Loud burping, back pain, diarrhea and nausea "Episodes"!

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At my wits end!!!! No doctor can figure out what's wrong with me!!! I see two homeo pathic doctors. One of them has treated me for two years and finally said "I give up"! There's something wrong with you but I can't figure it out. I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia years and years ago. I give myself injections weekly. For at least five years or more I've been having what I now call "episodes". I'm fine one minute and then the next I'm deathly ill. I get horrible back pain, very loud burping that won't stop just one after the other. Also, diarrhea just runs out of me very frequently through the day along with nausea, bloating, gas and headaches. Now a new symptom is dry heaving! It may be something I am possibly eating. Ive eliminated gluten,corn and grains thinking that was it. I'm BONE thin and can't afford to lose anymore weight. I'm typically afraid to eat because I don't want to trigger an "episode". Believe it or not I started eating just fast food and I seem to feel better rather than eating home-cooked meals. But, again the "episodes" re-occur.

Or it could be a digestive issue where I'm not digesting my food correctly. I've been told I have virtually no stomach acid and have been taking enzymes and other supplements from my doctors. The supplements help somewhat for the time being. But, I'm still experiencing these episodes. I'm basically on 7 different types of supplements. I can go three months feeling great with none of the symptoms then the next second I'm down for the count. Every test they have gotten blood tests etc. has all come back normal… I was feeling great for three months straight then the other day I was deathly ill for 4 days!!!😢 Not sure if it's food related just want to know what it is so I can avoid what I'm doing. Anyone else out there feel the same or similar?! 👀 Any comments are highly welcomed!

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    if you got low stomach acid you wont be able to digest certain foods mostly funny enough healthy foods like salads , 

    look into taking raw apple cider vinger , i know this sounds crazy but it turns akaline when consumed  which helps balance the your stomach acid  ,. 

     i found the digestive enysems made me worse , 

    and i have less trouble with a big mac and fries then i do with salad .salad gives me constapation cramps and then direeh . 

    home made bone broth is the latest and the oldest remedy for digestion made from organic beef bones or chicken carcuses the broth is full of geltain which helps to rebuild the stomach wall .

    i would start with raw apple cider vinger which will apear cloudy this is the good stuff known as mother . with the good enyzems in . 

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    I have been food testing for 18 months now. I write down what I eat and If it creates bubbling and wind, constipation or diarrohea In a notebook.

    it takes a long long time but eventually I tracked down my symptoms.

    i have to be very scientific about it. I will purposely eat food that I believe causes bloating, to see if it does. I will even change the time I eat the 'bad' food to see if it makes a difference.

    i am not diabetic but I take my blood sugar levels because it gives me a handle on what my digestion is doing. useful information!

    in my case the worst worst offender was in skimmed milk - which is in many many foods. Even chocolate made with it is terrible for me. After googling incessantly I found out it was lactose causing MOST if my tummy problems.

    So, for me, I am very aware of the amount of lactose in anything I eat. It varies from one thing to another - so yet more knowledge is needed.

    Your proble, I would say is something that your tummy cannot digest. It also looks as if it is time of day dependent too. So it will be hard to find the culprit, but worth while.

    A non burping diet for me is: Parmesan cheese, potatoes, sugar in tea and coffee, eggs, fish, greens. We need a lot of calcium ( NOT supplements ffs)

    hence parmisan cheese that is also low lactose.

    A tonic for the tummy is raw peppers eaten like apples or cucumber eaten raw with skin. I don't like them but my tummy does!!!

    All best, hope I helped.


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      have you tried drinking full fat milk ,it is now being recommened as the best as the full fat balances out the lactose in the milk skimmed and semi skimmed is rubbish and is much higher in lactose which as you no is a form of sugar.i think you have done  very well sorting all this out 

      have you tried greek yogart apparently its much lower in lactose then  live yogart.

      dosent it make you wonder about the fact that before this county went loopy on low fat everything ,we didnt seem to have so many people with stomach problems . good luck with your diet and long may you remain well .

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    seen it done it still have episodes. The only thing that helps me is cloudy unpasteurised natural Apple cider vinegar better than all those melds whose side affects make worse. Gets book on Apple cider vinegar from Amazon for a couple quid I promise u will be impressed when u can see all the things it treats
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    I could have written this. I have the same thing. I was diagnosed with GERD and a peptic ulcer.

    They gave me some medicine to heal the ulcer........everything was great

    While I was on it. Two days after taking it, it has started again. Errrr!!

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