

    Mona Lisa touch reviews

    I had my third treatment 10 days ago. No uti since I started like 3 months ago. BUT now pain n stinging. Thought uti but tested not. Uncomfortable for a week. Even used prep h to try to stop painted it actually work for a while I'm also doing the ice cubes… So anybody out there can share their

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  • marianne76380 2

    Vaginal Atrophy and the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure

    I am 59 years old and a breast cancer survivor. Have been struggling with symptoms of vaginal atrophy for some time but it has become worse lately. Vaginal creams (premarin, vagi fem) have helped minimally but really have no effect anymore. My doctor strongly recommends the new treatment called

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  • carina62 5

    Vaginal burning/soreness

    I live in the UK and would like some advice please.  I'm seeing my GP this morning and going to ask for an internal examination.   I feel very sore and burning sensation and yesterday I inserted a tampon, as I pulled it out it was very painful to remove and then saw a faint tinge of pink on it.  I'

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  • jean56555 2


    I had 2nd Mona Lisa treatment about 3 weeks ago. I felt better after about a week but feeling crappy for about a week now. Burning in the vagina and feeling like I have to pee. Off and on. Worse at night. I was actually feeling good all day then around 5pm today felt like I had a tooth ache down

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  • Guest M

    Atrophic Vaginitis

    Hi Everyone! I'm suffering from AV due to menopause. I can't take estrogen because I have had breast cancer. Does anyone know of a product available that will help that does not have estrogen? I'm miserable! Thanks for any help.

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  • kathryn26445 2

    I thought my worries were over !

    I have been suffering from acute vaginal soreness/dryness for over 6 months and then decided to self refer myself to a private clinic after numerous visits to my GP and practice nurse. I paid to see a gynaecologit who diagnosed vaginal atrophy, she gave me pessaries to insert daily and then twice weekly,...

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  • hope60234 1


    I am 57 yrs old and have a constant itch. It wakes me up in the night most nights. I have had estrogen receptive breast cancer so hormones is out of the question. I need suggestions please and thank you!

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  • marie13049 3

    Atrophic Vaginitis

    Saw gynae about my problem with constant burning and feeling of UTI and all tests came back clear.  Also saw a urologist with the same issues but with trace of blood in urine he said av can cause this.  So far have been reluctant to try ovestin cream again.  Anybody has any success using the cream?

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  • marie13049 3

    Anybdy using replens

    Just wondering if anybody on this forum is using replens.I have started to use it but it seems you cannot use the same one after 30 days it has to be discarded.  It seems I will need to use 1 tube every month with some left over as I intend to use it only twice a week. It has an expiry date of 30

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  • Guest M

    Im 68 yrs of age and suffer terribly with atrophic vagin...

    Im 68 yrs of age and suffer terribly with atrophic vaginitis. The only remedy that helps is hormone and then I start bleeding. I cant afford constant medical treatment and drugs so am up a creek so to any one has other remedies please share them with me. This message was automatically

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  • donna18720 3

    Really down tonight

    This condition has really affected my life. But I am simply stunned tonight. M ybest friend told me that I should be thankful I don't have something worse. And I need to just live with it and get over it be glad I don't have cancer or something really bad. Ha ! It really hurt me. All I said was I

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  • crosado8 5

    Itchy Bottom / hemorrhoids

    Does anyone have any issues with itchy bottom / hemorrhoids n menopause , if you do what do you use for it? Is it on that list of 66 symptoms ?

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  • debbie43907 3
  • marie13049 3

    This burning sensation is driving crazy

    The above is really driving crazy.  I am sure there must be something wrong, this constant burning as if I have got urine infection.  All tests came neg.  Anybody from this forum have this problem, the burning sensation and abdominal discomfort are the main symptoms.  Going to see gp and ask about

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  • shirley84100 5

    Vitamin E. Oil Capsules

    Hi everyone, I got my capsules this afternoon so watch this space. I'm just a bit worried that it will be sore pushing one up inside me, though having said that, it won't go up as far as the Vagifem tablet of course. I'm am hoping that I will feel better after several days. :-)

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  • janet23864 2
  • jean0078 3

    People who have had the Mona Lisa Procedure

    I had my first Mona Lisa treatment today. I posted several weeks ago that I would tell how it went. There have been a few others who posted their experience with this procedure, but their comments were buried in other discussions and harder to find. I thought this new discussion would make it much

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  • susan72384 2

    Living with this for two years-depressed

    I just found this forum and I am so happy to have found it. I have been living with this for over two years. I feel like I cant take it much longer. I have been using Estrace for almost two months. It initially worked, but now there is a constant burning. Before that I was on Premarin which did

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  • Scary K 2

    Advice please

    ice been using vagifem for over 10 years now and most times are free from irritation but 4 weeks ago it started really badly  so I upped the vagifem to every other day but no relief. Doc has done swab but waiting for result. Doc prescribed betnovate to use but it's driving me mad.  Seems worse.

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  • alexandria69483 2

    Mona Lisa Touch is Now Covered by Insurance.....

    Hello Ladies, I had my second Mona Lisa Laser treatment, the day before yesterday, here in the United States, in the State of Florida.  My doctor told me that Medicare is just about to approve coverage of the Mona Lisa.  He said it should be covered in about two-three months.  When I mentioned

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  • Suki girl 3

    Is anyone else taking pueraria mirifica for Vaginal Atrophy?

    I have been taking pueraria mirifica with is a herb containing high levels of phytoestrogens, apparently higher than fenugreek or red clover. I have had no problems with it and my VA doesn't seem to be getting worse with time. In fact, intercourse is getting more frequent and if longer duration. However,...

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  • JazzyGirl 2

    Atrophic Vaginitis with Burning, Frequent Urination and Pain

    What are some of the natural products you are using to treat the burning, frequent urination and terrible pain during intercourse.  I was working with a dr. who wanted me to bring my low vit D up before I used any creams and it got high enough so she started me on Estrace cream and I have all the

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  • fiona59455 1

    Clumpy white discharge only for 1-3 days/month

    Hi babes, I've been having some watery white discharge (1-3days) followed by clumpy white discharge (1-2 days) during my mid-cycle for the past few months- no smell. Went to the doctor's and was treated for yeast and bacteria infection, as well as an antibiotic course for suspected chlamydia. I

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  • marie13049 3

    Symptoms of av burning like uti

    My  symptoms of burning sensation like having uti and vaginal discharge point to atrophied vaginitis. Had a vagina swab taken result normal so had a dip test which contained leukocyte and  blood. Specimen points out infection but culture came back neg so no action required. I can put up with the

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  • donna18720 3
  • wondering what 1


    This is so embarrassing, I'm frustrated & don't know what will help. I've been post menopausal for a few years now. Intimacy has gotten almost down to none because of the pain it puts me in. I have found relief of using Astroglide for the foreplay, but actual penitration is impossible & we have

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